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  1. So what's the next good game for stat freaks?
  2. Alter, edit, improve or change??!!
  3. What is a game that ''did it right'' but then added something annoying...
  4. I'd rather be playing......
  5. Games that need a sequel!
  6. What were your gaming habits before achievement hunting?
  7. Any water game...
  8. Shit that fucks games up
  9. Bioshock Achievement Problems
  10. Possible PS4 teaser?
  11. Game and ther updats
  12. Most addictive games you've played?
  13. Video Game Gag/Blooper Reel
  14. Favorite SHMUP (shoot-em-up) games.
  15. The Witcher 3 Confirmed
  16. Rage Quit - Surgeon Simulator 2013
  17. The New Unachievable Achievement Thread
  18. Question about Assassin Creeds
  19. dont even know what to say...
  20. Looking for a copy Final Fantasy XIV....
  21. Mom and Pop Video Game Stores...you still shop at them?
  22. what's your favourite franchise, studio, dev and publisher?
  23. Fable 2 or Fable 3?
  24. Best COD game?
  25. Most Underrated games
  26. SURPRISE! Another Call of Duty this year!
  27. Indie Games Achievements?
  28. massive collection for sale .. 15,000
  29. New Batman Game Confirmed
  30. My Thooghts On Cod DLC
  31. Games that have a 100% percentage progress?
  32. Video Game Trivia
  33. Fable 2
  34. Great customer support
  35. What Sequel would you like to see?
  36. What game would you recommend?
  37. NFS Most Wanted game for FREE (iPad version)
  38. Games people rate which you just can't seem to get into?
  39. Trying to revive a server.
  40. My First Game Dilemma of 2013
  41. Modern Warfare 4 Poster Appears Online
  42. Witch game do I do next?
  43. games you wish there were demo's for!
