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Author's Profile - Dan Webb

Dan Webb


Some people have described Dan as a “sarcastic so-and-so,” which he usually scoffs at before responding with a mocking comment, such as, “Really? Is that so!? How perceptive of you, the human race should be proud of your amazing insight!”

X360A’s Editor-in-Chief is possible the most random and sarcastic writer of the bunch, and Dan looks after X360A’s day-to-day jobs like making sure Rich doesn’t use the last of the tea-bags and that everything is in order. He often can be found stalking trolls in the comments, stroking his white cat as he rocks back and forward in his huge leather chair – no, that is not a euphemism – and doing whatever needs to be done.

When he’s not off trekking the world searching for the next big thing, Dan has been said to be a “jack of all trades, master of all” – well, that’s how he puts it – and can usually be found smothered by a stack of the latest gadgets. Tech whore, Mass Effect-ite, music maestro and film fan sums up this wonderfully dry person. He’s British, so just don’t challenge him to a drink off.

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