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  1. Since I can't be on the Leaderboards, I'm celebrating 100% Legit Lt. Col here!
  2. Which game mode?
  3. Commendation %
  4. Grunt Birthday / Legendary
  5. how do you get the Pilot hemet?
  6. Glitch: Free 90k+ creds
  7. Does the grenadier collar...
  8. An Illustrated Journey from Warrant Officer to Captain
  9. Legendary Help: Long Night of Solace
  10. Assassinations
  11. Make It Rain Achievement
  12. Am i the first?
  13. Medals on Bungie.net
  14. Nice REACH stats and career card ?
  15. An impossible challenge. Really, Bungie?
  16. A draw in team slayer... :-o
  17. I have no friends...
  18. Looking For Some Map Making Tips...
  19. Perfection medal.
  20. An Honour Serving achievment
  21. Has firefight been messing up for you lately?
  22. Weird achievement glitch?
  23. legendary coop: when is it safe to quit?
  24. How Cool? Would This Game Be?
  25. Challenge Reset
  26. Service Record - Legacy campaign difficulty not showing up correct
  27. Tip for New alexandra!
  28. Anyone miss "these" weapons?
  29. Long Night of Solace Legendary Help!
  30. Killing the Ranger Elite "Bob" does nothing.
  31. Stats Card Generator
  32. credit amount not increasing
  33. Firefight Stats Not Uploading
  34. Game, Set, Match doesn't unlock
  35. Is there a trick to the slot machine?
  36. Alternate Method For Two Corpses
  37. Mid air sword execution animation fails
  38. What is the harm in allowing firefight voices in matchmaking?
  39. Controller Vibrations?
  40. Play Firefight Matchmaking solo!!
  41. Ranks
  42. How to 5 shot with the DMR
  43. Arena Partner
  44. Halo Reach ALL ranks list + Pictures
  45. Will Halo:Reach Faceplates ever come out?
  46. The Best Noble
  47. Arena Season 1 Final Stats.
  48. Offline Play
  49. What's wrong with the file share!?
  50. Is this still possible?
  51. temporarily banned from earning credits
  52. Simple math gone wrong
  53. Achievements are messed up.
  54. The October Update"s"
  55. Vehicle respawn times...?
  56. Jack of all trades commendation?
  57. What is the Halo game sequence?
  58. Weapon/Vehicle Respawn Times & Tips [Strategy Guide]
  59. Tips needed for Firefight's Crashsite
  60. Thank You People of X360A
  61. Need Help on a Mission Thread
  62. bungie nerfing gruntpocalypse AGAIN
  63. Halo Reach Ranks **Original**
  64. How to sign in as a guest?
  65. Score Attack map tips?
  66. Commendation Rewards
  67. Level Achievements Question
  68. My "I didn't come here to beg" video
  69. Challenge Looping
  70. October Update?
  71. No Credits for maxing out commendation???
  72. Best Halo game?
  73. Just a thought about Legendary
  74. Recovering account info
  75. IWHBYD Skull Quotes
  76. Rank and cR Reset?
  77. Bungie.net Question
  78. Indestructable falcon
  79. The "Safe Haven" variant of Infected
  80. all online ranks??
  81. for those who beat legendary (solo)
  82. Settle Down with the Boot Betrayal Kids!
  83. Not Registering the Achievement Points.
  84. MP related Is this game worth getting?
  85. A bias against elites
  86. Problem with the credits
  87. Everything Erased?!
  88. Alpha Compound Map made by Dark Fenix19 for Halo Reach
  89. Solo campaign on Legendary : places where you can avoid fighting !
  90. Emile is gone *spoilers*
  91. Double EXP weekends?
  92. glitched achievement.
  93. Speedometer?
  94. Bungie Pro question
  95. Why are Commendation Counter Stats differ in-game vs. bungie.net?
  96. Why Pick Snipers And Swat Every Time
  97. Where are the Data Pads you find ?
  98. Destrucable Phantom on firefight (corvette)
  99. Another way to reset challeneges
  100. Double XP/Playlist weekends?
  101. Multiplayer Commendation Boosting=Ban?
  102. Two Corpses in One Grave not unlocking?
  103. Reach Stats for iPhone/iPod
  104. Reach Mythbusters
  105. where do i find a sword for todays firefight challenge?
  106. Stupid things overheard online
  107. Finally, a video with MC's voice
  108. Gameplay Help: Exodus Legendary
  109. Strange Achievement Glitch
  110. Inclement weather already...wtf!!!!!!!!
  111. Will Red vs. Blue Shift to Reach Next Season?
  112. Stopped playing at max level?
  113. Score attack question
  114. Is the Recon Armour under a different name in Reach?
  115. Katanarama challenge.
  116. Forge World
  117. Wraith Legendary
  118. Legendary Letter
  119. Problem with Upstream Bandwidth
  120. A knife to a gun fight achevo
  121. Check Network Status like in Halo Reach?
  122. RE: Linktacular Medal and Nameplates
  123. Help with Custom Games!
  124. Commendation level-ups and quitting
  125. Reach lovers!
  126. How did the covenant find reach?
  127. If they came to hear me beg
  128. Can we get this game up to 1250 now Bungie?!
  129. Just to be completely sure...
  130. Finding Your Overall cR
  131. [Bug?] Have all achievements but only 995 Gamerscore!
