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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Batman: Pics
  3. Batman: Arkham Asylum “A Life in Arkham” Sweepstakes
  4. Mark Hamill to voice Joker in Arkham Asylum game
  5. Will this game be up to hype
  6. Release Date?
  7. So is Batman trying to take down Max Payne?
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition Revealed
  9. Eidos: ‘Batman will be the stand-out game of 2009’
  10. Played the demo today!
  11. Joker Still Playable??!
  12. http://www.arkham-themovie.com/
  13. Is the Challenge Mode in the game or DLC later on?
  14. E3 Stage Demo
  15. look at what i found
  16. Achievement Guide
  17. Riddler Challenges
  18. Any connection to the batman franchise?
  19. Will This Game Have New Game+
  20. Confirmed Villains?
  21. First review
  22. First 10 minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum
  23. Batman demo news
  24. Riddler challenges (Guide)
  25. Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Release
  26. 2 questions about the Batarang that the collectors edition comes with
  27. First thoughts about the demo.
  28. PC version now delayed, console still on time though.
  29. Demo Secrets...
  30. CE question
  31. Game length? Buy it or rent it?
  32. Combat/Takedown moves in depth
  33. Xbox award items?
  34. CE Question
  35. I don't know what to get: Dark Void, Section 8 or Batman: Arkham Asylum
  36. Armoured Batsuit
  37. Upgrades?
  38. Buy or Rent
  39. How long is this game supposed to be?
  40. Batman CE Discontinued In Uk
  41. Batman Arkham Asylum Modded Batman Costumes
  42. And Gameinformer Gives Batman...
  43. Batman: Arkham Asylum On Sale for $38.83 @ Wal-Mart *CANADA ONLY*
  44. Batman: Arkham Asylum On Sale for $60 US at Gameplay
  45. So far, So AWESOM!!!
  46. Picked it up today - Ask me anything!
  47. for people who have it help... im stuck...spoilers
  48. Riddler's Riddles Guide (May Contain Spoilers)
  49. GAME Exclusive
  50. IGN Review and question about Wal-Mart Exclusive Deal
  51. Review
  52. Predator Gold
  53. Stuck at mansion - help appreciated (SPOILERS)
  54. Anyone know if the difficulty achievements are stackable?
  55. Medical Facility, Observation Room
  56. Anyone figure out who Amadeus Arkham really is?
  57. Stuck, Cannot Find Dr. Young's Research Notes In Mansion
  58. How Does Everyone Have This Game!!!
  59. World's Greatest Detective
  60. Frustration at 239
  61. Party Pooper Achievement
  62. question about the actual arkham asylum
  63. 2nd electrified floor area..
  64. Party Pooper Acheivement + Mano Achs
  65. Riddle /secrets map locations.
  66. Here is a question about jumping.
  67. Freeflow Perfection
  68. Uber Batclaw
  69. Joker Teeth Help Thread
  70. Freakshow Rodeo?
  71. Riddler trophy in Intensive Treatment - Secure Transit.
  72. Anyone unlocked any Avatar Awards for Batman
  73. How do you beat BANE!?!?
  74. Help
  75. Skeleton Dance
  76. People that need help with this game
  77. World's Greatest Detective
  78. Percentage Complete
  79. Near ending question *Major Spoiler, Read only if you beat the game*
  80. Missable Achievements?
  81. Missing Chronicle of Arkman in Abandoned Chamber
  82. Freeflow Perfection
  83. The Caves
  84. Secrets Map In Intensive Treatment
  85. Opinions From Those Who Have This Game
  86. *stuck* "Locate the Warden" ?!
  87. Batman arkham Asylum Guide
  88. Secrets Map In Intensive Treatment
  89. Need help with electric floors area!!
  90. How to get back to Intensive Treatment?
  91. HUGE GLITCH: I play as the joker on the xbox360 SPOILERS INSIDE
  92. secrets map botanical gardens?
  93. Achievement Vids
  94. Need help with last collectable in Intensive Treatment
  95. help with med facility riddle
  96. Guide?
  97. Back into the Botanical Gardens
  98. Secrets Map Penitentiary
  99. Predator challenge
  100. need help stuck cant find wardens office
  101. Grrrrrr!!! Why are Harley's fingerprints not showing up now?
  102. Gamestop Midnight Opening Exclusives?
  103. Batman Avatar costume
  104. arkham north secrets map.
  105. All time great adventure /puzzle gendre? How good is arkham asylum?
  106. Having trouble getting back into pump facilities in caves
  107. Secret room in botanical garden?
  108. World's greatest detective?
  109. Night Glider - heres how
  110. Riddle help in Caves!
  111. How hard are the achievements?
  112. September 1st?
  113. Save file issues?
  114. Arkham East. Does anyone know where the Riddler map is located?
  115. How do i get back to the Experimental chamber/Morgue area?
  116. Chronicles of Arkham - Botanical Gardens
  117. An easy way to do the continuos combo
  118. What happens if i dodge the bullet?
  119. Question about exploration
  120. chattering teeth...??? help.
