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  1. Achievement Trading Thread
  2. Achievement Discussion
  3. Any Info
  4. Can't wait for this game!
  5. "The Beatles: Rock Band" coming 09/09/09
  6. Limited edition info
  7. The Beatles: Rock Band details
  8. fc
  9. First 10 songs confirmed
  10. The Beatles: Rock Band Gameplay Trailer!
  11. My Beatles: Rock Band Dream Setlist
  12. post the songs you wanna see in this game
  13. Song you DON'T want included
  14. Possible List of Unconfirmed Songs by Cinematic Trailer?
  15. 3 Free Songs With Pre-order
  16. New Trailer! Eight More Songs Confirmed!
  17. 4 new videos
  19. Achievement List
  20. Confirmed song list (29/45)
  21. Sgt. Pepper’s and Rubber Soul Coming to The Beatles: Rock Band as DLC
  22. Trophy/Achievement List Video!
  23. Updated Song List
  24. New Trailer #3!!!
  25. Songs your looking forward to?
  26. Anyone else bummed out because of no disc export?
  27. The Beatles Rock Band Demo
  28. What are you buying on 09-09-09?
  29. Free Beatles Gamerpics
  30. Guitar Details / Quality?
  31. The Beatles- Revolution Dreamscape
  32. The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun
  33. Trophys Announced
  34. The Beatles Rock Band Bundle?
  35. Beatles Avatar Clothing/Awards
  36. bashing my head against the wall and ripping out my fingernails
  37. Video of Achievement List (Pictures For Some)
  38. "Look for bandmates" Thread!
  39. What to look for on the box for the free T-shirt
  40. Final song confirmed!
  41. The Beatles: Rock Band Achievement List (Typed)
  42. Not sure if this has been posted yet...Achievement Text List
  43. Reserve The Beatles: Rock Band at Gamestop and receive 3 FREE Beatles game songs
  44. Damn
  45. hes got it early and has guitar sight reads
  46. Secret Achievements Revealed
  47. I REALLY REALLY hope..
  48. I knew I was going to love it, but the harmonies take the cake
  49. You have to strum in solos ?
  50. In Seconds Flat (15G) - Maintain Beatlemania for 60 seconds
  51. New Gameplay Videos
  52. Will you be able to sing and play an instrument???
  53. DLC Videos
  54. Anybody have it early and are playing today?
  55. Can I sing using XBL headset?
  56. The final song is...
  57. Which Beatles Album Do You Want After Rubber Soul?
  58. Can you export?
  59. Tip Before Starting Helter Skelter on Drums for the 100% Achievement
  60. How do you unlock the gamerpics?
  61. lookin for vocalist and bassist
  62. will RB beatles drums work in all Guitar heros ?
  63. Achievement Songs
  64. Entire Career or Story length?
  65. Highway color
  66. Be sure to watch the Live strum for Drum sightreads! :D
  67. Gamestop free songs code
  68. Beatles game on Conan O'brien
  69. All You Need is Love is up!
  70. No t-shirt with premium bundle
  71. "That's It! You've Got It!" can be done on medium
  72. Achievement Guide (In Progress)
  73. Achievements tied in with albums?
  74. Oringinal rock band songs
  75. achievements
  76. Quick Question...
  77. does any one know if you still can get the gold star cheeovs as a band
  78. Why Such Picky Achievements
  79. Hammer-on and pull-off achievements
  80. Gamerpic Unlockables Question
  81. Question about achievements.
  82. Achievement Guide & Roadmap to 1000
  83. All you need is love achievement
  84. What songs did you pick?
  85. how you get the different gamer pics (6 of them i think)
  86. Career score achievements
  87. TB:RB Needs to be GOTY!
  88. It's turning into Guitar Hero.....
  89. Beatle Beats Progress
  90. Career Mode Question.......
  91. End Credits
  92. Help with game stuttering.
  93. platinum icon?
  94. Is this game for me..?
  95. I Me Mine - Gold Star on bass WTF?
  96. Anyone else get this error message ?
  97. This is pissing me off.
  98. 1,000,000 Career Score Bug?
  99. Broekn Instruments?
  100. Has anyone here picked up the remastered cd's?
  101. To everyone moaning about getting Gold Stars on bass...
  102. cool game but ......
  103. Guitar HO/PO Achievement question
  104. Double/Triple Fab
  105. How to squeeze
  106. 1,000,000 points in a song
  107. Can't Get That Calibrate Achievement
  108. I wanna be your man - Drums
  109. Don't let me down
  110. got a question about gamerpic/achievement
  111. Question about the Double/Triple Fab Achievements...
  112. I Feel Fine G/B GLITCHED!
  113. Dlc
  114. Rock Band 2 Icons? Band!
  115. Can you get the gold stars achievements online?
  116. All Together Now
  117. Guitar hero drum kits?
  118. Day Tripper Question
  119. good tip to GS i wanna be your man on bass
  120. I feel slightly ripped off
  121. Tips for Don't Let Me Down on vocals?
  122. Import to Rock Band 2????
  123. will this work for me getting gamerpics
  124. How to do the auto-vocals trick?
  125. Lefty Flip Achievement
  126. Question about the vocal achievements
  127. expert gold cut off vox for helter skelter
  128. Beatles can't add
  129. Odd question
  130. Cheapest way to get two more microphones?
  131. The difficulty? First time to play RB
  132. expert bassist needed
  133. looking to do some band achievements
  134. Band Quickplay For Gold Stars Needed..
  135. A Gift For You: "SSSiWtB" helper tracks
  136. anyone in here from washington st?
