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Forum Graphics/Sigs/Avatars
HQ Album:

Album for the forum signatures that i designed for x360a members. Btw, click the links in the bottom of those images to see the high quality versions and animations of those images, because the colour quality reduces when I upload most of them to this album.

I'm Media Production student at University. Out of all the areas that I concentrate on; Few of the areas that I concentrate on are Video Production, FX, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Graphic design. I also do freelance Multimedia Production for a number of clients and companies as well. As for forums, I don't quiet get a lot of time to come and help out so many since my uni life, work and all that keeping me quite busy. But, I always try to help anyone who needs help whenever i get a chance here. So, if you have any requests, just drop me a message, but please do not send any requests over XBL as I don't really have time to come and search your profile up. So for any requests, just leave a message and I will get back to you.

If you wanna see my professional portfolio website or wanna know my charges for professional freelance work, just drop me a message.

My GTs
[+] Xbox 360 : LankstaTDOT
[+] PSN : TDOTLanksta
The signature for B A R 4 D 
Original link:
Original link:
DOA5 Achievement guide 
HQ Version:
Sri Lanka Premiere League avatar.
Member: No Kitteh 
Full GIF Animation/Link:
Member: HD monkeys 
Full Link:
Member: D0ctorNick 
Full Animation/Post:
Signature for the Cricket T20 World Cup. The pic became distorted and blured out when I uploaded it here.  
Link for the high quality version:...
Member: MaNiiAC 
Member: Inebriated Jedi 
Member: LNG SaNdMaN 
Member: AZNg0d104  
Member: Jackalus88 
Member: ambaLaBamba 
This is an animated gif, view the full animation here: 
Member: N7...
Member: Kreegles 
Full thread:...
Full thread: 
Member: K3ndykane 
Member: Purified666 
Full thread:...

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