  121. A Question Regarding collecting all riddles!
  122. Cave Entrance ?
  123. question about ce/preorder codes
  124. Challenge Room-Silent Knight Extreme: How do you get Three For Three Medal???
  125. Predator Challenge Rooms Guide
  126. The 'Im Stuck' Thread
  127. Is Hard Significantly More Difficult Than Normal?
  128. HELP Stuck at the last Riddle trophy...
  129. Do stats carry over?
  130. Early copy. Can I start playing?
  131. Can't start new game on hard after beating it on normal?
  132. Any spiders?
  133. Challenge Room Difficulty Tied to Campaign?
  134. Batcave question
  135. Botanical Gardens secrets map
  136. * Collectible Botanical Garden * Chronicle of Arkham
  137. riddlers trophy in secure transit intensive treatment
  138. Is the joker going to be made for the 360 as a playable character?
  139. Riddler's "Secret Maps" Locations.
  140. Is it just me...
  141. Any tips for the final freeflow challenge room?
  142. Final fight with The Joker (Spoiler!!!!!!!)
  143. Rocksteady Studios delivers the GREATEST comicbook game EVER
  144. oh. my. god.
  145. Ign Game Guide
  146. EXTREMELY scratched batarang
  147. Batman: Arkham Asylum achievements and in-demo Riddler Trophy Locations
  148. Solve Arkham's biggest mystery,Help
  149. Riddle me this?
  150. shock and awe (extreme) tips?
  151. Achievement Guide V2
  152. I need help!
  153. After the Final boss...
  154. TROUBLE with last trophy in Caves!!! HELP
  155. What do you think is harder, Freeflow or Predator?
  156. Easy achievements?
  157. Help tracking Poison Ivy (spoilers)
  158. Botanical Gardens Chronicle of arkham
  159. best challenge room to achieve 40 combo?
  160. Riddler Trophies/
  161. Have a serious question ?
  162. Pressure Control Junction Trophy *SPOILERS*
  163. Should I even play this game for the 1000/1000?
  164. Riddlers Secrets Maps Locations
  165. LOL I checked a web url that was announced
  166. on onthespot at gamespot.com
  167. Question about riddlers quests
  168. Sorry Game With Stupid Puzzles !
  169. Do You Have To Beat the Game To Go Back?
  170. someone please post a video for freeflow perfection...
  171. After Bane Fight (Minor Spoilers)
  172. Last Trophy help please...
  173. will you have the upgrades on second play through?...
  174. i need help with the Main cell block riddle(possible spoilers)
  175. Need help on two riddles
  176. Open World?
  177. Maybe a dumb question
  178. Penetentiary Riddle Locations
  179. Help with combat challenges!
  180. Saving?
  181. Question Marks
  182. so so so confuzed
  183. Penitentiary after beating game?
  184. Cryptographic thingy
  185. Riddler's Riddles
  186. Medical Facility Riddle Locations
  187. How do you get into Intensive Treament?
  188. Arkham IS zelda, in a cape and utility belt.
  189. Arkham West Riddle Locations
  190. Totally misable
  191. Penetentiary Riddler Trophy help...
  192. I was wondering
  193. After the electric floor fight...where the heck do you go?
  194. Arkham West Cave Access?
  195. Help with a Riddle
  196. Help in Arkham Mansion!
  197. Batarang Stand Removal: A Series of Pictures
  198. Need to find Riddler secret maps
  199. How do you find Scarecrow's Lair in Intensive Treatment?
  200. Am I the only person who is a little disapointed with this game? (spoilers obviously)
  201. how do i get back into caves
  202. How Do I Use This Upgrade
  203. Can I Still Get 100%? (slight spolier)
  204. Riddler Challenge Map
  205. Arkham Mansion Riddle Locations
  206. Botanicle Gardens Riddle Locations
  207. ???The 24th Chronicle of Arkham???
  208. Extreme Challenges A.I....
  209. Where is Crocs Lair?
  210. can someone please give me advice
  211. I don't need MW2, Give me Batman DLC!
  212. Quick Question about Game
  213. Challenge Room Question
  214. Mano-a-Mano Question
  215. Is my game glitched
  216. 30 Second times on challenges
  217. Arkham East Riddle Locations
  218. how do u get back to the west part of the island after u beat the game?
  219. Riddler Guide
  220. Help 239 Stuck At Bat Cave!
  221. Line Launcher Help
  222. Riddle me this! Help!
  223. Intensive Treatment Riddle Locations
  224. How to get past the Security Gates (spoilers?)
  225. This game scared the shit outta me!
  226. Where is Dr.Young notes
  227. Caves Riddle Locations
  228. How do i get back to the batcave/caves?
  229. Complete Riddler Challenges Guide
  230. Clearing the Guard Room Gas
  231. Batman Villians
  232. Boss Guide
  233. Riddler Guide
  234. Stuck in the Aviary!!! HALP!
  235. RENT or BUY???
  236. Mano-a-mano, freakshow rodeo Not miss-able achievements
  237. Possibility of an Arkham Asylum 2?
  238. Need help locating 4 riddler challenges.
  239. The Dashboard Theme
  240. How do i get back into crocs lair
  241. My Combat Mode Tips & Pointers
  242. Swaggers Does A Batman Guide
  243. Attack of the Vin Diesels
  244. After the Credits....and Thoughts on a Sequel (Maybe Spoilers)
  245. Game Halting Glitch, Early in Game
  246. Challenges
  247. Riddler guide, w/pics
  248. Seperate Points For PC Version?
  249. www.arkhamcare.com dummy site exists? Anyone know what its for?
  250. where are save points