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  1. Game info
  2. Cant wait! This game will be awesome!
  3. Achievement List?
  4. Achievement Discussion
  5. checklist for this game...
  6. achievement clarification please
  7. Im getting SOOO mad at hot patato
  8. Achievement Guide and Road Map
  9. "Like Joe" ach being very glitchy on me, so far :(
  10. Easy Homeruns
  11. Cheats?
  12. Garbage
  13. Achievement Checklist Problem
  14. My solution to the glitchy "Like Joe" achievement
  15. I don't know about all of you.......
  16. Savin the day
  17. Meteor Power
  18. Keisha-Freak Giantess
  19. Walk off Homerun Not Unlocking
  20. Lou Brock?
  21. Winning first game with mercy rule...tips?
  22. Triple and hitting for the cycle.
  23. Like Lou glitched
  24. I Hate myself for getting this
  25. It's this hard? Really???
  26. Trouble with 'Like Bill'
  27. a couple of more tips
  28. Can't get a homerun
  29. Playing on easy may be glitched!!
  30. Easy Pitching Tip
  31. Mercy rule?
  32. Like Joe/Bonehead Fred in same game
  33. Kesha is slaughtering me. Please help.
  34. Unlocking Extra Outfits
  35. Roadmap to 1000