  137. Is there any difference between..
  138. Daytripper glitch?????
  139. Chapter Challenges and Career Score
  140. is it better solor or band (to get gold stars)
  141. Gold Star Cut-offs for all instruments
  142. Last Secret Achievement?
  143. Is there any way to find out what sogs I have finished on what instrument?
  144. "Pick a Moon Dog" achieve tip
  145. Is it just me or...?
  146. Sales figures for The Beatles: RB
  147. if anyone has all 4 gold songs achievements read here
  148. I wanna be your man
  149. multiple singer question
  150. Harmonies achievements
  151. Rockband
  152. 1000000 points
  153. The Beatles Rock Band DLC Songs
  154. McCartney's Hofner Bass
  155. Instrument Question
  156. Is "I feel fine" best gold starred on Vocals by yourself???
  157. Double fab and triple fab achievement questions
  158. Rock Band 3
  159. i feel fine gold star tips / question
  160. just a little question. .
  161. Is it worth it?
  162. if you have gold star "i feel fine" on x guitar come here
  163. And I Thought GH1 Was Tight
  164. SSSiWtB glitch?
  165. Oh Screw You :P
  166. Instrument 1mil question.
  167. Day Tripper Achievement(Co-op Question)
  168. Is Expert Vocals the best way to obtain Gold Stars?
  169. how do you get this gamerpic?
  170. Question About The Beatles Beats
  171. Instrument 1 million achieve on co-op story?
  172. I would like to know
  173. How long for Day Tripper?
  174. She Still Sings It with the Band on expert?
  175. Can the Lennon Rickenbacker be used on Guitar Hero 5??
  176. Vocal Fab ratings
  177. Can a band GS a song is one person is playing on Hard..?
  178. Question about Diffculty
  179. Gold Star question
  180. An EXTREMLY helpful website
  181. Hello Goodbye harmony help please!!!
  182. 994,000 on I Want You
  183. Achievements for DLC's?
  184. DLC question
  185. I chose the wrong songs
  186. Has anyone received the email yet?
  187. Tripple fab double fab
  188. DLC question
  189. Opaque Fretboard?
  190. "GS almost impossible for bass"?
  191. vocal exploits?
  192. offbeat strum on helter skelter
  193. Abbey Road Medley
  194. God I HATE the vocal system
  195. Question about pre-order songs.
  196. vocal cheats??!?
  197. Is there anyway of beating expert vocals without..
  198. Online Co-OP DLC?
  199. DLC songs...
  200. story game pictures
  201. help with story game pictures
  202. Sgt. Pepper Thoughts
  203. Should i get this (read my story first)
  204. I GOT BLISTERS ON MY... dammit!
  205. Gamer Pics Not There
  206. How did you do the Double/Triple Fabs?
  207. Quick question
  208. Day Tripper not unlocking?
  209. Another Question
  210. Question about 2-3 singers
  211. starting RB:beatles band
  212. Rubber Soul Thoughts
  213. question about dlc (not beatles)
  214. This Is The Best Music Game EVER!
  215. Vocals?
  216. I'm amused by the product reviews
  217. Mic Help???
  218. just curious... (two questions)
  219. I Feel Fine
  220. Is worth getting the replica guitars?
  221. Beatles rock band tshirt for girls! Details inside
  222. "Elmore James..." Achievement Glitch
  223. The Beatlemania achievement solo by voxtar
  224. "all together now" achievement on live?
  225. Playing right now
  226. I Feel Fine Overdrive Path
  227. My Rant on Beatles Songs
  228. USB Headests For Vocals
  230. Can you get credit for achievements in tug of war?
  231. What the Hell-ter Skelter!?
  232. Could more DLC be announced
  233. Beatles Song's You Would Like To See
  234. gold star achievements
  235. Female The Beatles Promotional Avatar T-Shirt
  236. Valued Edition...rockband 2 instruments?
  237. Bonus Photos Cheat
  238. A way for 1 person to sing 2 part vocals at once?
  239. Stupid crap with ISHST
  240. Songs in wrong difficulty
  241. How much!!! What a deal!!
  242. Can Vocal Harmonies be done over XBL?
  243. Future DLC, Rock Band 3, and Beyond: Beatles Track-Wise
  244. Code on instruction book
  245. Not satisfied with vocals.
  246. Equivalent songs in other games
  247. Cheap Drums £17.95
  248. Why isn"t there new songs
  249. 5 gold stars question
  250. How do you view your bass career score?