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  1. Dlc not working!!!
  2. can host 5 player horde/beast cheevos be done on system link?
  3. My Fellow Gears not unlocking?
  4. The steps YOU NEED to take to avoid being PERMANENTLY reset, •MUST READ•
  5. Does exiting a horde match not save your stats?
  6. WTF death in multiplayer...?
  7. 4 player co-op story achievement question
  8. Double the Horde Challenges?
  9. Horde mode question
  10. Co-op achievement not unlocking
  11. Superstar Cole will not unlock?
  12. Gears of War 3 Top 5 Executions
  13. Road to Recovery: Seriously 3.0 take two!
  14. EPIC Devs get elfed
  15. Barrick's Voice Character in Raam's Shadow
  16. How to host a private match with guest?
  17. Zeta Team Go and Foreshadowing
  18. New to gears! Need help with xp
  19. The campaign medals
  20. What time does the berserker on every wave start?
  21. Patch??????
  22. New "Re Up" (Prestige) system to be introduced in the next MP DLC
  23. Need tips to help boost Skunker medals.
  24. The best way to get Foreshadowing achievement
  25. Tried for hours for Campaign on Insane...
  26. Account Reset
  27. love this game
  28. How much does each Onyx medal give?
  29. What Do YOU Want to See in the 4th DLC?
  30. Population
  31. How Carmine would have died (must watch)
  32. Cant play Horde
  33. Silverback question?
  34. A question about insane horde
  35. We Few, We Happy Few... Not Unlocking?
  36. Season pass :D
  37. Horde-Just failed at wave 70...
  38. Looking for teammates.
  39. Idle boosting CTL problems.
  40. My Avatar made kill that bus of nuns.
  41. what the hell happen to the 10th day event?
  42. Horde Boss won't change
  43. First among equals...glitched??
  44. GOTY vs. Season Pass
  45. How do you use the turbo controller? (Private Matches)
  46. Help needed connecting please
  47. RAAM avatar t-shirt price!?
  48. Bad Team Mates
  49. Idle boosting Leader, Sovereign and Un
  50. Selecting specific chapters?
  51. Good setting 4 Boosting Pyro and Explosives...
  52. What happened to the other onyx guide thread?
  53. Let me pick my poisons (Horde)
  54. Field engineer onyx stuck 1000/1000?
  55. Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Console Questions
  56. Does CoOp achievements reuire full team??
  57. Question regarding Seriously 3.0 & Horde
  58. Assholes creating public campaign games then leaving it paused
  59. Horde: creating a base not for free again?
  60. Season Pass - 25% off (now-tomorrow)
  61. Horde Onyx
  62. Has anyone ever seen a Kim in online versus?
  63. What I would like for Horde and Beast modes..
  64. Horder onyx medal
  65. People needed for campaign co-op, beast and dlc achievements.
  66. why event never changed?
  67. My Gears of War DLC is not showing up
  68. Season Pass not working
  69. Season Pass discounted to 1800 in some area!! Anybody know when is UK's turn?
  70. No-One joining arcade games ?
  71. Beating campain on insane should mean more GamerScore.
  72. Gears of war 3 new weapon skins?
  73. command center not unlocking
  74. Sexy and I Know It funtage
  75. 'Always leader' exploit no longer working?
  76. Horde Help
  77. Where are the weapon skins?
  78. Which medal is this?
  79. Guide for Seriously 3.0 order
  80. Best way to idle boost TDM?
  81. why no sticky thread for horde/beast medals and ribbions?
  82. Seriously 3.0...Gold Should be top level for onyx medals !!!!
  83. Favorite Part of Gears 3??
  84. Guide to Seriously 3.0 in Order
  85. Disc unreadable bull..
  86. Gears 3 MLG Pro Circuit
  87. no ribbon for this event?
  88. new Horde fortification
  89. How much XP required total for level 100?
  90. Weapon Kills in Horde Mode
  91. can you boost ribbons ?
  92. Fenix Rising DLC Achievements
  93. Complete Ribbon List & Guide
  94. new event today...FINALLY...but!
  95. " you have done it all" 135 ribbons
  96. Help!!! My Fellow Gears wont unlock
  97. Best way to idle boost ?
  98. Looking for people to play campaign with
  99. Question for anyone that did 2-7 to get Force Multiplier.
  100. Booster Map Pack Not Working
  101. Medal XP Rewards - Work in Progress
  102. Collectible glitch?
  103. Leaderboards are bugged
  104. Can the campaign medals be done on casual?
  105. The fastest wingman method IDLE BOOST
  106. Ribbons Guide (Fenix Rising DLC)
  107. Liquid metal skin?
  108. Achievement Won't Unlock
  109. New weapon skin?
  110. Beast help/tips
  111. Best way to boost skunker for a solo player
  112. What's the best way to make my connection bad?
  113. TU3 info released
  114. What is the in game content unlocked by achieving seriously 3.0?
  115. problems with dlc characters
  116. Having some issues.. what is going on?
  117. Onyxing and Idling TDM matches...
  118. Best weapon skin..?
  119. Can someone explain the Act 2 Chapter 2 boosting?
  120. recent update
  121. new patch + idle boosting( not working?)
