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  1. Return to Ostagar Delayed?!
  2. Inconsistency?
  3. They sure are fast.
  4. Return to Ostagar is on the Marketplace
  5. Return to Ostagar's New Items with Stats
  6. Possible Achievement Problem ***SPOLIERS***
  7. Return to Ostagar opinions ***SPOILERS***
  8. Duncans past sidequest
  9. Any news on when it'll be re-released?
  10. Update on Bioware Website (RtO & Title Update)
  11. is this working ok now?
  12. When to start this....
  13. dissappointed with this...
  14. What should I be on the lookout for?
  15. Is it worth getting? No SPOLIERS please
  16. mage chest
  17. Just bought this as well with the others on deal of the week looks real fun.
  18. Where is the Mage Chest?