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  3. Who do you want to see in this game?
  4. Screens are up
  5. ‘Mortal Kombat’ Creator Wants To Make ‘MK vs. Street Fighter vs. Tekken vs. Virtua Fi
  6. The joker Has a hilarious fatality...
  7. What do you think of the roster?
  8. which side?
  9. these cannot be the fatalities!
  10. it had changed the achievements!
  11. This game is rated teen???
  12. UK Version Region Free?
  13. How do you make Joker fatality?
  14. Just Your Average Fighter....
  15. Fatality button presses
  16. Fatalities button combos revealed
  17. Fatalities x360 ps3
  18. How is the Online Lobby System?
  19. achievements not unlocking
  20. Finish Him?
  21. 10 hit combo?
  22. Can't speak for everyone, but I think MK Vs DC is AWESOME
  23. Difficulty Level
  24. Just picked up game with guide
  25. How do you do fatalitys?
  26. Tip for beating arcade mode with no continues
  27. You Cannot change settings for the beat arcade mode without dying.
  28. All Achievemenst and Secrets Here,With PIC (no 56k)
  29. Fatality trouble
  30. The 100gs secret achievement?
  31. Arcade: Very Hard, No Continues
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  33. shao kahn
  34. online troubles
  35. Kombo Challenge
  36. cheap ass online characters
  37. Who is you'r favourite MK & DC character?
  38. How do you do superman double power moves?
  39. Fatality/Brutality Help
  40. Chat Servers?
  41. Challenger! Achievement
  42. Glitched Acheivements
  43. achievment help
  44. Arcade Mode Achievements Glitched?
  45. Special Moves achievement
  46. Kombo Challenge Tips Thread
  47. Achievement Not Unlocking?!
  48. Shao Kahn and Darkseid : Pro Moves
  49. Guide: How to dominate online with Scorpion
  50. Look for a white flash when doing the kombo challenge
  51. V_Thorne's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Achievement Guide
  52. Is this game worth buying?
  53. Jesus Christ, has anyone completed Sonya's kombo challenge #9?
  54. Please help raiden's fatality
  55. Batman's Bat Swarm
  56. easy challenge
  57. This Game is Great, but...
  58. Worth buying?
  59. Chat room acheivement
  60. Has anyone done Flash's fury punch throw pro-move?
  61. Lui kang's kombo challenge #2
  62. Scorpion Kombo Challenge #10 Help
  63. Achievement Help
  64. Achievements not unlocking.
  65. Darkseid?
  66. Has anyone done Kano's Ball promove
  67. Kombo Challenge Question
  68. Completed all kombo challenges!!!
  69. Official "Threats Recieved" over XBL Thread
  70. Batman brutality help
  71. Downloadable content
  72. Story Mode Achievements
  73. Special Moves Master
  74. rumor about theis game....
  75. No Fatalities in Story Mode?
  76. Arcade mode achievements
  77. Can you skip cut scenes?
  78. Are the any beginner (and I mean BEGINNER) guides for fighting games?
  79. Who's your favorite character from each side?
  80. "True skill" matchmaking is a joke
  81. All Finishers 100g glitched??
  82. Analog Stick or Dpad?
  83. Good Deal
  84. Arcade max?
  85. How much would I get for this at gamestation?
  86. Co-op Friendly?
  87. Captain Marvel Kombo glitch?
  88. Story mode is way too glitchy!
  89. Special Moves Master: Pro-moves List
  90. Man involved in Mortal Kombat killing pleads guilty
  91. Need help with Fatality!!!
  92. 25 Ranked Wins
  93. easy 40 points?
  94. Fatalities : Impossible to perform
  95. The Finisher
  96. Blocking
  97. cant do fatalitys for nothing!!
  98. Shang Tsung Kombo #9 Help please
  99. 3 Fatalities left. i hate my life...
  100. Question regarding Combo Challenges
  101. Anyone else find this frustratingly hard.
  102. Looks amazing
  103. 25 ranked wins possible easy way
  104. Combo Challange
  105. Anyone have a problem unlocking any achievements?
  106. Relentless Glitched?
  107. Flashes whirlwind slam impossible
  108. Shao Kahn and Darkseid won't unlock
  109. Some achievement problems explained, and if you cannot perform Fatalities...
  110. So does anybody actually LIKE this game?
  111. Relentless! problems (Rematches count?)
  112. Somebody please help me! I got achievement glitched!!!
  113. Yet Another Achievement Glitch.
  114. Special Moves Achievement not unlocking?
  115. Problem with updating achievement
  116. To YellowHare and other people with Special Moves Master Achievement
  117. Achievements glitched?
  118. Gahh help!!
  119. All Moves & Fatalitys + Distance Needed
  120. combo challenge, glitch in achievement points
  121. Help With Online Champion Achievement
  122. Dlc?
  123. Glitched?
  124. Easiest to hardest list of kombo challenges?
  125. Online Champion Achhievement
  126. Help with Pro Moves!!!!
  127. Activating rage
  128. Liu Kang Pro Move Help
  129. i swear the special moves achieve is bugged.
