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  1. What was the last band/music act you went to see?
  2. The Official Hip Hop Thread...
  3. Last concert you went to?
  4. Metallica vs. Megadeth
  5. Daft Punk vs Kanye West
  6. What Albums Are You Looking Forward To?
  7. Favourite Movie Soundtracks?
  8. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
  9. Dragonforce NES plagiarists
  10. My Band
  11. 15 year old female shreds
  12. Airbourne - No Guts,No Glory album
  13. ATAB,my cousins band
  14. Anyone else just NOT impressed by the new Eluveitie album?
  15. Dance Gavin Dance Blowout !
  16. Rain: The Beatles Tribute
  17. "Obama Auto Tune" Feat. T-Pain!
  18. Bombay Bicycle Club - I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose
  19. Borgore
  20. The Gruesome Twosome Tour
  21. Scorpions new CD
  22. Omg!!! Check out the new song/video by bone thugs-n-harmony
  23. Who is your favorite band?
  24. A boy that dances to the break.
  25. RIP Seba Jun a.k.a Nujabes
  26. New Singles/Songs Thread
  27. why is this album so expensive
  28. Who you gonna call?! The Safety Dance? Really?
  29. Masterplan's New Album "Time to Be King." Back With Jorn Lande!
  30. Fans of keyboard/hip hop instrumentals
  31. Any fans of...
  32. UtterFilthstep
  33. Greatest Rapper of All Time?
  34. Think you have what it takes...
  35. Underground rap...
  36. Can you top this Metal Slam/Breakdown??
  37. Warped Tour 2010 and Bamboozle.
  38. Can you top this Metal bass solo?
  39. For fans of underground independant music...
  40. Top 5 MCs, D.O.A.
  41. If You Could Go to Any Concert...
  42. Epic Guitar Solo
  43. Unknown instruments
  44. You have to check this out unlike any thing you've ever seen.
  45. Children's Dino Metal?
  46. Is This A Good Band Name?
  47. Gimme some good bands/songs
  48. Fatty spins ?
  49. Kid Cudi
  50. Anybody a Zune User?
  51. Supergroups
  52. Beardo, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy
  53. Where Is Punk Going?
  54. Best Alternative/Rock band of all time.
  55. Barren Earth, hands down, one of the best new metal acts
  56. Post your song of the day!!!
  57. Who else likes ...
  58. Official Glastonbury Line-Up Announcement
  59. Epic ongoing songs
  60. R.I.P. Peter Steele
  61. Does anybody listen to Dubstep?
  62. What is your Top 25 most played on iTunes/ iPod ?
  63. Bruce Willis & Steven Seagal
  64. Twilight + Screamo = Tears from epic levels of frustration and rage
  65. Simply The Best
  66. 1349: Demonoir full album stream made available
  67. RIP Guru of Gang Starr
  68. SLAUGHTER OF THE BLUEGRASS!!! Wait...Bluegrass?!
  69. Nightwish anyone?
  70. Like A Storm
  71. Insane Clown Posse - Miracles
  72. Crabcore, the funniest metalcore!
  73. Anyone want to try and explain to me what this song is about?! Good forgotten song.
  74. Porcupine Metal \m/ >< \m/
  75. Bullet for my Valentine "Fever" First Impressions
  76. Vinyl Value
  77. Eminem intro for new album.
  78. None of you believed me but I have proof...KARAOKE DEATH METAL!!!
  79. Korn's NEW Single "Oildale"
  80. any body else on here listen to Tech N9ne?
  81. Tim Burton + Moonspell = epic win
  82. Any Artists?
  83. Every wondered what Cannibal Corpse would sound like if...
  84. You can hate gaga......
  85. Spotify Premium
  86. June 6th, 2010: International Day of SLAYER!!!!!!!!! Who's celebrating?
  87. R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio
  88. Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus = AOTY thus Far
  89. Ronnie James Dio died.
  90. Pendulum - Immersions
  91. sky movies
  92. New A7X Song - Nightmare
  93. Wonder Girls
  94. Bret Michaels back in hospital (5-20-10)
  95. Clubland TV - Danzle | Under Arrest
  96. Rate my Gear
  97. Rise Against
  98. whitechapel new cd buy or not!?!?
  99. Paul Gray (Slipknot Bassist) found Dead
  100. How many in the Metal genre have we lost?
  101. What are your views on downloading music?
  102. Bieber Brings Little Girl to Tears
  103. A7X Nightmare sounds like Metallica
  104. Grooveshark
  105. The Edge (50 hits)
  106. What Bands Have You Seen Live?
  107. Ismfof
  108. Favourite "Unknown" Bands/Artists
  109. Lena Meyer- Landrut
  110. What is your favorite type of music?
  111. What is your favorite type of music?
  112. Drake- Thank Me Later
  113. The Ghost Inside - Returners
  114. Music suggestions.
  115. Iron Maiden New Song
  116. Music
  117. Heavy Metal
  118. New Heavy Metal
  119. Blind Guardian 'A Voice In The Dark'
  120. If You Could...
  121. Dead Country -Euro Trash
  122. Trigger the Bloodshed: Degenerate. The promos have been sent out...
  123. Bordom Strikes
  124. Just one more time... (bands you will miss)
  125. Spotify
  126. Impending Doom new ALBUM!!!
  127. Some metal/rock bands you may not (or may be aware of)
  128. New Planet X Rehearsal Video (Amazing Prog)
  129. What Instrument(s) Do You Play?
  130. Jam of the Day
  131. Need some help
  132. Disturbed covers Judas Priest
  133. Green Day or Blink 182
  134. Birthday number one
  135. Favorite Solo?
  136. who knew about this album?
