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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Which Phantasy Star you think is better 2 or 4?
  3. When he hell is this game coming out...
  4. OMG!?? Phantasy Star II only 400?
  5. What exactly is this game about?
  6. Argh! Leaderboards are glitched.
  7. A few tips for new Phantasy Star II players.
  8. Storyline
  9. How long does it take to beat this game?
  10. Trial version
  11. Where the @#!* do you buy it?
  12. Battle System
  13. Nei will not attack...wth!
  14. Boosting Guide
  15. What's A Good Guide To Not Miss Anything
  16. Tip for the Level 30 Achievement
  17. Why does my Rolf not have the nafoi tech?
  18. Nido
  19. Achievement Guide
  20. Starting in the game... [Questions]
  21. When does Rudo come into play?
  22. where do you find all the characters
  23. wich lvl did you finish the game?
  24. Stuck on Dark Force for monthes
  25. Half-Off Phantasy Star II
  26. Achievement Guide and Road Map
  27. Quick escape from Nido, while keeping Teim