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  1. Why is this here?
  2. Rumored Achievements
  3. Gameplay!!
  4. It's OFFICIAL(Click here for proof)
  5. The Extend Package DLC
  6. Sonic Adventure on PSN and XBLA won't venture outside of 4:3 aspect ratio
  7. Coop/ Ghost race
  8. Achievement Guide
  9. Release date and price confirmed
  10. Original DLC!
  11. sonic adventure 2?
  12. A-mission guide (The Strongest & Fastest achievement)
  13. Achivements!
  14. Achievement Guide (250)
  15. Release?
  16. Mission Guide
  17. So, What?
  18. Upgrade Guide
  19. Top of Emerald Coast leaderboard
  20. does this game come with the 15 achievements
  21. Possible to check chao's grades?
  22. News on Sonic Adventure DLC Release
  23. IGN's Review has me concerned...
  24. Sonic Adventure is now Full Screen and New Game History picture
  25. Avatar awards!
  26. Are the achievement tiles seriously the default question marks?
  27. Do the DX achievements stack with the original achievements?
  28. Anyone know a good method to make loads of rings?
  29. Chao help plz
  30. Sonic Adventure DLC now Available
  31. No Music?
  32. DLC Mission Mode Guide
  33. Achievements
  34. Sonic mission 54(DLC Only)
  35. Red ring of death
  36. Sonic Adventure 2 ???
  37. Big's A missions?
  38. Achievement Guide & Road Map
  39. Achievements popping randomly
  40. Score not updating?
  41. cant catch the frog
  42. If Sonic Adventure 2 did come to XBL (Chao Related)
  43. Question
  44. So what is better for chao's?
  45. glitch?
  46. "Chaos" Chao Guide
  47. Ideal stats for chao races
  48. No Game Library Picture
  49. I don't remember the Egg Viper Boos being glitchy
  50. Stuck on amy's mission!!
  51. Is it me or is this game glitched to hell??
  52. My Chao always trips 5 seconds in
  53. uh-oh, i was worried this was gonna happen.....
  54. Is there a good way for Big to initiate the fish catching sequence?
  55. Is it just me....
  56. Last Adventure Emblem...
  57. No Metal Sonic?
  58. how do i get to sky deck on the egg carrier crash site as sonic?
  59. Whoever thought that Big was a good idea is a retard.
  60. Worth it?
  61. Need help
  62. Poll: Hardest Action Stage to get Level A in
  63. Upgrading to the DLC after playing standard edition
  64. Mini Games
  65. Help
  66. Faster way getting animals.
  67. Upgrade Locations
  68. Mission Mode Guide (DLC exclusive)
  69. advice in here
  70. Why does my Chao...? (Q&A)
  71. casino level a rank?
  72. Achievement issue
  73. Are chao gonna be portable
  74. Chao garden
  75. Leaderboards
  76. For the love of God..(Big's A levels)
  77. Waking up Chao?
  78. Special Chao question?
  79. Big's Levels
  80. confused?
  81. cheer on the chao
  82. Achievement Picture Glitch?
  83. Adult chao?
  84. OMG! Mission 53 and 54 someone please help!
  85. Emblems?
  86. Achievement Tiles??
  87. How are you supposed to catch even 1000p Fish??
  88. Sonic Casinopolis stage glitch?
  89. Can You Replay Adventure Stages?
  90. Question about Chao
  91. Red Mountain Action Stage
  92. How do I give my chao animals..?
  93. super sonic glitch?
  94. All 130 Emblems on DX and no Metal Sonic or achievement!? HELP ME!!
  95. Why does my chao fall on his ass every race?
  96. Favorite character theme
  97. Ending Emblems 6/7?
  98. Is there any easy way to raise a Chao quickly (including glitches)?
  99. Help!
  100. Why is the opening movie missing?
  101. One-Day Holiday Sale - Sonic Adventure going for 400 MSP
  102. Do all the glitches from DX still work with this port? (mainly stage shortcuts)
  103. My Chao lies down for 6 seconds at the start of EVERY race
  104. Can't find Sand Hill mini game
  105. A couple Chao questions
  106. Red Mountan... THE SPIDERS...
  107. HELP "Metal Sonic" achievement not unlocking
  108. Sonic adventure DX DLC achievements not unlocking!
  109. glitches RUINING my game.
  110. To Those Who are on the Fence
  111. Chao Raising Help
  112. I'm missing one adventure field emblem.. help!
  113. Does DX dlc work with the Dreamcast Collection version.
  114. The number one reason I want SA2 to come to the XBLA:
  115. control tails?
  116. Spin Dash Jump
  117. Finding Levels
  118. Lost Key To The Wind Tunnel
  119. Super Chao............i hate it
  120. Big?
  121. DX achievement "Mission All Acomplished" not unlocking
  122. Egg carrier
  123. help?
  124. Mission 53 help please.
  125. Whatdo you get when you have all 130 embelems??
  126. Big's level A
  127. DX add-on work with Dreamcast collection disc?
  128. Tuesday (Just a poll guys)
  129. glitchy DX DLC achievements fix
  130. DX DLC not working in game
  131. mission impossible a.k.a. mission 53
  132. Clarification for me on the filesize bug
  133. DX Achievements Work-arounds
  134. DLC achievements FIXED?!
  135. Sonic Adventures
  136. So is the DLC fixed or not?
  137. 1.49GB version DLC achievements STILL broken?
  138. Gammas Story?
  139. is there no way to check your progress on this game?