  137. What's the one band you can always rely on for a good album?
  138. Who likes Eminem's new Album
  139. Parkway Drive's New Album "Deep Blue"
  140. Warped tour
  141. What your No1 song ATM?
  142. Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events
  143. What did you grow up listening to?
  144. Vinyl Collection
  145. Happy Birthday Pete Parada!
  146. Songs you hear that reminds you of something else
  147. SPV reissuing 4 pivotol Mass (band) albums
  148. Hail the Villain
  149. Check out my song!
  150. The Greatest Hip-Hop Producer of All Time?
  151. What is the Appeal of this.. "Music?"
  152. ATTN: Nightwish fans....ever hear Delain?
  153. Favorite Michael Jackson video
  154. Favorite Metallica album
  155. fenix tx
  156. Eminem; Relapse or Recovery
  157. Is anyone excited for Asylum by Disturbed?
  158. KiD CuDi
  159. MESHUGGAH vs Lady Gaga: Bleed-a-razzi
  160. Rip isis
  161. "I wish they never broke up..."
  162. Will Iron Maiden ever come to Chicago again?
  163. The Black Keys
  164. gorillaz in syria was awesome
  165. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare tour UK
  166. New mix compilation I made
  167. Screamo
  168. VNV Nation
  169. Drake-Find Your Love is the Song Annoying or Catchy?
  170. Avenged Sevenfold Fans - Fiction a Suicide Note?
  171. What bands do you think are overrated?
  172. Looking for feedback on my friends guitar track
  173. Prince is now your new God
  174. CJ Dippa: The 12 year old rapper
  175. Pretty cool Song.
  176. Disturbed+DR2... has to wait :(
  177. Ludovico Einaudi - Italian Composer and Pianist
  178. Any bass players out there?!?
  179. What concerts have you been to?
  180. Favorite Music Video??
  181. If you like the Gorillaz, click here
  182. Haste The Day
  183. I interview metal band Cephalic Carnage...FROM THE HOSPITAL!!!
  184. This is a VERY hard decision....Pick carefully
  185. My Ozzfest 2010 review
  186. Christian Beadles - Justin Beiber's Pal & New Sensation.
  187. Joe Satriani- New Album 2010
  188. Anybody ever heard of these guys?
  189. The Sword - Warp Riders
  190. Metal Mix of Always?
  191. American Carnage 2010 review...Oh and I met Dave Mustaine!
  192. Who will be A7X's second support band on the UK tour ?
  193. Who here liked ozzfest 2010?
  194. Can you guys help me find...
  195. Korn III
  196. Plumb
  197. Musical Debate Club
  198. Same Artist, Same Album, Same Song
  199. Over rated band members
  200. dope
  201. 10 year old kid rocks with Ozzy/
  202. Skillet
  203. Death Metallers
  204. Under rated band members
  205. anyone a fan of either of these?
  206. Anyone know this song? I need help!
  207. Grooveshark
  208. Terrible Music Videos.
  209. What's your Favorite Beatles Song?
  210. Anyone heard of/going to Bestival?
  211. Music Heads!
  212. The greatest rick roll of all time?
  213. Who Likes Plan B as !
  214. Best pop song of the last year?
  215. Best song I have heard in a while...
  216. Acoustic vs. Electric
  217. Anyone have a good quality version of this Eminem song?
  218. Anyone heard of the band Noctura?
  219. Linkin Park-A Thousand Suns
  220. Anyone pick up Enemy Unbound by The Absence this week?
  221. What was this song?
  222. A Thread about Lil Wayne
  223. Slaves to Gravity?
  224. KAMELOT FANS! Check out my interview with Thomas Youngblood.
  225. Stoner Rock
  226. Genki Sudo.
  227. Rammstein - US Date December 11, 2010
  228. MetxlSwim: 16 free rare and/or unreleased metal songs(Totally legal!)
  229. Papa Roach-Time For Annihilation
  230. Rammstein vs Disturbed vs Linkin Park
  231. Fan of Mr Bungle?
  232. Nirvana vs Guns N Roses vs Metallica vs Iron Maiden
  233. BMTH's There Is A Hell..... CD
  234. Ac/dc
  235. Music on my Zune won't play on my xbox?
  236. Big Boi
  237. Spose
  238. The Vitamin String Quartet
  239. Takenobu
  240. Rest In Peace, Eyedea.
  241. Calling all drum and bass fans
  242. Acoustic guitar music
  243. Good Charlotte has high standards apparently. Huh. News to me...
  244. The difference between Rap and Hip Hop
  245. Now that's metal.
  246. Favorite Metal Bands???
  247. Anyone excited about the new Star One CD?
  248. "Don't Stop Believin'" I think I will Stop
  249. FREE Swedish Death Metal CDs (providing the best things in life ARE free)
  250. Pretty sick mix song