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  3. Number of playable characters?
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  7. Is this game gonna be like DBZ budoki
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  9. Ur opinion on the demo
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  13. I played it at the MCM expo...
  14. I want avatar awards for raging blast
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  25. Anyone have a spare pre order code?
  26. how do you do a blow exchange!!!
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  30. Shenron Items: Seal Breaker?
  31. DLC? new characters?
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  34. how do you deflect super attacks
  35. help with score attack
  36. Anybody else think that this is stupid?
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  39. Some Gamestops have spare codes.Just Ask.
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  41. Clashes when switching characters?
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  45. Hidden Team attacks
  46. Ginyu vs Burter, Jeice and Guldo on Hard WTF
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  48. Where are the old characters?
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  50. Achievement Guide & Roadmap
  51. what type deflected ki blast must hit my opponent in the majin buu bodyguard what if
  52. Unique pre- and post-battle quotes in Raging Blast
  53. Just wondering if anyone else has had serious WTF moments...
  54. High Scores for the Punching Machine
  55. how do u get proof of training?
  56. Character Collector question
  57. What Has Akira Been Up To?
  58. how to unlock progression bgm
  59. Fought as All Characters not unlocking?
  60. Does DLC Affect Achievements?
  61. Best way to get the dragonballs?
  62. pre order code doesnt work
  63. Some of the star missions?
  64. My first 10 online fights
  65. Item Collector Achievemnt
  66. Is there going to be an achievement guide which is 100% complete?
  67. Is there a way to know if you've destroyed all the objects in the level?
  68. Which method of obtaining D-Points do you use?
  69. Online Matches for Fun
  70. best custom character for #1 in extreme battles?
  71. How Do I Unlock The Last "What If" Story?
  72. Which character do you main?
  73. music and conversations
  74. Question about xbox live titles
  75. How do you unlock the items for Decks?
  76. Battle Bonus Complete?
  77. How and where are the DLC packs used?
  78. Help! Plz!
  79. Some Clarification for "All Ruined".
  80. Suggest Future DLC DBGT?
  81. customisation advice please?
  82. all ruined videos!
  83. What does the current DLC do?
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  85. The Character DLC.
  86. your least favourite in-game character??
  87. Vegeta/Goku/Vegito Custom
  88. Corrupted Save?
  89. Need help with 100th fight and the 3 titles achievements
  90. Regarding Acheivments
  91. God Of Demons
  92. Rank boosting
  93. Is the game worth it?
  94. next lot of DLC
  95. What I found a little odd and a few charcters I thought would possibly be in the game
  96. To those who have trouble unlocking "All ruined"
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  99. Raging Blast 2 announced!
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  109. raging blast 2
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  115. is this harder than rb2?
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  118. ssj3 Broly?
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  120. I Dloaded the demo...what are the controls?
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