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  1. Achievement Guide
  2. Infinite shields. Zombie Island
  3. Difficulty
  4. Jakob's Vending Machine
  5. claptraps question
  6. DLC Glitch with "There May Be Some Side Effects"
  7. where is the misson
  8. Braaaaaaaains?
  9. Over Collecting Brains for TK don't count
  10. So why no female baddies in mass in Borderlands? is GearBox sexist?
  11. Help finding Zombie TK Baha
  12. House of the Ned
  13. What the hell is up with TK?
  14. Accessing the Lumber Yard?
  15. Quick Question...
  16. zombie island
  17. Mission 'Its Alive' help
  18. Final Boss Tip
  19. Where to Go Help?!
  20. Glitched mission: "The Pack"
  21. Dr. Zed (Spoilers)
  22. 2 data recorders in Lumbar yard..?
  23. Was the DLC worth 800 MS in ur opinion?
  24. Leaving Zombie Island
  25. Not the right level for DLC?
  26. This is my favorite DLC for this game byfar!
  27. Accidentally accepted a mission at a low lvl
  28. DLC Code
  29. claptrap eating gummy bears
  30. jacobs fodder
  31. My game glitched!!
  32. can't download
  33. Achievement glitch???
  34. Glitched subtitles
  35. co-op?
  36. Easy Way To Get Brains Achievement (Co-op Required)
  37. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  38. XP Glitch (Near Beginning)
  39. Death and destruction