  132. Really weird problem
  133. New Firefight boosting method - do you get banned?
  134. Maps?
  135. Best Commendation Strategy?
  136. Daily Challenge Glitch!!!
  137. BXR is back - just in from the Bungie Forums
  138. Um, did I do something bad?
  139. Legendary Campaign Question?
  140. How many...
  141. Poll:Halo 1 after Reach
  142. you guys ever been on a team game where 3 others quit out leaving you alone
  143. I just realized something... Wheres Versus?
  144. 1000 kills without dying in firefight?
  145. Got a killionaire with a single DMR clip in Gruntpoc today
  146. Early Oct Update Question?
  147. spoonful of blamite
  148. Solo and Co-op at the same time?
  149. Wake Up, Buttercup
  150. Question about Bungie.net...
  151. The 850g club....
  152. 1 achievement to go, Skunked...
  153. Reach Updated, Gruntpocalypse still the same.
  154. Custom Games Thread
  155. Rank Cap: Credits will count towards your future rank(s).
  156. can skulls help in legendary?
  157. Bungie confirms cR earned AFTER you rank cap WILL count
  158. What is the most Credits anyone has got from the slot machine?
  159. Backstory
  160. The Guardians (possible minor spoilers)
  161. Missing Gamerscore Glitch??! Help!
  162. Is Carter's helmet available as a in-game helmet?
  163. Missing Gamerscore Glitch??! Help!
  164. Tank overpowered/overused?
  165. Awesome Reach
  166. What ever happened to Jun?
  167. The Anti Halo Crowd
  168. Noble 6 Helmet Promotions...
  169. in-game stats counter resets when a player is booted/quits/host resets???
  170. No Save Game?
  171. "Big man forgets what he is sometimes"
  172. Zealot is Broken!! :(
  173. Canals for GoW Map Varient in Reach
  174. Easy way to get 10000 points without dying today
  175. Co-op Campaign
  176. Easy ways to get Carter and Emile's helmets
  177. Recon Helmet?
  178. If you could have any firefight voice, what would it be?
  179. Best firefight phrase ever
  180. Armor Lock/Vehicle Kills not count?
  181. Good name for a Lockout remake?
  182. Flawless Cowboy Glitch Patched?
  183. Has anybody encountered the Buck mission in New Alexandria?
  184. Question About Boothing Methods...
  185. It screwed me.
  186. Question on Rank Uncap?
  187. Dumbest thing you've done in matchmaking?
  188. Ranks update
  189. Playing Halo from 3 onwards?
  190. Best elite armor
  191. solo legendary
  192. Reach Gamerscore Problem
  193. How to get jorge helm really easy
  194. Forge Idea?
  195. ONI sword base commendation HELP
  196. DLC News?
  197. Multiplayer Commendation Boosting
  198. Commendation stats different from total stats
  199. kind of new to Halo...
  200. Dumb question?
  201. Updated Ranks?
  202. Easy Challenge Day
  203. Commendation cR
  204. Sniper Rifle = Automatic Weapon?
  205. Completing Missions/Saving
  206. Ancient Elites on Earth!
  207. ??? credit limit reached for today wtf
  208. Boosters!!!
  209. Please help! A Monument To All Your Sins and Rally Points?
  210. Skunked and Buttercup
  211. If the came to here me beg w/jetpack?
  212. I just realized something about Jorge *SPOILER ALERT!*
  213. How many weekly challenges have there been?
  214. Not enough ammo - final platform defense
  215. Helmet Secret Skull?
  216. New elite armors???
  217. What did or needs to be updated thread!
  218. Model never Updates
  219. Quick question
  220. How long does it take to get tot he highest rank?
  221. Awesome Perfection Fail -.-
  222. Data Pads ???
  223. Booting System
  224. Firefight question?
  225. Playlist Updates
  226. BUNGIE UPDATE: Level cap is being lifted in the next MONTH OR TWO
  227. Ok, so why is there a level cap in the first place?
  228. Possible Solutions of Booting Problems
  229. corvette engines in 3 min cheive...
  230. "If They Came To Hear Me Beg" Will not unlock for me
  231. Anyone get an extermination medal matchmaking legit?
  232. my gamerscore for reach is muffed
  233. Erroneous betrayal in infection??
  234. Daily Challenges
  235. 'An Honor Serving' Glitched?????
  236. What Happened to Rocketfight?
  237. Awesome Reach
  238. Long Night of Solace - Solo Legendary
  239. Final level: Lone Wolf secret?
  240. I figured it out; what Matchmaking is missing!
  241. noble team survival?
  242. quick medal questions..
  243. Commendation boosting question
  244. A Monument To All Your Sins in order?
  245. Help with Daily Challenge: Winter on Legendary
  246. Score Attack achievement
  247. Does getting a commendation from Oynx to MAX add to completion %?
  248. I lost my save :(
  249. 0cr Am I missing something
  250. Captain Rank