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  1. This game will have online multiplayer.
  2. Achievement Trading Thread
  3. Achievement Discussion
  4. This Game Better Be Good
  5. When does this come out?
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  11. To put it Simply, Is this a Decent Game?
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  13. Challenges/Unlockables Guide
  14. First person to 1k this game in the U.S.
  15. Achievement Guide
  16. Spreading the Viral
  17. Post Your Unlockable Player Codes Here
  18. Choose a Side Glitch
  19. Do cheats disable the achievements??
  20. who are all the charecters that need to be done to get the MP achievment?
  21. How fast to 1000
  22. Watching the unlocked episodes
  23. Anyone Have A Screenshot Of The Themes Please?
  24. Platinum Medal in Shanghai
  25. help with the fallen
  26. Platinum Help
  27. Whats the point in free roam?
  28. Planned DLC
  29. Viral Help
  30. possible to get bonecrusher now?
  31. Two Questions about Online
  32. Megatron Special Unlockable HELP
  33. How far do you plan to get?
  34. Control Help
  35. Defeating Fallen under a minute?
  36. choose a side
  37. Devestator help
  38. Does time count towards high score?
  39. Online Acheivements FTW!!!
  40. Anyone got all platinum????
  41. Best Autobots and Decepticons for platinum
  42. Bonecrusher Unlocked - where is he?
  43. Question about the campaign %
  44. Codes for gold optimus prime & megatron
  45. Bad Boys not unlocking?
  46. Powered Up Optimus Prime
  47. Choose a Side not unlocking.....
  48. quick question about campaign
  49. Decepticon Camaign Help
  50. Characters For Multiplayer
  51. Megatron's Special Unlockables
  52. Suitability for kids
  53. Some Tips On Getting Platinum
  54. Need help beating the. Devastation
  55. Some Achievements glitched?
  56. Which campaign did you like more?
  57. easy smells like victory
  58. Overloads
  59. Defeating Demolisher
  60. Starscream help
  61. i cant get bad boys to unlock
  62. Rankings on Leaderboards!
  63. Platinum Starscream's Stand
  64. Question about campaign points
  65. Does anyone have a List made up of all the secondary objectives in both campaigns?
  66. How many hours till 1000g
  67. Online Achievements
  68. is this game a GET IT
  69. Living Dead
  70. Help with Deep 6 autobots
  71. Living Dead Achievement.
  72. Life of the Party?
  73. Opinions on MP characters?
  74. Boosting - Please read
  75. DLC announced!
  76. Whats your Highest Rank?
  77. Hunt The Hunter Help
  78. Break the Bank cheevo
  79. Living Dead HELP!!!
  80. Platty Advice and Help!!!!!!!
  81. Ladiesman217 and Find The Female!!!!!!
  82. Autobots Platty Help!!!
  83. Choose a side wont unlock.
  84. bonecrusher question
  85. Smells Like Victory
  86. Bad boys help.
  87. Easy Top 1000 - Bonecrusher Achievement (even easy top 20 at the time of writing!)
  88. Transformers DLC
  89. Can I play both campaign simotaniously?
  90. clash in the canals platinum help
  91. G1 Optimus Prime and RotF Soundwave Confirmed for DLC
  92. Activision Keeps Gears Turning with New Movie Jazz and G1 Megatron Downloads
  93. DLC Trophies
  94. New Transformers 2 DLC achievements
  95. Is it easier to get platinum medals when you have purchased all upgrades?
  96. More DLC screenshots and price
  97. "Smells Like Victory" problems..
  98. Hold! Achievement
  99. DLC trailer is up
  100. Changing the difficulty
  101. WTF No more Local MP?
  102. Play with megan fox :P
  103. DLC secret achievement?
  104. Secret Achievement comfirmed
  105. Platinums easier with new characters?
  106. 2nd controller trick
  107. Easy 1000/1000 ?
  108. Life Of The Party & Smells Like Victory won't unlock
  109. DLC Review
  110. What's the best/easiest way to get at least 75% on expert mode?
  111. bad boys achievement won't unlock! HELP!
  112. dlc availalbe or not?
  113. roadmap for 1250gs?
  114. platinum guide (bots to use)
  115. Surface to air?
  116. dafault characters?
  117. help needed for one unlockable
  118. The Traitor achievement on this site not checking...
  119. Online Help
  120. Secret Achievement Dlc Help !
  121. Decepticon Campaign-East Coast-Ladiesman217 wont finish?
  122. Hold! and Smells Like Victory Achievements won't unlock
  123. to all mods
  124. Online Cheevos Glitchy, Words of Advice?
  125. Best to use on Expert?
  126. Anyone still playing this online with dlc?
  127. Transformers Avatar Apparel now on Marketplace!
  128. New Transformers Game in the works
  129. Boosting Partner
  130. Is this worth buying
  131. This game is on my to buy list
  132. Leaderboard Ranking Question
  133. Accessing New Characters from DLC
  134. How to change difficulty?
  135. Do I need to create two separates saves/files...
  136. dlc achievement help
  137. Platinum medal advice
  138. Dlc
  139. DLC No longer available!
  140. MP achievements not unlocking?
  141. This Game
  142. Smells Like Victory Achivement
  143. Carnage In C-Minor
  144. Bonecrusher Achivement
  145. Dlc
  146. I cannot update my record in x360a
  147. Achievements won't unlock?
  148. DLC Achievements. Do they have to be ranked?
  149. Quick Expert Question - Before I Start
  150. Looking for someone to infect with the Viral Achievement.
  151. PS2 version
  152. Mission Glitch?
  153. Which maps are new
  154. DLC Achievement Guide
  155. Difficulty
  156. Issues with saving the game a possible warning.
  157. Multi achievements
  158. Platinum Medals on Expert
  159. MP Problems
  160. The Living Dead (Viral) Achievement
  161. How long til 1000?
  162. Which achievement(s) are glitched/unattainable?
  163. Multiplayer Achievements
  164. Ironhide overload unlockable
  165. Achievement Guide/Roadmap needed for Character & Map Pack Plus DLC
  166. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  167. Trouble passing on viral?
  168. Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen need help
  169. I need help on Carnage in C minor and Smells like victory