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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Has anyone ever played the first one?
  3. This game will be part of my evil plan to get 50k by end this year!
  4. Getting past the thorn wall in the very beginning?
  5. Game of the Year?
  6. Achievement Guide
  7. Watch out - glitch prevents progression...
  8. Collectable Help
  9. first queen beetle
  10. Your lucky if you can even beat this game. spoilers I guess. screw this game.
  11. What am I doing wrong
  12. Going for 1000G look here(spoilers)
  13. are you kidding spoilers with out tags
  14. Make it for your self easier
  15. Cannot Find last collectible
  16. WOW its all s confusing!!
  17. Ice Floe Jumping
  18. The entrance to Wendigo's Lair please help
  19. Last three Totems
  20. Roadmap for 1000G
  21. Help!!
  22. Need help with totems...
  23. If you miss a totem do you need to play the whole game over again?
  24. Totem Glitched, cannot get achievement now.
  25. Totem Collectible Video Guide
  26. Whered the stupid bird T.T
  27. Stuck....HELP!!!!
  28. Brightness
  29. Easy 1000G
  30. Can't finish the story
  31. Safe bug???
  32. The final level?! What now?
  33. Ice climbing on the frozen waterfall
  34. Ice Wall Glitch
  35. Collectibles Video Guide
  36. Achievement Guide
  37. Video Achievment Guide
  38. wolf hunt
  39. Totem Glitched
  40. Stuck collecting the last pieces
  41. How do you replay levels?
  42. Totem #40 - WTF?
  43. Controller throwing problem at the end of the game : the cave !!!
  44. Can not exit Wolf Hunt level?
  45. worst game ever?
  46. Stuck on the flying bird part?
  47. if you don't want to have the game glitch on you
  48. is there a pattern to climb the iice
  49. level 4 another problem
  50. A p p r o a c h i n g t h e l i a r
  51. Easy way to get the dreaded totem #40
  52. !!!wost game eva!!!
  53. So I bought this game nearly 2 weeks ago now.
  54. Glitching
  55. wendigo stuck need help plz!!!!
  56. Totem #35
  57. River Master- how to access the level
  58. River Master Achievement Not Popping For Me
  59. sky walker
  60. Biggest Pile Of Shit EVER
  61. Need to Recollect all Totems???
  62. Replaying levels BEFORE finishing the game?
  63. Ice Level Cant Continue??
  64. Warning - Read before playing
  65. how do you beat that part with falling platforms?
  66. I'm stuck on the ice level
  67. possessing the rabbit ?
  68. A Few Tips
  69. Free the Polar Bear HELP!
  70. Bitching/complaining Thread! Recommended to read BEFORE playing!
  71. Be aware of this before starting the game