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  1. Achievement trading thread
  2. Achievement Discussion
  3. Vote for the Setlist
  4. Greatest Hits to Smash Hits
  5. Your track wishlist
  6. Your top 3 songs. A simple way we all can get Ideas.
  7. why aint there a release for uk
  8. Songs that have been revealed
  9. Why not use all / the majority of songs?
  10. when the f
  11. Ttfaf?
  12. Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (Info/Discussion)
  13. Guitar Hero Van Halen Announced
  14. Your Top songs that didn't make the cut
  15. What's your pricepoint to buy
  16. Guitar Hero Smash Hit's
  17. Drums?
  18. Songs you wish they'd excluded
  19. Australian Release Date: Confirmed?
  20. Worst Achievements Ever?
  21. Create your own Setlist
  22. Career
  23. There's a Demo on the Marketplace
  24. Star Power Phrases
  25. hmmm... better idea than this game??
  26. Copy and Paste Achievements
  27. Fellow UKers - Greatest Hits with free Xplorer guitar preorder 24.99 @ Amazon.co.uk
  28. Anyone else notice this?
  29. secret achievements?
  30. Cowboys From Hell
  31. Career Update
  32. Guitar Hero Smash Hits Career Setlists
  33. Rob0419
  34. Hyperspeed cheat anyone?
  35. secret achievements
  36. what song are loking the most forword to
  37. World tour DLC
  38. I have all the secret achivements here.
  39. Whoa this game is hard
  40. Cheat Codes
  41. Is there a difference between Smash Hits and Greatest Hits?
  42. Raining Blood expert+
  43. Free Bird and cult of Personality(Free Bird is F*cked up)
  44. Not All will be getting expert Achievements this time around...
  45. Do you need the WT drums to complete the tutorial in this game?
  46. Ok Wtf...
  47. Can someone try to FC First Blood in practice mode to unlock Raining Notes?
  48. TTFATF Expert Intro help
  49. Raining Blood expert+ Streaming
  50. Easiest Song To 100% Expert???
  51. I'm so sick of...
  52. Hyperspeed
  53. Whats with the horrible achievement tiles?
  54. Open Minded Strummer - Glitched?
  55. Killing In The Name
  56. Lips Mic Work?
  57. Uh-Oh XBL downtime tomorrow?
  58. psychobilly freakout
  59. I heard you were looking for Hyperspeed? Please, do come in...
  60. Here are all of the secret achievements
  61. Why was my secret achievements post locked without reason?
  62. Stop By Janes Addiction. One of the worst note charts ever?
  63. Race to 1k
  64. easy expert + song
  65. Beat on Expert Like Metallica?
  66. LOL at TtFaF achievement
  67. All i can say iw WOW
  68. Easy "Rising Star" Achievement
  69. Vocals Status?
  70. The Open Minded achievement will not unlock for me......
  71. 45G achievement
  72. Career mode can suck it
  73. There's Hope! & That Was Close!
  74. "Amazing Rockstar" Achievement help. What is the last song?
  75. Win a Band vs Band Match Achievemtn
  76. 25G achievement Lightning Speed!
  77. Achievement List
  78. Online Career
  79. Achievement Guide
  80. Hardest achievement!
  81. Rock Legends Achiement
  82. When does Career mode end (achievement)?
  83. Achievement guide
  84. 100% band achievement
  85. 2 million on Free Bird?
  86. GH Tunes Down?
  87. Achievement Guide Mustard Style
  88. Phew, both FC guitar achievements, check!
  89. EasIER "Cyborg" Achievement
  90. Expert Careers and Failures
  91. Golden Voice Achievement Video
  92. TTFAF full band
  93. IGN's Review for this game...
  94. Wacky free forms
  95. Possible YouTube Video for the "Golden Voice" Achievement
  96. Rent or Buy, or neither?
  97. Anyone know all the cheats yet??
  98. Double Bass Setup?
  99. Laid To rest Bass Achievemnt
  100. GH Smash hits Eaiser Cyborg
  101. Anyone legimtately playing online?
  102. Should I get this, or wait?
  103. Activision fix the net code!!!
  104. Looking for band. please read
  105. Just a Little Protip
  106. Band vs. Band asap
  107. WOW no Symphony of Destruction
  108. Amazing Rockstar Question
  109. Any alternative besides World Tour drums?
  110. A Way Around the Tutorial Achievement
  111. Cooperative Career Warning...
  112. ok whats the deal with the golden voice achievement?
  113. Cyborg video
  114. do you have to do the laid to rest (bass) achievement on expert?
