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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. This game is glitched
  3. Secret Achievements
  4. need a guide
  5. Need help in the temple
  6. Achievement Guide
  7. Cheats... and no I don't
  8. Easy The Dog Pound Bolt Speak and Bolt Stare
  9. micro arena minin game location?
  10. rocket bit at the end
  11. Giga Arena ?
  12. So collection guide coming or what?
  13. Good Or Bad?
  14. Anyone even on this?
  15. how to know how many powerups left?
  16. Anything on the Bolt upgrades
  17. Is it a bug or am I stupid...
  18. Complete list of Collectibles
  19. Is this game fun?
  20. achievement problem
  21. Watch your step? glitched?
  22. Problem with Collectible Guide
  23. stuck on 1000 mega bites
  24. Ground pound, laser, etc ?
  25. Sneaky Sneaky Achievement?
  26. Which button is block HELP
  27. Party crashers help
  28. Stuck on end boss - Hide & Sneak
  29. Stuck on Bounce Back
  30. Stuck on the last level
  31. That Darn Dog Level - Stuck?
  32. is this game easy to get points on?
  33. Stuck on Time To Flea
  34. mini games ???
  35. x15 and x30 combo
  36. Boss on Base Thumpin?
  37. Stuck on Ruffin' It
  38. Stuck on the 2nd last missile
  39. No Barking Zone
  40. EASY way to 30x combo
  41. 'One Thousand Mega Bites'
  42. bar bar and health bar maxed... but no achievement?
  43. 2 Achievements left please help
  44. No hack too hidden - glitched?
  45. No hack too hidden
  46. Bar Swinging Jumping
  47. train help
  48. Last Gadget Bar Upgrade!
  49. Bull Whipped - Defeat Bully with a finishing move - Assistance Please
  50. Figured out why Watch Your Step works on Pound for Pound.
  51. stuck on slobber and clobber
  52. Security? What Security? Glitched
  53. battery upgrade complete glitch?
  54. Does anyone have a boss list with level?
  55. seemed to have miised "give him the boot"
  56. Annoying glitch on the final stage
  57. Are you stuck on Doggie Demolition with Penny?
  58. Hack Mini Game: Pound for Pound location
  59. Collectible Tracking Possible?
  60. Starry Eyed Achievement?
  61. Glitched collectible?
  62. Replay levels
  63. Does anybody still play this game
  64. Bolt
  65. Completed 10 and 15 bonus hack levels
  66. Finishing moves on villians glitched?
  67. Surprising Difficulty
  68. Can you disable cheats for the one that needs it?
  69. Exploding blue discs on train level
  70. Bolt's Moves
  71. For Those Who are stuck on final level of Act 5 and the Game (Oceania)
  72. Bolt Walkthrough (WITHOUT VIDS, yay)