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  1. Does anyone know the difference between this and the new guitar hero games?
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  49. Wow... f my life.
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  56. Anyone know any color input cheat codes for Band Hero? =)
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  76. For All Those Not Unlocking the 'Road Most Traveled' Achievement...
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  78. never anyone online
  79. "Road Most Traveled" not unlocking?
  80. drumming
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  93. this game is so glitchy online :|
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  95. I can't believe people buy this.
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  97. What does auto-kick do?
  98. can i get the secret notes and treasure hunt achievements if i...
  99. Servers Closed/Down for Band Hero?
  100. is it possible to do online achievement on one xbox?
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  102. PLEASE HELP!I need a talking SONG!
  103. How hard is it to find online matches?
  104. A question about the secret notes.
  105. For those of you who DON'T have a fan for the fan trick.
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  107. Can the "Face To Face" Achievement be earned by playing 1 Note Songs from GH Tunes?
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  110. For the uk crowd who don't yet have this
  111. Face to Face - Glitched
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  114. can anyone help me!
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  116. can i rent it for 1000g?
  117. Please Help
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