  130. Relentless
  131. Jokers Playing Cards
  132. Special Moves Master: Final Solution
  133. achievement glitches?
  134. Pro moves
  135. New Info For Online Champion Achievement
  136. Street Fighter Fight Pad doesn't work.
  137. Kombo Challenge glitched?
  138. Who can do Kombat challenges?
  139. Kombo challenge!
  140. help
  141. Fatalities achievement
  142. This game looks like an Easy 1000, or at least 800-900...?
  143. 'Relentless' Not Unlocking
  144. Finishers Achievement
  145. What should have been included?
  146. Special Move Master & The Finisher achievement
  147. Flash Tourny
  148. need some help?
  149. Special moves master
  150. Honest opinion ?
  151. Where is an achievement guide?
  152. Need help with finishers achievement "the finisher"
  153. I can't do Catwoman's first fatality.
  154. All data erased... WTF?
  155. How can I get The Finisher with one controller?
  156. Story mode achievements not unlocking
  157. Struggling with Catwoman's fatality
  158. [online archieve] looking for a partner!
  159. so im playing online..
  160. The Finisher and 25 wins in a row (I NEED A GOOD BUDDY)
  161. MK vs DCU ranked achievement
  162. Who Would Win?
  163. beat mk chapter 1 not unlocking
  164. Joker 3rd combo challenge help
  165. help buddy
  166. please Help me with moves Bit of a long read!
  167. Super Moves master?
  168. Online dead enough to get 25 wins 'chiev?
  169. Raiden's Slam? Up during Fatality?
  170. Is this game worth it?
  171. The Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe DLC That Could've Been
  172. Relentless!
  173. Finishing/Heroic Brutality moves made easy
  174. Question
  175. Can't unlock story mode achievements :S
  176. Few pointers for those struggling with kombo challenges
  177. help on story boss
  178. BEat Arcade Max? Need to know what that means!!!
  179. Achievement Guide v2
  180. This is what I'm reduced to...
  181. special move master
  182. "Finisher" Achievement didn't unlock
  183. Am i about to finish the game???
  184. Guide Confusion
  185. Mortal Kombat vs. DCU
  186. Ahievement help!!!!!
  187. Question about the Arcade completions...
  188. game is a let down is the MK Series?
  189. How to beat Dark Kahn on Very Easy ?
  190. Who still visits this forum who had done all of the Kombo Challenges?
  191. Would any one be willing to help me boost?
  192. Why is this hard?
  193. ez 25 ranked winz?
  194. Why didn't I get the Rentless! achievement?
  195. 25 Ranked Wins Achievement Guide
  196. Kitana kombo challenge problem
  197. online champion call to arms
  198. i figured out story mode achievements
  199. Problem with Jax kombo challenge
  200. What the F*&#?
  201. For those who don't have "Relentless" yet...
  202. Online Champion guide: some additions
  203. Mk vs DCU server is not available
  204. Finally Got 1000G....
  205. 25 Ranked Wins
  206. Difficulty
  207. shang tsung kombo challange 9 problem...
  208. 25 rank wins question
  209. Beat Arcade With all MK Characters?
  210. Special/Pro Master Question
  211. Any tips for Sonya Kombo Challenge #10?
  212. Those online jerks keep disconnecting!
  213. OMG!!! The Online Champion Achievement is Nearly Impossible.
  214. Mortal Kombat vs. DCU VS. Street Fighter IV (Kombo vs. Trial Challenges)
  215. Mortal Kombat 9 Gameplay Videos!!
  216. Not really achievement related
  217. help on joker kombo challenge #10!! if anybody beat it please help!
  218. What are the chances?
  219. Mortal Kombat vs Dc Universe Online champion
  221. Catwoman Kombo Challenge (Trial 10) Guide
  222. Chat lobby matches disconnecting
  223. are the mp chevo's boostable?
  224. Online Champion Achievement - 25 Win Streak I think I found a way!
  225. Lex Luthor's 2nd fatality?
  226. Kombo Challenge Frustration
  227. also just finished all the kombo challanges
  228. Kombo Challenges.
  229. Flash's Fatallity
  230. Dose anyone
  231. Dissapointing
  232. didnt get challenger
  233. kombo chalnges
  234. Sub Zero kombo 4, For My Brother??
  235. Just finished kombo challenges
  236. Possibly Glitched Achievement
  237. Humiliation Achievement give away 60 days only
  238. Every Fatality/ Heroic Brutality
  239. Kombat challenges progress question
  240. Batman/far position brutalities problems
  241. Scorpion's Kombo Trial #10
  242. Help?
  243. Some pro moves covered in the Kombo challenges?
  244. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  245. Are the chatrooms working?
  246. Achievement Help!
  247. Super Moves Master Achievement
  248. Checklist?
  249. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  250. Estimated Time to 100%