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  1. Trailer trailer!
  2. Pre-Order character unlocks.
  3. Official web site updated.
  4. Achievement Discussion
  5. Achievement Trading Thread.
  6. articles, trailers, interviews, ETC
  7. What Transformer would you like to create?
  8. Preorder and Demo?
  9. Weapon Choices
  10. Multiplayer classes any thoughts?
  11. Will this game be any good?
  12. Can't wait to play this game
  13. Playable Demo Coming Exclusively to XBox Live
  14. Customization: What do you want to see?
  15. Pre-ordered today!
  16. Heavy Multiplayer Focus?
  17. Transformers War for Cybertron TOYS!
  18. Transformers War for Cybertron book & exlusive comic book.
  19. Suprised by the Achievements?!
  20. Your opinion on the controls of the demo?
  21. Wtf demo???
  22. Warrior or Scout?
  23. Thoughts on Demo
  24. AM I the only one?
  25. torn about this game
  26. Migrating host?
  27. Co-op question...
  28. I hope theres avatar awards
  29. Does anyone know...
  30. Is excited for this game
  31. Sears is selling this now
  32. UK Shockwave Preorders with Blockbusters
  33. Best Buy Exclusive JAZZ!!!
  34. Question for whoever bought it at Sears.
  35. Transformers War for Cybertron $39.99(Canada Only)
  36. Tip for beating the game on HARD mode
  37. a little help here?
  38. Finally a game that has a well balanced multiplayer and teammates
  39. Omega Supreme and Trypticon playable characters?
  40. Story mode length?
  41. Awesome ending credits!!! (NO SPOILERS)
  42. Stats carry from demo ?
  43. Those who have this game
  44. Jazz
  45. Gamestop Pre-order
  46. Chapter III - Stuck in a certain area - Possible Spoiler
  47. Escalation Mode?
  48. Slugfest Achievement impossible?
  49. Someone Please Make A Guide?!?!
  50. Multiplayer
  51. Multiplayer?
  52. Achievement Guide & Road Map
  53. Devastator Achievement Help.
  54. Paging Ratchet achievment help
  55. Online lag
  56. Start as Autobots or Decepticons?
  57. There Are Parts Everywhere Achievement Help
  58. Ram Kill
  59. Unlocking characters without pre-order codes?
  60. Quick way to get both Co-Op Campaign achievements - 5 min tops!
  61. Difficulties with pre-ordered characters
  62. Where to get 5 revives in first chapter autobot???
  63. Online needs to be fix or it will die soon
  64. Need Some Serious MVP help
  65. Is any one else having trouble with online games freezing?
  66. MP Levels
  67. Wait! I Still Function! Achievement FIX
  68. How does this work?
  69. Easter eggs
  70. HOw do you unlock Prime Mode?
  71. Defeating Trypticon (possible spoilers)
  72. Multiplayer impossibly hard?
  73. Get "Blast-arachnia!" in about 5 minutes
  74. Thief in the Night HALP PLZ
  75. Unreal Engine
  76. Escalation Tips To Reach Level 15
  77. To anyone who pre-ordered with play.com
  78. WTH! is the Max level is it 25 or 50?
  79. any guides for hidden autobot/decepticon symbols?
  80. Anyone encounter any bizzare glitches?
  81. Co-Op Campaign HARD Team-Up Thread
  82. Autobot/Decepticon Symbol Locations
  83. Level boosting only
  84. Hard difficulty shortct on co op
  85. How to defeat Zeta Prime??
  86. Unlockable & Hint
  87. Easy Boosting Method
  88. Worth it?
  89. ESCALATION for those who need a squad please post here and not on the tip guide
  90. Co-op Question
  91. Any Tips for Trypticon? *spoilers*
  92. Zeta Prime in Multiplayer
  93. co-op ach question ?
  94. Anyone in the UK not able to get a copy?
  95. Your votes count
  96. Creating your own Transformer
  97. Co-op Autobot campaign hard
  98. Opinions of the Game?
  99. Does anyone have "Top Of The Scrap Heap" yet?
  100. Fastest way to get XP..?
  101. Updated Soon!
  102. I can't be the only one disappointed by this.
  103. Easy way to get "Wait I still function"
  104. Who wants for Chassis?!
  105. Who wants more Chassis?
  106. Jazz Code Question?
  107. Question about the Demolisher Code
  108. Shockwave EU code for Trade
  109. 5th Stupid Autobot Revival WTF!!
