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  1. This is gunna rock your socks!
  2. JPN Release 15 April 2010
  3. NMH Paradise Achievements + Pre-Order
  4. No More Heroes Paradise Achievement Guide (Guess)
  5. Achievement Guide
  6. Is this region free?
  7. Can Anyone Make An Achievement Guide Banner?
  8. Can anybody play?
  9. Achievement Discussion
  10. Worst load times on 360?
  11. Glitched achievements fixed!
  12. Can't find one tshirt - help
  13. Please help with Shinobu the 8th ranked
  14. Do I suck THAT much or is this game just too damn hard?
  15. Trading cards glitched?
  16. Online petition for a pal version
  17. What do I have to do to play Very Sweet Mode?
  18. In game language
  19. Finally coming over?
  20. Can I play this on an NTSC-U Xbox?
  21. Have to be connected to Xbox Live?
  22. Achievement Guide needed
  23. Is it possible to buy the gamer picture pack with a North American console?