  115. glitched: the one man band
  116. Raining Notes TIP
  117. I got a Live sTream
  118. You Play it Well Achievement
  119. Songs That Should be on the Game
  120. No Sound in Guitar Solos
  121. What have they done to Fire and Flames?!
  122. Anyone interested in my guide?
  123. Killing in the Name achievement glitched?
  124. Your hardest songs on vocals?
  125. Unique Owner ID?
  126. Looking for 3 People to get the Online Band Achievements
  127. Achievement whoring
  128. 4-Star TTFAF Achievement
  129. Play With Me
  130. War Apparatus
  131. Online Match Achievements
  132. Looking for a band to tackle all online achievements for all GH games
  133. Drums not working properly?
  134. My ''Bloddy Feet'' are Bleeding!
  135. Beenox
  136. Killer Queen (Vocal Track only)
  137. All songs in career?
  138. Important online question?
  139. where can i check my online win/loss record at??
  140. i won 50 online matches but no achievement whats the catch?
  141. Music Studio Questions
  142. Swearing
  143. Why is everyone calling this 'Smash Hits'?
  144. Songs Cheat
  145. DL songs from the studio
  146. Easier way of getting "Raining Notes."
  147. Seeking experts for online achievements
  148. Looking For Players to do 4 player achievements
  149. "Open Minded Strummer" Achievement
  150. The One Man Band?!?
  151. What's up with "Rock Legends" Achievement?
  152. Yeaa!! I unlocked Raining Notes!!
  153. Achievement Guide!
  154. Two questions...
  155. You Play It Well - Les Paul or World Tour Guitar?
  156. Need help with killing in the name of
  157. Are there noobs anymore?
  158. Possible glitches for "Bloody Feet"?
  159. VERY easy Bloody Feet guide!!
  160. Drums Expert + achievement
  161. Glitched '8th Wonder' Achievement
  162. SotW
  163. What career did you find hardest?
  164. Argh to You Play It Well. Which tapping method do you use?
  165. How many people have legit 1k's?
  166. just for fun?
  167. Old Songs that belong on this game
  168. Whats this game like?
  169. Help on Band vs. Band
  170. Well thats a new one to me....
  171. GH SotW 1
  172. Bloody Feet . . . errr
  173. How Do I Fix My Drums?
  174. 8th wonder troubles...
  175. No Career
  176. Golden Voice achievement Glitched!
  177. Achievement Guide
  178. This Game is Just...Terrible
  179. GH SotW 2
  180. GH SotW - Banner Collection Thread
  181. Need 3 expert player on a band
  182. Band Vs Band
  183. Greatest Hits?
  184. choosing different venues to play online?
  185. one for all achievement seems glitched
  186. GH SotW 3
  187. Tips for Drums and Vocals
  188. Tutorials?
  189. Which TTFAF is Better?
  190. One man band achievement glitched?
  191. People to play with?
  192. Raining Notes/ You play it well Question?
  193. Open minded strummer Question
  194. Question about the drums.
  195. Rock veteran achievement?
  196. Guitar- Finger positions
  197. GH SotW 4 - Miss Murder
  198. Gene Simmons signature axe guitar.
  199. Blue Pad Over-hits
  200. Looking for people online band
  201. dlc songs from world tour
  202. Insane customs
  203. GH SotW 5 - Go Your Own Way
  204. I 5 starred every single song on GH:SH on Xpert Drums. =D
  205. Raining Notes
  206. GH SotW 6 - Mr Crowley - GHWT
  207. Where to buy another kick pedal + splitter in Australia?
  208. Band Leader
  209. GH SotW 7 - Laid To Rest - GH:Hits
  210. "Amazing Rockstar" Tip for Expert Drums
  211. tutorials question
  212. smash hits code?
  213. Compatibility Question
  214. Progression Content Damaged?
  215. GH SotW 8 - Round and Round - GH:Hits
  216. Hard Custom Songs
  217. when i play it sometimes starts skipping
  218. The One Man Band - Glitched??
  219. 100% as a band
  220. 35G Secret Achievements
  221. bloody feet question
  222. Unique owner ID...
  223. I played it well
  224. Lightning Speed Achievement
  225. Band Achievements: P2P With
  226. Where's Jordan?
  227. ::. Free As A Band Achievement ::.
  228. Does this game offer anything to gamers who have Guitar hero 2 and 3?
  229. Possible to rent the game and export songs...
  230. Where is Guitar Hero?
  231. Ttfaf
  232. get a band together?
  233. Just completed all four careers, but didn't get One Mand Band and Yielding? wtf?
  234. Those who got "golden voice" by syncing up...
  235. TTFAF and play with me cut offs
  236. Can you create expert+ songs on ghtunes?
  237. If you're thinking of trying this, it doesn't work
  238. Open Minded Strummer Question
  239. Laid to Rest FC
  240. What are the actual requirements for golden voice?
  241. Raining Notes achievement UNLOCKED BY MYSELF ONE HANDED!! HELL YEAH!!! VIDEO!!
  242. Killing In The Name (+/- 77 wins...)
  243. Price of Export?
  244. looking for band members to play for fun and achievements
  245. code on back of instructions.
  246. Play for fun.
  247. Killing in the name.
  248. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion