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  1. Announcement & Free Theme
  2. What achievemnents do you think there will be?
  3. Achievement Trading Thread
  4. Achievement Discussion
  5. release date ?
  6. New Screen-shots. [10-21-09]
  7. Avatar items?
  8. Achievements!
  9. Perfect Dark to be released early 2010
  10. December 27th leaked images
  11. New trailers
  12. A couple of questions about co-op
  13. Achievement Guide and Road Map
  14. Leaderboards crown achievement?
  15. Comparing PDZ/Perfect Dark
  16. Who was your multiplayer character? And your highest rank?
  17. they made joanna dark look like rihanna
  18. At first I was like...
  19. Firing range medals and Tools of the trade achievement guide (may contain spoilers)
  20. Firing Range Guide
  21. unlockables for pdz and crackdown saves?
  22. Perfect Dark 10 Minutes Of Gameplay HD
  23. Perfect Dark Beta Shows Avatar Awards
  24. Alternate Achievement Guide
  25. More Perfect Dark Videos Including Multiplayer
  26. Failure in achieving the "Tools Of The Trade"?
  27. Crown guide
  28. Is this fixed?
  29. Omg
  30. Guess what i just found on xbox.com
  31. Intro: N64 vs XBLA
  32. Post here as soon as it's available!
  33. What time of day is it out in the UK ?
  34. Game not appearing yet? You can queue up the demo right now (for you impatient types)
  35. download link
  36. OMG, the game is unreal!
  37. Can't get the full version
  38. Avatar Awards
  39. Special Assignment?
  40. How do you improve Overall % Completed?
  41. Yay! A Glitchy Achievement Already!
  42. Paci-fist?
  43. Number of simulants?
  44. Can i get all 200G in Co-op ?
  45. People who have the game...
  46. Mission 4 problem
  47. No N-Bombs????
  48. Laptop Gun in Combat Simulator?
  49. Play single player before, combat simulator.
  50. Counter-operative
  51. Golden Days Achievement Glitched?
  52. Act your age, Joanna
  53. Is this worth getting?
  54. 'Both Barrels' level 1
  55. Leaderboard wrong or glitched?
  56. Online Co-Op missions
  57. Is Goldeneye XBLA needed now PD is here?
  58. Achievement Broken?
  59. Mission 1.2
  60. Both Barrels glitched?
  61. Avatar Awards
  62. Tools Of The Trade Glitched?
  63. N-bomb not unlocking!
  64. Laptop Sentry in Firing Range - Glitch still works
  65. Note for who haven't bought yet: Game is HD, but the control is botched and inferior
  66. Glitch when getting an achievement in the demo and unlocking the game?
  67. ...Who Needs Enemies?
  68. gamespot gives perfect dark a 7.5
  69. I love the bots in this game
  70. How many Missions?
  71. No southpaw / legacy controls
  72. what in the blue Hell!!!!!!!!!
  73. Way of the Assassin Crown
  74. Camera shy????
  75. So another post about Goldeneye...
  76. Online Multiplayer and How it isn't all it should be!
  77. Am I the only person online DESTROYING...?
  78. Anybody Else Having Lag Issues?
  79. Are you satisfied?
  80. Paci-Fist Video
  81. Perfect Dark XBLA Interview
  82. Camera Shy question
  83. Need help with final boss :/
  84. Shoot Peter Molyneux in the face!
  85. wtf challenges!
  86. Tools of the trade not unlocking.
  87. can you get the perfect agent achivement on co-op
  88. Anyone wanna help me out with co-op/counter-op achievements?
  89. I wanna unlock the theme >:[
  90. Can't beat SA Carrington Institute
  91. Can't beat Slayer Gold challenge - Rockets don't explode!
  92. Crowning Glory Video guides!
  93. Challenges
  94. Has this happened to anyone else?
  95. Unsolved Mysteries
  96. Question about getting the devestator
  97. Laser?
  98. Speed Run Times
  99. Tools of the trade achievment is NOT glitched..
  100. Aiming?
  101. didn't get the friends indeed achivement
  102. Skedar Theme Award Glitched?
  103. Cheats online?
  104. Bronze, silver, etc crowns, offline?
  105. Combat challenge tips
  106. all 4 medals vs simalutor
  107. Prime Target glitched.....in a good way, i guess
  108. PDZ save game for the free cheats READ HERE!!!!!(Sticky PLZ!)
  109. Is there anyone here who has gotten all 200 for it?
  110. Keep the firing range door open.
  111. Easy Firing Range Trick!
  112. Pelagic II help
  113. Pheonix and dy357-lx
  114. Cheats and Achievements
  115. Don't forget, you can give your bots commands!
  116. Can it be done?
  117. Act Your Age, Joanna Help
  118. Fire range and first mission help
  119. Achievement Stacking?
  120. Eight Simulants?
  121. An apology
  122. Easy rider crown..
  123. Skeder leader??
  124. Presidential Prediction
  125. Missing two missions....
  126. Farsight online
  127. "Perfect Dark failed to load and cannot continue"
