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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Anyone got any idea when this game is released?
  3. October 31st and no Vandal Hearts
  4. Achievement Guide & Roadmap
  5. It's on the Marketplace
  6. Is this a new title, or a rehash of an earlier VH?
  7. The loading is absolutely awful on my xbox.
  8. Difficulty
  9. why wont the map count go up?????
  10. Anyone play the PS1 VH?
  11. Skill cap
  12. Last Boss Battle (SP?)
  13. Tolby Village Bandit Battle
  14. Did I miss Foreign Quarter?
  15. Achievement glitch?
  16. Act III 1st mission
  17. every battle map
  18. worth 800 pts?
  19. Vandal Hearts FoJ - Purgatory Strategy Help
  20. 200 Club
  21. Treasure Chest Question
  22. final boss problems
  23. Can anyone recommend a similar game for the 360?
  24. Question about Gillbaris Island Gardens
  25. Game keeps freezing on first loading screen.
  26. Does This Hold Up?
  27. Achievement Guide and Roadmap