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Author's Profile - Geoff White

Geoff White

Community Manager

Geoff, or Minty as he’s known pretty much everywhere, has been at X360A as long as the site’s cat – which incidentally, Minty killed – and only recently became more focussed on the community side of things.

Minty can be found championing and getting involved with the site’s Gamerscore League, promoting and supporting the site’s staunchest supporters – the subscribers – and trying to maintain order on the forums. He can be found directing our squad of moderators to keep the community as clean as possible for the most part, trying to be helpful where he can or sometimes, hindering as many people as he can just for kicks and giggles. Minty, being a Brit living in America, is as sarcastic as his podcast counterpart, Mr Webb, and does not appreciate stupidity. More so than anyone else.

When not recording podcasts with Dan and thinking of new ideas for getting the community and subscribers more involved, Minty can be found collecting Hannah Montana paraphernalia, championing The Sims and Tiger Woods around the internet, and arguing with Americans that rugby is the man’s form of American football, which he mockingly calls “padding ball.”

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