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  6. Wow. How has no one heard of this game?
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  8. Ghandi award?
  9. Glitches That Work In Your Favor
  10. Terrible Quotes From This Game
  11. Will PETA get pissed???
  12. Load Screens to Damn long
  13. Watch Out For The SaveGame System Of This Game
  14. on the resue welsh mission
  15. Easy horse puncher and fists of rage
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  17. Wheres the secret mission?
  18. Save System and gameplay
  19. sprint forever, kinda
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  21. Destructoid.com Says "Worst FPS of This Generation"
  22. I 1Ked This Game... And I'm Ashamed of it!
  23. Max upgrade points?
  24. Effects of killing "blue aura guys"?
  25. Last level, when to switch to hard difficulty
  26. time traveling and other observations
  27. Darkest of Games?
  28. Secret modern day car!
  29. Good News For PAL system Gamers!
  30. How do i kill myself with explosions?
  31. 39 Points
  32. My rant about D.O.D
  33. Dont buy this game
  34. I'm mad
  35. Does anyone know the MAX number of points you can get in 1 playthrough?
  36. Need Help (Hide and Seek)
  37. Missing Ugrade Points
  38. Fist of Rage help and question....
  39. Anyone else game freeze at the same spot over and over??
  40. Finish the game whith 38 points_Need New Playtrough???
  41. I'm Stuck...........Need Help Please!
  42. Need Help People........ Pleasssseeeeee!
  43. concentration camp
  44. Golden Mullet Award
  45. coming to australia
  46. Darkest of Days Road Map
  47. Hide and Seek
  48. Achievement Guide 2.0
  49. ending question. obviously spoiler alert
  50. i liked this game but....
  51. Stuck @ objective spot...A Harvest of Carnage
  52. Ghandi Award
  53. Rent this after everything else.
  54. Is this Game US only?
  55. ? About melee achievement
  56. Replaying Levels?
  57. Achievement Award error.
  58. Correction to ach guide
  59. Enjoyment out of this game?
  60. C'mon, it's not THAT bad.
  61. One of the worst
  62. Graves in the secret mission *possible spoilers*
  63. ***WARNING*** Blue Ora Guys!!!! 1st time player must read!!!
  64. Anyone know where to pick a copy up?
  65. Is this game worth $20?
  66. How to finish the Secret Mission
  67. WARNING: be extra careful when loading save
  68. Sound cuts off
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