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  1. Release Date?
  2. Achievements look awful
  3. Which is worse the mustache or the jump button?
  4. Feelings? I will tell you my feelings about this one.
  5. How do I get the wasp bazooka in stage 1?
  6. Arc Jumping?
  7. How to beat Boss on somthing big?
  8. Can this be played offline?
  9. "Last Action Hero"?
  10. Final boss help
  11. Having achievement glitch problems? This is why
  12. The challenge rooms Q & A thread
  13. Prestige Items. What are they? How do you get them?
  14. General HQ and Impact Yashichis?
  15. Stiirike -question
  16. "Retro mode" unlock / achievement question
  17. Can co-op mess up the "primary player" achievements?
  18. How tough is Hard Mode/do u get infinite lives to keep attempting to clear the game?
  19. How Hard it is to Beat the Campaign
  20. Achievement Guide needed
  21. The survivors were seriously i
  22. How Long to Complete?
  23. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  24. Estimated Time to 100%