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Saturday, April 18th - 17:09
Goatally awesome?
Friday, April 17th - 19:09
Got the skills to pay the bills? Then heed this advice.
Friday, April 17th - 17:30
Prepare to visit a galaxy far, far away.
Friday, April 17th - 16:56
Which means that May date is set in stone.
Friday, April 17th - 16:09
Shootouts for up to 40 players, switch between first-person and third-person views on-the-fly.
Friday, April 17th - 15:49
More details coming in May.
Friday, April 17th - 15:24
Harrison leaves on amicable terms.
Friday, April 17th - 15:02
Shooting and goats, perfect for the weekend.
Friday, April 17th - 14:00
Is it any bloody good?
Friday, April 17th - 13:10
“Respect for our consumers”.



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Goat Simulator - Xbox Launch Trailer
Will it get your goat?
(Fri 17, 2015)
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Hello, Lord Vader.
(Fri 17, 2015)
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Shoot things with the superbeam!
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The Spartans are back on mobile and PC.
(Thu 16, 2015)