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  1. Cool.
  2. Achievement Trading Thread
  3. Achievement Discussion
  4. Sothis game is like singstar rapping not a fighting game?
  5. Record and share on YouTube etc????
  6. Will there be swearing??
  7. Updated Song List
  8. Shoulder Lean DLC?
  9. Can't find it.
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  12. First in the world to 1K this game. Should I Make a Guide/Road Map?
  13. Possible DLC List leaked by accident
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  15. Expert mode
  16. online community website
  17. should i bother with it?
  18. find your videoo?
  19. best community videos
  20. Using your headset to rap?
  21. 50 community views won't unlock??
  22. def jam rapstar with kinect
  23. Why are some of these impossible...
  24. Curious about the game...
  25. Songs you want on the game
  26. UK DLC Release Question
  27. Any news on any UK DLC coming?
  28. I have 3 questions for you
  29. Def jam community??
  30. Presence of Greatness...
  31. Rapstar are UK achievements the same as NTSC version?
  32. Tv Tricks Do they work?
  33. Servers having issues
  34. Censorship makes this game virtually unplayable to me
  35. Servers back up!
  36. Official word on servers. Will be back up soon!
  37. microphone
  38. Is every achievement still obtainable??
  39. Queston about recorded videos
  40. Servers Are Gone