  122. New patch causing stats issues?
  123. Stats Icon won't disapear since update!
  124. Question about DLC achievements
  125. Possible problem with private matches?
  126. Did TU3 change Silverback Rocket Kill Requirements... for the better?
  127. Boosting Cover (Buttoned Up Ribbons)
  128. Back Up Seriously 3.0 progression on xbox slim
  129. Horde past wave 50?
  130. Horde Dance-a-Thon: Gain extra XP and bonus cash the longer you can stay alive
  131. I can't get Monkey Dog
  132. Can Foreshadowing be boosted on brothers to the end?
  133. Level 100 symbol
  134. Can't get a HORI pad anymore...
  135. "We Few, We Happy Few..." unlocks but not "My Fellow Gears"
  136. Quick question hodre event....
  137. Gears Weekends Offline
  138. Event calendar?
  139. Re:new DLC and stats etc?
  140. Casual Horde?
  141. Horde weekend event exploit!
  142. what type of router d you have?
  143. Fastest way to level up
  144. Brothers to the End...*pulls hair out*
  145. Amount of money to fully up fortifications?
  146. So... I think I just broke the game.
  147. General Reset and Backup Information
  148. viewing stats (not in game)
  149. horde event finish time
  150. Horde calculator
  151. Boosting KOTH while idle...
  152. Fastest Way to Rank Up?
  153. achievement progress reseting help !
  154. Foolproof way of the The Super ribbon?
  155. ghost silverback
  156. Horde level 51?
  157. Horde XP Exploit - Preventing Profile Problems
  158. If you boosted horde cash, READ THIS!
  159. Beast Wave 12 Freezing
  160. Live Stream Notes 1/16
  161. I'd say 0.15% is pretty exclusive.
  162. 4 those who don't like public versus, how are aiming to rank up quickly once you reup
  163. Re-Up and Seriously 3.0
  164. Re-Up on gears and the game cant tell ive do it before!
  165. RAAM's Shadow Achievement Progress Reset
  166. Re-Upping and Seriously 3.0
  167. Xbox live
  168. Fenix Rising EVENT
  169. Can't hear some people talking??
  170. DLC Warzone Changes
  171. Onyx Medal Value Question
  172. Public Warzone Quickplay
  173. Can't play new Fenix DLC maps?
  174. What re-up are you?
  175. Matchmaking broken after fenix rising?
  176. Combat Enginner 100 times?
  177. Act 3 Chapter 1 xp boosting
  178. Was bored made a Rage comic for DF Legends Seriously 3.0
  179. How do I get the Team Savior ribbon?
  180. Fastest Levelling up method?
  181. execution idle boosting.
  182. why does every match i join have lag?
  183. New event tomorrow?
  184. Double XP this weekend (Jan 20-22)
  185. Double XP and Leveling...
  186. Getting kicked out of a Silverback
  187. Question about the Hammer or Dawn and Special Teams Onyx
  188. Weird glitch- I was a locust in horde mode
  189. Private Warzone and Execution what's going on?
  190. Current status of earning War Supporter/ Socialite event ribbons?
  191. The Super ribbon.
  192. Reconnaissance ribbon help.
  193. "Connection to host failed"
  194. What is the Best way to get large amount of XP while idling ?
  195. Gears 3 is almost too overwhelming for a completionist
  196. kills not counting
  197. Anyone gimme any insight on what im doing wrong?? Sever drudge arms..
  198. Gears Online noob
  199. Problem with Field Service Medal?
  200. Silverback Achievement
  201. Two silverbacks in public versus??
  202. Question about the 2-2 boosting method
  203. Worst lag in Gears 3? I think so..
  204. Questions about Vengeful onyx
  205. Quick XP in horde mode! By yourself
  206. Idling no longer works?
  207. ACT3 XP thing.
  208. any ideas on what i should do first?
  209. Collectibles on Arcade
  210. Normal for corruption message after clearing cache?
  211. act 3 chapter 1
  212. New RE-UP System SERIOUSLY F'ed up Seriously 3.0.
  213. General Onyx Medal Question
  214. Weird problem with character select in Horde?
  215. Default weapon problem
  216. Pruner ribbon
  217. fastest xp?
  218. Events
  219. Help! Reset 53 onyx medals
  220. Backing up Gears file Question?
  221. AFK boosting Skunker with 2 Xboxes, correct setup please
  222. war supporter
  223. Maxed out KOC at 285! Anything better than 2/2 for boosting Xp
  224. Gears Boost
  225. Question About 2-2 Boost
  226. Boosting Pistol Kills for Onyx
  227. Is there any XP boost or Gears event this weekend?
  228. thrashball drone
  229. No smoking Title
  230. Gonna grind gears with 3 consoles tonight. SOS
  231. Ribbon Guide...
  232. Socialite will not unlock, work around?
  233. getting beserkers in horde
  234. Am i the only one totally pissed when...
  235. Triple Kill with Sawed-Off?
  236. Music and Gears
  237. Gears 3 24 hour live stream!!!
  238. Your thoughts on gears 3
  239. Idle boosting with the latest TU
  240. Ribbons!!
  241. xp boosting with Reconnaissance Ribbon
  242. Long Hauler Ribbon did not unlock
  243. If another Gears of War came out
  244. xp boosting in king of the hill
  245. insane exp
  246. Act 3 Chapter 1 Calculator
  247. Host Disconnection
  248. Insane Horde XP?
  249. Gears of War3 Guide
  250. Posted a Mode Idea that was a hit b4 Epic Banned Me...lol.