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  1. Better drumming?
  2. Rock Revolution says hello
  3. 1K without instruments?
  4. Wow, this game must really suck
  5. Can we play this game with GH/RB instruments?
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  8. Worst guitar game i have ever played
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  11. Learn guitar by playng?
  12. Power Gig or Something Else
  13. I'm scared...
  14. secret achievments
  15. So I picked this up for $8.99 at gamestop
  16. does anyone
  17. Achievement Guide & Road Map
  18. Easiest song for Power Chord achievement?
  19. never again. never never never again.
  20. airstrike drums-- never again, never never never again
  21. Calibration? Why is it not helping?
  22. Stuck at Riffside Alley
  23. Is this releasing in Australia?
  24. One With The Clans, Power Trio and Power Chord Master tips
  25. SixString guitar not recognized by 360
  26. Dlc
  27. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  28. Estimated Time to 100%