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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. US only?
  3. Awesome!
  4. Medieval Madness Not Included?
  5. UK version is called Williams Pinball Classics
  6. First Glitch?
  7. How is it?
  8. Great game, not so easy achievements
  9. TOTAN - Harem Multiball
  10. Spread The Word: Great Sleeper Game Here!
  11. Funhouse Help!
  12. Achievements Not Unlocking?
  13. MM Superjets
  14. Need help knowing what's needed for certain achievements?
  15. Pin*Bot frustration
  16. Pin*Bot Sun mini-guide
  17. Sorcerer mini-guide
  18. Taxi Table
  19. Battle for the Kingdom
  20. What's your favorite machine?
  21. Gorgar is so frustrating
  22. Medieval Madness questions
  23. Glitched High Score on Taxi?
  24. black knight basic goals glitched?
  25. One of the best 1000s I've earned
  26. Medieval Madness Video Mode Hint/Tip
  27. Skill shots?
  28. BarnYard Multiball
  29. fun house wizard and black knight wizard questions
  30. Funhouse Frenzy. How/where should I be releasing the plunger?
  31. Whirlwind. 365m. Ball one. Need info quickly.
  32. is this game that hard
  33. Funhouse question
  34. No Good Gophers skill shot nightmare
  35. Great game, but annoying as hell
  36. Goals don't carry OVER!!! LAMEEE!! 99Mil on Medieval Madness
  37. Super Jackpot on no good gofers
  38. Dlc
  39. Pinball Hall of Fame Roadmap/Achievement List
  40. How to get 4 players using different controllers?
  41. Space Shuttle Wizard Goal Help
  42. Gorgar Wizard Goal Help
  43. Taxi Wizard Goal Help
  44. Taxi Earn a Special Hint
  45. Issue with online leaderboards
  46. Harem Multiball and MM Super Jets bugs Solved (kinda)
  47. Gottlieb Collection - any news?
  48. Medieval Madness Super Skill Shot?
  49. skill shots
  50. WHIRLDWIND HELP!!! "Light and score 100.000 point upper playfield spot target"
  51. Medieval Madness Wizard Goals HELP!!!!!
  52. New Game coming end of March!
  53. Whirlwind Tips
  54. Beware Tales of Arabian Nights
  55. TOTAN Wizard Goal Mini-Guide
  56. The Most Epic Pinball Story Ever Told
  57. Just bought this, thoughts & questions.
  58. What are the table ratings,from easy - hard for goals?
  59. Flippers sticking,please help.
  60. I need more!
  61. change angle of aldin table to xbla version?
  62. jive challenge finally beaten!
  63. Jive Time Wizard Goal: West Gate?
  64. Videos - Pinball Techniques and Some Of The Games On The Disc