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  3. Your Kidding, Right?
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  6. Need guitar to play this game??
  7. Release Date
  8. This just went from, uh rent, to AH MUST BUY
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  11. All Current Setlist/Gameplay Info
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  13. Hendrix lego character?
  14. No joke this in one Great setlist
  15. Song transfer
  16. Any "all talky" songs?
  17. Anyone know how exporting will work?
  18. The rule of Queen
  19. possibly the best rock band so far.....
  20. Gold star a song
  21. "Stud Farm" Question
  22. ne1 know the secret achievements?
  23. easy gold star !!!!
  24. Glitch or vague achievement description?
  25. Exporting problems
  26. I guess I missed that part that said No Online Play
  27. ok, so how exactly do u export?
  28. Not all Rock Band DLC works in this game?
  29. stud farm acheivement question
  30. 100% on Solos
  31. Export???
  32. 100% a guitar solo on Expert
  33. How many achievements do u have in this game
  34. Hardest Song for Each Instrument
  35. Achievement Guide
  36. Missing Achievemtn from List - School of Shock-10
  37. Story Vocal Glitch
  38. veteran performer
  39. game went downhill after the 4th vehicle
  40. Achievement guide
  41. Can someone explain to me how exporting works?
  42. missing member of entourage
  43. Gig help
  44. Shortest songs
  45. Complete Gig List
  46. I am actually enjoying this game!
  47. possible glitch?
  48. need to play expert
  49. You're Hired glitched
  50. Difficulty rating is funny in this game!
  51. Veteran Performer Achievement.
  52. Is there a song that Practice Makes Perfect can be done solo.
  53. How to Export songs for Use in Rock band 1/2
  54. rock marathon and the endless setlist??
  55. controller?
  56. 161/161 gigs unlocked, no Veteran Performer?
  57. Veteran Performer archievement problem
  58. Entourage members...
  59. Easy Drumming???
  60. Help with unlocking last gig
  61. Million Fans Achievement
  62. A thing people MIGHT not know about Practice Makes Perfect
  63. How to get Practice makes Perfect by yourself
  64. They really should've used Country House as a Blur song instead of Song 2
  65. SQL Error
  66. Help???
  67. Final Countdown solo help
  68. Easy way to finish story mode, endless setlist, rock marathon, etc.
  69. Gig help?
  70. Grayed out songs and marketplace weirdness
  71. something i realised about lego rock band
  72. Export feature not working for me..
  73. Songs appearing on my list, then no data
  74. 100% vocals without having to use fan/speakers
  75. Disc unreadable!!!???
  76. Exporting songs
  77. Will all 4 members get the endless setlist achievement or just player 1
  78. Rock marthon setlist 14th song ERROR
  79. Game freezing during load screen...
  80. Exporting Songs?
  81. Endless setlist Q.
  82. Teleporter?
  83. marketplace help
  84. Game went from decent to mind-numbingly awful.
  85. Does anyone know how to unlock the real-life characters?
  86. What did u name your band???
  87. Veteran Performer help!
  88. Disc Unreadable Error...anyone else experienced this?
  89. Easier and Quicker way to 1000G this!!!
  90. guitar hero controllers
  91. So... when do the...
  92. Game Freezing at Same Spot
  93. Question about getting more than 5 stars???
  94. HAHA!!! All For One Achievement With 1 Band Member!
  95. Export songs option problem
  96. Switching to "short version"...??????
  97. Female Head with Glasses
  98. Uhhh anybody have this happen?
  99. How do Lego people sing if they can't talk?
  100. no vocal mic needed!!!.....lolz
  101. Yet another complaint about "Veteran Performer"....my stats...
  102. VERY EASY Gold Star achievement(easier than Charlene)
  103. Using RB 1 Songs in Lego RB question
  104. Endless Setlist Running Time?
  105. Shortest songs?
  106. Cant record album?
  107. Leaderboards
  108. Challenges
  109. Rock Band's website not working??
  110. co op cheevs tonight between now and 8 english time
  111. Update?
  112. How to export from LEGO Rock Band
  113. 100% drums ...easist way
  114. Favourite / Most hated Song.
  115. Leech your friend's hard earned achievements
  116. Albums and DLC
  117. Anyone in Houma/Thibodaux area
  118. why are some songs not carried over to this?
  119. Veteran roadie!!
  120. Endless Shameless
  121. Veteran Performer
  122. Rockden Furniture
  123. Endless & Rock Marathon
  124. (Not the obvious) exporting question
  125. can someone give me a complete setlist for this game
  126. No drum kit = no 1000GS?
  127. Export Download Error 800700e8
  128. Surefire way to unlock all gigs for Veteran Performer achievement
  129. Unlocked 3rd vehicle but no achievement.
  130. How do you unlock these gigs?
  131. "stud farm"
  132. teleportation nation unlock?
  133. How do I import songs from the original Rock Band game
  134. If I keep playing 'Doll' and 'Charlene'
  135. Why can't I find a list of gold star cutoffs for Lego RB??
  136. Achievement didn't unlock
  137. downloaded songs
  138. Pro sound engineer!
  139. 1 million fans
  140. 160/161 gigs
  141. Glitch or has the game just stopped working?
  142. Games On Demand Export
  143. Rock Marathan Setlist?
  144. Weird glitch with all gigs achievement
  145. Really small hitbox?
  146. Gigs Won't Unlock
  147. The Final Countdown Question
  148. Practice Makes Perfect
  149. Save file
  150. 100% bass/guitar won't unlock??
  151. Multiple Glitched Achievements
  152. Practise makes perfect