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  4. MGS: Rising not to appear again until E3 2010
  5. Metal Gear Solid: Rising won’t use MGS4 Engine
  6. What do you want to see in this game?
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  8. I hope this will NOT use Kinect.
  9. Metal Gear Solid: Rising 'proceeding very well' beyond prototype phase
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  28. Demo Coming to North America Next Month
  29. What are the pre order bonus' in the US ?
  30. Girlfriend and I broke up right before video game season......HELL YA!!!!
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  33. Demo Movelist and Mini FAQ
  34. Any References To Snake or?
  35. View large image Tweet Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Limited Edition
  36. Cant Find the demo on the marketplace in germany,help?
  37. metal gear solid info (spoliers) please read
  38. Game is Awesome
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  49. Earn Anything From Demo.
  50. Audio Glitch, Can't Progress.
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  52. Final Boss (0-hits) [Help]
  53. Genius Destroyer
  54. is it me or..
  55. Fox Blade details
  56. any one going to westfield white city opening with hideo kojima!
  57. left arm problems?
  58. Quick question!
  59. Amateur Radio Operator
  60. Cyborg ninja code not working?
  61. deflecting bullets?
  62. Revengeance Difficulty S Rank No Damage Videos
  63. I wish Ripper mode gave Invincibility or auto-block
  64. Question about unlocking rewards
  65. BP Farming
  66. Secret Achievements
  67. Updates For The Game?
  68. Is there a difference?
  69. New difficulty question
  70. The R-04 Lobby Fight S Rank Revengeance Difficulty
  71. Countering on "Hard"
  72. The soundtrack to this game
  73. Achiuvment don pup
  74. Boss weapons any good?
  75. VR Missions Strategy Guide (Rank 1st)
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  79. Humanoid Gekkos?
  80. Attention: People who have the Becoming a Lightning God achievement/trophy
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  82. Reset all my upgrades....
  83. Question on S ranks
  84. My left arm achievement may be glitches
  85. Honest question...
  86. Game is Very Buggy/Glitchy
  87. Should I Get This, Or DMC?
  88. This game has the worst camera I've ever seen in my life.
  89. Farming question
  90. Revengeance Difficulty Walkthrough
  91. How does this compare to the demo?
  92. Quick Question About Starting A Playthrough After My First
  93. Important Tip
  94. Looks like DLC on the horizen
  95. Combo or Button Mash?
  96. DL-VR Missions
  97. Question to those who have gotten the full 1000.
  98. Left arms on hard
  99. S Rank Trick?
  100. Mistral achievement not unlocking
  101. MIB Glitch?
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  103. S Rank Achievment didn't pop up?!
  104. Codec's achievement
  105. Walkthrough (maps and pics of Collectibles, Codecs, S-Ranking guide, etc.)
  106. My personal review of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
  107. Getting MAD!!!
  108. Amazing story and gameplay!!
  109. NO DAMAGE rank is glitchy
  110. Finished Normal No Wig B?!?!
  111. Collectibles Question?
  112. End of R03 No-Damage
  113. Perfect Game but shitty achievements
  114. I can't get across the bridge on Revengeance Diff.
  115. Becoming a lightning God Video Walkthrough
  116. Revengence S rank question
  117. Some tips for Revengenace Monsoon No Damage
  118. Sign Up For Konami Core And Get A MGS4 Raiden Skin Code
  119. Ridiculously Easy way to S Rank Sundowner
  120. Full Codec Conversation Guide
  121. missed a collectible, should I restart?
  122. what movie
  123. MGS4 on the new Xbox?
  124. Problem with moonsoon, no-damage
  125. How I never missed a "No Damage" bonus or any boss achievements...
  126. I am dull sucker
  127. VR 18 tutorial
  128. Armstrong on Revengeance problems..
  129. Overall Difficulty: MGR:Revengeanve VS Vanquish 6th Challenge
  130. DLC 30 VR Missions - Gold Videos
  131. Mission 4 No damage WHY NOT S Rank?
  132. Interview with Joakim Mogren tonight on GTTV
  133. Was Metal Gear Rising your hardest 1000?
  134. why are the vr dlc achievement on the card?
  135. Where is Snake Sword?
  136. help and advice
  137. Help with Sam on Revengeance S-Rank
  138. Super Tip for Armstrong on Revengeance
  139. Using items in Boss Battle Hard avoid achieve?
  140. Jetstream DLC is Out
  141. Sam vs [Final Boss] (Hard/No Damage)
  142. Jetstream DLC - All Collectibles (and Ranked Fights)
  143. Jetstream DLC - Boss fights ND/S (Revengeance)
  144. S Rank achievement wont unlock
  145. Jetstream Sam DLC - Ranked Fights, S Rank (Revengeance)
  146. VR 18 Trouble
  147. Konami Renames Offensive Metal Gear Rising Achievements for Middle East
  148. DLC question
  149. SAM DLC - Quick Draw
  150. Here are the Blade Wolf DLC Achievements
  151. Title Update; Ver. 4
  152. Blade Wolf DLC - All Collectibles (and Ranked Fights)
  153. Blade Wolf DLC - Khamsin No Damage (Revengeance)
  154. Blade Wolf DLC - All Ranked Fights - S, No Damage/Alert Clear w/o items (Revengeance)
  155. Cyborg Armor & Fox Blades for Everyone
  156. How long are both DLC and are they worth it?
  157. Final boss
  158. Update caused issues with VR missions?
  159. Dodging or Parrying, which one do you prefer?
  160. First Playthrough on Revengeance Difficulty
  161. I have all titles now, anyone else?
  162. Are there codes included when bought new?
  163. Now I can proudly call myself a God of MGR:R. See below why.
  164. Bladewolf and Jetstrwam are now free????
  165. Getting all DLCs on your profile.
  166. Fangs of Fury Walkthrough
  167. Achievement Guides/Roadmaps needed for DLCs
  168. Dl-vr
  169. I give up
  170. VR Mission now available?
  171. Wiggling never seems to work?
  172. DLC VR 30 help with Mastiffs
  173. To achieve or not to achieve?
  174. Parrying - Am I the only one failing miserably at it?
  175. Need Help!
  176. Do DLC playthroughs count toward kills?