  110. Achievement/Trophy Hint: Switching Difficulties
  111. I been waitting for this game
  112. Escalation: jump in game for achieve?
  113. Chassis colours?
  114. Teletran 1 challenges?
  115. Heavy Metal Solo *air shreds!!!*
  116. Zeta Prime and DeadEnd Confirmed
  117. Update
  118. Conquest Points
  119. Anyone else notice this?
  120. What else did the patch fix?
  121. Double XP July 2nd to July 4th
  122. Double XP Weekend Starting Friday!
  123. Comparison
  124. Multiplayer character data keeps reseting??
  125. Patch Did JACK SHIT
  126. Tips for leveling up Scout/Scientist classes?
  127. Just got this
  128. Lag online?
  129. How far have people got with Decepticon Escalation?
  130. First DLC leaked?
  131. Sentry choices
  132. Escalation Solo?
  133. omega supreme(how do I beat this guy)-possible spoilers
  134. Help Someone Mp
  135. Boosting
  136. Autobots Hard
  137. Best checkpoint for Blast-arachnia?
  138. how to get MVP achievement
  139. class lvl's in multiplayer
  140. How to get outside the map escalation (decepticons)
  141. How to Boost Transformers WFC
  142. Map pack #1!!
  143. Multiplayer frustrates me.
  144. The unofficial praise thread (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  145. other pre order codes
  146. You can still get double xp after the event..
  147. Any ideas for Scientist in Multi
  148. The "Transformers WFC servers are unavailable" thread
  149. Multiplayer 101, AKA how I got to Prime Mode already.
  150. One of the best games of 2010?
  151. Ok, is it just me or is the online broken??
  152. Campaign question...
  153. An annoying bug
  154. hard trophy
  155. Transformers war for cybertron trophy problem
  156. Less Experience?
  157. Time to 1000?
  158. Multiplayer Experience Table
  159. Missable Achievements?
  160. Who is your favourite Transformer?
  161. Easier way to boost XP ?
  162. Have they patched this yet?
  163. Coop victory on hard earns ach?
  164. Transformers DLC Leaked
  165. Autobot/Decepticon Symbols
  166. Soundwave on Hard
  167. Population Problems
  168. Help - Cant Get Kills
  169. Some questions...
  170. Need Teammates? Post here!
  171. Need a double Xp or Triple XP
  172. Autobots and Decepticon Symbols Achievement
  173. Back to COD???
  174. What is your K/D?
  175. Soundwave on hard help
  176. What a fantastic game.
  177. Scientist=worst class ever
  178. Missing Symbols
  179. Issues getting booted
  180. Trypticon on hard
  181. WFC DLC hits July 28th
  182. Todays Update
  183. Online Sound Issue?
  184. DLC characters could've been already known
  185. Lack of Communication
  186. How do you kick Robo-Butt? (MP Fighting/Stratagies)
  187. Double Xp Event this weekend!
  188. Simple Q: Escalation - Remnant
  189. Can't seem to find
  190. Challenges
  191. New DLC
  192. Multiplayer is getting worst for me
  193. Q: Prime Directive
  194. Looking for Boosters for Double XP
  195. Anyone hit this in Conquest recently
  196. DLC question
  197. Weapon balance?
  198. Does your team mates anoy u sometimes?
  199. Any problems after getting the DLC?
  200. Question about Prime Mode
  201. Double XP Weekend For Austrailia Begins
  202. Plan to Host a Double XP Boosting Game? Post Details Here
  203. Here's your list of multiplayer tweaks
  204. Putting together a team
  205. Not Receiving Double XP
  206. New Characters
  207. Double exp progress
  208. Cheaters
  209. Triptocon on hard is effing impossible
  210. Anyone noticed something wrong with the truck driving?
  211. Question about difficulty chieves and coop
  212. Completion Question
  213. UK Escalation Team(s) Forum
  214. Transformers- Roll Out!!!
  215. a new gun ??
  216. Total XP needed?
  217. Autobot / Decepticon Symbol Achieves NOT popping?
  218. leader over powered?
  219. Weapon damge testing.
  220. Anyone around right now to play escalation?
  221. Fastest Way to Gain Exp Points !!
  222. uh what?
  223. Is this any good?
  224. Triple Xp Weekend....
  225. Lets get a boosting party together
  226. Error in the guide
  227. Double XP this weekend?
  228. Has something happened to the multiplayer?
  229. Always losing connection to host
  230. Keeping Double XP Active
  231. Thinking about putting together a list of fixes/suggestions to send to High Moon
  232. I hate new maps
  233. X4 XP This Weekend ...
  234. Has 2x XP weekends ever affected Escalation scores?
  235. Grimlock Smash not popping ! HELP !
  236. Boosting x4 XP Weekend Thread
  237. damn achievement not unlocking me dont want to face boss again
  238. XP on all classes on MP
  239. For those that missed it...
  240. more than meets the eye not unlocking
  241. Boosting
  242. Next XP Event Question???
  243. looking for the community in this game!
  244. Next DLC
  245. Boosting party!!
  246. No DLC= Frustrating Multiplayer Experience
  247. Did they patch the Difficulty achievement????
  248. Teamheadkick Video
  249. Autobot and Decepticon symbol question!!
  250. Hard Mode Decepticon final boss level.