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Author's Profile - David Creech

David Creech

Community Manager

Monsieur Creech is one of the XBA ol’ dogs… not in terms of his age, oh no, but in terms of the amount of years he’s been on the site. He’s one of the “Old Guard,” as they’ve been referred to in recent years.

He signed up in 2006, if you must know. Yes, 2006, the year the site launched. Since 2006, David has been an active and illuminating presence in the XBA community, so much so that he stepped up to the role of Community Manager in more recent years. What is a Community Manager, you ask? Well, simple, he manages the community. Duh.

Creech, as he’s known to the rest of the community, works tirelessly both behind the scenes and on the frontline, making sure that our forums are the best in all the land. Whether he’s giving pep talks to our army of moderators (he doesn’t give pep talks… we don’t think), making sure our forums are running like a well oiled machine, keeping the boards clean and hassle free for our members or being a shoulder to cry on (he isn’t a shoulder to cry on... we don’t think), Creech is at the forefront of what happens in the XBA community.

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