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Pictures from my Skyrim gameplay
Ancient Dragon at Arcwind Point (From my Steam gameplay)
View from High Hrothgar w/ Odahviing circling The Throat of the World (From my Steam gameplay)
Take that Thalmor Scum! (From my Steam gameplay)
Shadow, Wood Elf
Sneaking through Ilinalta's Deep
Shadowmere (Dark Brotherhood)
My Wood Elf character in Guild Master Armor (Thieves Guild)
Having a little chat with Athis...He's always talking down to me. >_<
Dead dragon is dead...but looks alive!
My Wood Elf character on the top of the Throat of the World with Odahviing soaring around.
Odahviing flying around the Throat of the World
About to fight a Frost Dragon
My Wood Elf character as Arch-Mage with a glow of Lightening Cloak.
Crafted some Daedric Armor.
Flag pole explorer location - East of Dawnstar near The Tower Stone
Paarthurnax. Best Dragon Ever!

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