  44. Ok I have 600 MS Japanese points, what to Buy?
  45. You've Been Cordially Invited, Bitch!
  46. New Tales Game
  47. Best Video Game Soundtracks
  48. Murdered: Soul Suspect Teaser Trailer
  49. Games That are Hard to Find
  50. Suggestions for fun games
  51. Black Ops 2 Zombie Competition With Prizes
  52. Anyone still playing Monopoly Streets?
  53. Hyperdimension Neptunia on Xbox 360.
  54. Obsidian Would Like To Make Another Fallout
  55. Project Gotham Racing Trademark Renewed - PGR5 Coming Soon?
  56. Wt are the best JRPGs/RPGs for 360?
  57. Dead Space ultra limited edition?
  58. Your 3 proudest completions?
  59. MW4 Poster Is Fake! Don't Be Fooled.
  60. Racing games with endurance races
  61. Dishonored
  62. Microsoft and EA to Partner Up for Next-Gen?
  63. Favorite Game Character
  64. A Noob's Adventure in DayZ
  65. Just Cause 3 Teaser? E3 2013 Reveal?
  66. Top 5 Soul Calibur Characters
  67. Bow and Arrow Xbox 360
  68. Space Combat Games?
  69. Which of the Following Are You More Interested In?
  70. Dreams of a gaming nature.
  71. Possible Foreign Tongued NPC's in CDPR's Cyberpunk 2077
  72. What to
  73. Which old COD games?
  74. Top 5 Developers/ Publishers?
  75. What Should I Marathon Today?
  76. What Sonic Game Next Then ?
  77. Best place to buy used games?
  78. A1 ai
  79. Harry Potter games worth getting?
  80. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
  81. Resident Evil
  82. Black Flag antagonist
  83. [Rumour] Dead Space 4 Canned Following Poor Sales for Dead Space 3
  84. What are some easy 400-700 gamerscore retail games
  85. capcom digital collection
  86. Playing as Edward Kenway (SPOILERS for the character and Forsaken)
  87. I Seem Disliked
  88. EA Representative to Customer - "Dispute Payment and You Will Be Banned"
  89. Cex (uk) trade in question...
  90. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Teaser Trailer
  91. Dead space 3 Co op parthner needed
  92. Do you think there'll ever be a Mass Effect 4?
  93. Games that's underrated or not really popular that you actually enjoyed?
  94. Analyst Says PS4 and 720 Games to Cost $70
  95. Call of Duty 4: A Fanboy-Free Review
  96. Rate these games that I'm on the fence about..
  97. Boy Scouts of America Adds "Games Design" Merit Badge
  98. Skate 3 online achievements
  99. Some fun games?
  100. Is The Gaming Industry Crashing Again?
  101. Is this leaked Tiger Woods 14 footage?
  102. Sniper Elite 3 Announced
  103. Nintendo Loses 3DS Patent Lawsuit
  104. Activision to Publish Fast & Furious: Showdown
  105. Your Favourite Gaming Genre
  106. Saints Row 4 is coming this August
  107. Saints Rows IV Inbound August 20
  108. Video Game Crossovers You Would Like To See
  109. Quick and Easy Phone Games for Gamerscore
  110. Games you are selling and why.
  111. DLC and what du you get for you $
  112. Need Help With AC 3
  113. Are They Making A Crackdown 3 Or Not?
  114. Lara Croft VS Bayonetta Part 2 - Sexy Electric Boogaloo
  115. Whats a game you wish you never even played
  116. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows
  117. Random Question
  118. Is there a game database?
  119. What are your most prized gaming posessions? (PICS)
  120. Ducktales Remastered
  121. DuckTales!
  122. EA Sports Season Ticket - Early Release Achievements
  123. RUMOR: Next Call of Duty To Be Called "Ghosts," Next-Gen Only
  124. Some games I saw at Gamestop,are these good ?
  125. Hidden Gems Dashboard thingy
  126. Japanese, Arcade, Retail -- what are the differences?
  127. Time to play SCP: Containment Breach
  128. What is the LOWEST rated game for X360A?
  129. Where is Wolfenstien 3D?
  130. LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars Help
  131. Fallout 3 Achievement help (Sorry if this dose not go here)
  132. Yet Another Assassin's Creed Game Being Developed
  133. Sequels that you didn't like as much as the first game
  134. Games others love that you hate
  135. Will 360 games still be developed with the next-gen consoles?
  136. Gamerscore on the new xbox.
  137. How many times do you get frustrated in an online match?
  138. How do you guys find time?
  139. What are your most and least favorite games?
  140. Dont know where this would go but here we go :)
  141. Relaxed and Chilled Games
  142. What's you're least favorite game from each genre?
  143. Nearing the end of yet another console generation; what were some of your favorites?
  144. WarFrame (f2p) anyone playing this?
  145. Microtransactions?
  146. R.I.P. LucasArts
  147. I don't even know why I play online anymore
  148. Tripwire Interactive Humble Bundle Sale
  149. MS and Fox come to terms over Killer Instinct trademark
  150. Don't know where else to post...
  151. EA says "We can do better"
  152. 343 and halo
  153. of the four list ur fav campaigns
  154. Favorite original Xbox games?
  155. Wii U freezing makes it impossible to play
  156. Help me choose
  157. Current Gen Games You Want To Play Before The Next Gen
  158. Best Xbox-360 game ever
  159. EA Brings Home Second Consecutive "Worst Company In America" Award
  160. deals of the week arcade ?
  161. StarCraft FAQ
  162. TMNT: Out of the Shadows
  163. Any indie game devs or programmers?
  164. Your Fav 360 moments
  165. Jurassic Heart
  166. The Unpredictable MMO Community
  167. NFS: Underground Logo Appears - Reboot Happening?
  168. Smackdown VS Raw 2008
  169. XCOM FPS Disappears From the Internet
  170. Light/Dark World
  171. Favorite RPG Xbox Game
  172. Anyone Have Any Experience With Retron Consoles?
  173. New 'State of Decay' gameplay trailer
  174. NHL '14 Trailer
  175. What games or series would you like to see on xbox?
  176. Games you keep coming back to?
  177. Mob of the Dead - Gamerscore not updating (glitch?)
  178. Fifa 13 FUT help
  179. Concept work for "Assassin's Creed Duel", an unmade Ubisoft XBLA/PSN 2.5D fighter
  180. Leaderboards
  181. Help with Halo Majestic Map Pack
  182. Legacy of kain story help? *spoilers*
  183. The Evil Within..
  184. Recommend me a decent co-op game!
  185. "Rated M for Mature" Gruff Voice in Game Trailers
  186. Other Lego Games Thoughts?
  187. Things you both like AND dislike in games
  188. Are you in a clan?
  189. My game collection caught on vid
  190. Regular vs Game Of the Year
  191. "Story-driven AAA games make no business sense"
  192. Underrated Games
  193. How long do you like yours?
  194. My Retro Play of Super Mario World
  195. Replacement Cases?
  196. My First Ever Playthrough of Yoshi's Story
  197. Gears of War Judgement
  198. I hate spending money on games
  199. Leaderboards on games in general
  200. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Masked Warriors teaser
  201. Using someone else's DLC without Transfering license?
  202. Main Characters Dying (Spoilers)
  203. Deus Ex HD remake
  204. An unexpected surprise, made my day.
  205. Games you started but never finished
  206. Simpsons Tapped Out
  207. Have you ever topped a Public Leaderboard?
  208. Game Region
  209. EA will be now publish Star Wars Games
  210. Horse Games
  211. Grenade Launchers in Games
  212. should I or should I not....?
  213. Dog games.
  214. Retail and arcade games with more then 1000/400 NEW and updated
  215. Question about Uncharted series (dont feel like joining the "ps3 sister site")
  216. Minecraft
  217. Rep help
  218. Most Memorable Weapons in Video Games
  219. Visual Novel Completion Time Guide
  220. Silicon Knights closes office & sells assets, but remains alive
  221. Gamestop Listing Reveals Summer Of Arcade Release Dates & Prices
  222. Lost several Bioshock Infinite acheevos when switched difficulty
  223. E3 Coverage This Year?
  224. What is there to get excited by Playstation 4?
  225. EA Abandoning Online Passes
  226. The Best Games of the Generation
  227. Rainbow Six: Patriots Rumored To Be Cancelled
  228. Sanctum 2
  229. Name some bad games you couldn't stop playing?
  230. Tips on arcade games?
  231. Fuse demo anyone excited?
  232. If you could have one classic game remade for current gen what would it be?
  233. EA Engineer: Wii U Is "Crap", Nintendo Is "Walking Dead"
  234. What Are Some of Your Favorite Game Trailers?
  235. Top 5 game characters of all time?
  236. Does Xbox Live Gold
  237. What games would you give a perfect score too?
  238. Avengers??
  239. Rhode Island plans to sell Amalur IP, says there's "interest in the assets"
  240. Xbox 360 Exclusive Games List
  241. COD Ghosts
  242. Games with an odd completed score.
  243. Steam coupons
  244. Anyone use lovefilm for game rentals?
  245. Favourite all time game and WHY?
  246. What consoles have you had/still got
  247. Anymore Lips games to be released?
  248. is metro: last light worth a look??
  249. NFS Rivals
  250. Remedy Entertainment Humble Bundle (Alan Wake Devs)