  128. Challenge 28, 29 & 30 [VIDEO GUIDES]
  129. Who needs enemies? achievement
  130. Working my way to the top!!
  131. Hint I got from a guy who has Its Dark...Joanna Dark
  132. That was random....
  133. on area 51 infiltration
  134. Paci-Fist Co-op
  135. Anyone got any tips on speed running?
  136. New Perfect Dark website For Private matches also has updated crown guide
  137. Do cheats disable crowns?
  138. Mission 9 problems...possible glitch?
  139. How do you get Gamer Picture 2?
  140. Glitch in Achievement List.
  141. Run and gun trouble
  142. president crown
  143. Online Games
  144. Anyone in an Online Community for this game?
  145. will someone please explain how to get all 4 Multiplayer awards in one match
  146. The Names Dark....Perfect Dark
  147. Presidential Prediction route??
  148. Slayer Weapon
  149. problem on area 51 rescue (perfect agent)
  150. Help With Gamerpictures plzzzz
  151. Restarting missions?
  152. Laptop Gun sentry mode
  153. Does the old challenges glitch still work?
  154. "Agent" Achievement BS?
  155. "Datadyne Specialist" Achievement?
  156. Combat Simulator Question
  157. Only 4 simulants? Wtf?
  158. Cheating in Solo Missions
  159. Another Crown Guide
  160. Skedar Ruins question
  161. Favorite enemy dying quotes
  162. Paci-Fist Achievement Video Guide
  163. Missions be done in co-op?
  164. OMG I think I know how to get the last crown its so obvious now
  165. Player Handicaps in Multiplayer
  166. Fun Settings! (Combat Simulator)
  167. Air Force One bug
  168. Wait a second...you can't play quick matches with friends?!?!
  169. Missing Cheese on Air Base: Espionage
  170. im getting fed up with these pillars at skedar ruins
  171. Auto-Aim or not?
  172. Perfect Dark Theme
  173. challenge 29
  174. about time i beat perfect agent
  175. any tips on disarming
  176. dy357-lx
  177. Combat Simulator setup issues... Help?
  178. What times should I aim for on PA for to get the "gold" crown?
  179. Two cheats removed?
  180. the naems dark??
  181. Air Base Glitched for me.
  182. perfect agent??
  183. What constitues as percentages to reach 201%
  184. Leaderboard crowns get removed if you play offline.
  185. Help with getting the disguise crown
  186. I Finally Got The Last Crown! (The Name's Dark ... Perfect Dark)
  187. Is there a trick to getting the crown on War?
  188. WTF Last crown not unlocking
  189. Clarification on how Offline Crowns work with the Leaderboards
  190. Bronze/Silver/Gold Crown Question
  191. Lost a Crown...
  192. How to get a good score?
  193. dataDyne Extraction [SA] Cassandra's bodyguards objective not completing... HELP!
  194. Why can the screen go black?
  195. missing 40% of completion...
  196. Run and Gun
  197. help
  198. A Friend Indeed Gltich
  199. Ninja...
  200. Did anyone get the last crown in reverse pitch?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  201. Glitched!?
  202. "Player stats(combat simulator) stopped saving"
  203. Defection noclip glitch?
  204. Online MP connection quality BLOWS
  205. Not ALL Goldeneye Weapons Are In The Game
  206. To Cheat or Not To Cheat?
  207. Run 'n' Gun SOLO. Here's how I did it...
  208. What do we need to "201% Completion"
  209. Calling all pro players. I needed all your tips for single player
  210. what is the hardest crown to achieve?
  211. N-bomb=N-Grenade?
  212. Pelegic II - Deep Sea Glitch HELP
  213. theme question?
  214. Free Avatar Award?!?!?!
  215. I'm so lost on this dumb percentage thing
  216. Rare updates perfect dark!!
  217. Perhaps you don't need 201% to get the "gamer picture 2" award?
  218. Problem with "Rocked" Crown
  219. An OPEN LETTER / Petition to Rare & 4J from the Perfect Dark Community
  220. Co-Operative, Counter-Operative
  221. speed run & farsight
  222. Cant disarm trent
  223. Question about co-op and 201%
  224. Quickly Does It and Presidential Prediction Trouble
  225. Help getting Phoenix and Slayer
  226. Just got the ninja crown.
  227. Deadly Laptop
  228. Online Community?
  229. Challenge glitch
  230. Overall Leaderboard Points
  231. Disarm
  232. Against all odds problem
  233. "Special Agent" Achievment also glitched?...
  234. no more bomb spy on the chicago level
  235. Silver Star
  236. Challenge 30 Solo Strategies
  237. Defeating the boss?
  238. Need help shaving 2 minutes off my Gold time
  239. Capture the case glitched?
  240. Psycho Trent
  241. Carrington Villa Key Card can't be found
  242. Speed strafing. How can I do it?
  243. can someone help me beat this game?
  244. April Title Update now up
  245. Tools of The Trade Glitch Fix
  246. how do you get the laptop gun in 1st level?
  247. how do you unlock the gamer pics and theme?
  248. deep sea on PA...
  249. Firing Range Laptop Gun Glitch
  250. three kings is annoying