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  1. Big Expansion coming in March
  2. brand new trailer for the awakening expansion
  3. The Calling, a prequel to Awakening
  4. Internet Connection Required?!?
  5. I wonder when the actuall release date for this will be.
  6. SPOILER: New Companion Videos for DA: Origins - Awakening
  7. Firm Release date and achievements
  8. PS3 trophies updated, should be similar for achievements.
  9. Level 20 achievements
  10. Bioware Q&A *possible spoilers*
  11. gamestop or live?
  12. Achievements Glitched Spolier Alert!
  13. Where do you start
  14. Question about the Expansion?
  15. Blood Dragon Armor
  16. Mines Spolier Alert
  17. Dupe Glitch/Infinite Money Glitch DO WORK!
  18. Help?
  19. Help! Please
  20. The Enduring Vigil
  21. Funniest Quote?
  22. Secret achievements
  23. Thoughts so far?
  24. Do you play it on-disc or just download it to the HD?
  25. How long is it?
  26. Help with glitch
  27. Keep - Basement Questions. Confused! Spoilers.
  28. Vigil Upgrade Achievement
  29. Question regarding character transfer..
  30. Warden's Keep base?
  31. So... any real point in importing your Origins character?
  32. Kal'Hirol
  33. Learning new abilities
  34. Glitched in Knotwood Hills *Spoilers*
  35. Architect choice ? *spoilers*
  36. import caracter from dragon age to Awakening?
  37. Stone puzzle at wending woods
  38. *Possible Spoilers* Mhairi
  39. Er, you can't go back into the Silverite mines
  40. 62/63 Achievements...
  41. Final Boss Tips
  42. Unlimited coin/EXP glitch *Spoiler warning*
  43. Quick question regarding coupla achievements
  44. i am confused
  45. Wending Woods bug warning *spoiler
  46. For the love of... (Spoiler?)
  47. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  48. I need help with the last joining ritual (towards ending spoilers)
  49. Does the Blood Dragon Armor carry over if you import a character?
  50. Master lyrium potion?
  51. ?'s about starting new game
  52. need help :( this damn puzzle thingy
  53. Ending the ceremony plus a glitch *spoiler
  54. Opinions on Awakening?
  55. Blight of the orphans
  56. Items that do and don't import
  57. $40.00 US Dollars? Arghhh!
  58. New Gifts
  59. early, but... more dlc?
  60. For those that have yet to buy Awakening
  61. Awakening for $19.95
  62. Persuasive & Silver Tongued
  63. Anyone else think this is waaay too easy?
  64. Crossover Campaigns
  65. Tomes
  66. Question
  67. How to use the Handbook of Concentration?
  68. Disc or DLC code?
  69. Gifts: A List of Who gets What
  70. crystal dragon help?
  71. Sentinel Armour
  72. trading trouble quest in wending wood
  73. Arcane Warrior and Dex and Rune Stackable Questions
  74. Having trouble with Heart of the Forest(possibly spoiler for some)
  75. Animated Dead bug workaround
  76. What the hell is this ferret? & Glitchy quests.
  77. Origins Achievements do-able in Awakening?
  78. Alistair in Awakening (Spoilers!!!)
  79. Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep both saved?
  80. New Classes and which to choose...
  81. Game keeps freezing
  82. Length?
  83. Ogrehn glitched for me
  84. Story Continuity... (spoilers for the original game)
  85. Where is "Blackmash"?
  86. Point of no return?
  87. Disc or Marketplace?
  88. Poll of ending choice (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  89. Any idea (story wise) on whats next?
  90. Velanna/Silverite Mines glitch fixed?
  91. Replaying final mission for Blight-Queller
  92. lol @whoring G :D
  93. Didn't get Saviour Of Kal'Hirol achievment?
  94. Is the 1000 darkspawn achievement possible in Awakening?
  95. Broken Circle > Awakening Glitch
  96. Amgarrak and Kal Hirol
  97. Mairhi(sp?) (spoilers)
  98. (Awakening)Do i need the disc to play.(Downloaded it)
  99. Spirit Warrior?
  100. Awakening for 1200 msp
  101. Whats with flashing blue weapons?
  102. the stone-fire thing in the wending woods
  103. Mervis
  104. lyrium sand
  105. Help with spoiler achievements.
  106. Can't find where to start this DLC?
  107. import bug?
  108. Please Help
  109. Game locking up
  110. No Tank?
  111. best armor?
  112. Probably a dumb question, but...Gift Guide?
  113. What Order?
  114. Minor Codex glitch