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  1. Who do you wanna see?
  2. Marvel vs Capcom 3 gameplay
  3. New Trailer + Gameplay
  4. Anyone else concerned?
  5. Simple Mode
  6. Wesker!!
  7. My Impression of MvC3
  8. Trial Mode
  9. Galactus Pleaase!!
  10. So 2 characters are exclusive to the collecters edition...
  11. Whose lineup are you more exicted to play with?
  12. Where to pre order?
  13. MvC 3 Character List
  14. Final characters? Phoenix, Akuma in. Cyclps, Frank West out.
  15. Achievement Discussion
  16. Mission Mode
  17. Villians and Heroes imbalanced?
  18. Is it possible?
  19. Question before i get this
  20. UK Collectors Edition?
  21. fight stick preferance
  22. Someone here know that??
  23. Should I Get This?
  24. Sentinel, or is it? Yes, yes it is.
  25. Last MvC2 tourny ever?
  26. A Japanese Article w/ Interview(translation inside)
  27. 1Up.com Character Reviews ish
  28. Charter Moves Lists
  29. There is still hope
  30. Sentinel/ Hsien-Ko confirmed.
  31. Move Lists Revealed
  32. Real or Fake? John Cena in MVC3?
  33. Main Team?
  34. GameSpot's MvC3 Tourney
  35. Think they will put DLC characters?
  36. Marvel vs Capcom 3 Special Edition
  37. co op tag team???
  38. Arcade Mode End Boss: Galactus
  39. Mega Man as DLC? Probably not going to happen.
  40. LOTS of gameplay froma leaked copy
  41. Favorite Theme so far!..?
  42. Intro trailer
  43. 3 Top Teams
  44. Another MvC3 stream
  45. Shadow Mode
  46. Your DLC Character Wishlist
  47. GameSpot Tournament Round 2
  48. what uk collectors edition would you prefer?
  49. $*$*Official DLC Character Voting Thread$*$*
  50. MvC3 Launch Tournament
  51. And you thought that Dante combo was flashy...
  52. Capcom Unity Store Orders Shipping Early? (The 10th?)
  53. MvC 3 Achievement Guide
  54. MvC3 arcade stick and control pad
  55. Mission Mode Video's
  56. Alternate Costumes
  57. Can you switch Characters?
  58. hidden characters
  59. Anyone Work In GAME? (UK)
  60. gamestop faceplates
  61. Round Three Gamestop Tournament
  62. your rating
  63. Got my copy early! Anyone have questions?
  64. Warning to anyone that ordered from Capcom online: overcharging
  65. "Useless" Review Marvel VS Capcom 3
  66. Achievement Trading Thread
  67. Alternative DLC costumes announced
  68. Random thoughts, not angry just bummed
  69. License Card Titles (event #1) etc
  70. mission mode PP
  71. "Failed to Join Game Session"
  72. UK Shopto.net shoppers assemble!!
  73. MVC3 Missions Thoughts?
  74. Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed
  75. Alright! Rage quitters already!
  76. turn the tables achievement
  77. Who are 3 in darkness?
  78. Noob question on controls
  79. 3rd Mission Question
  80. Help : How do you cancel a move?
  81. Galactus question
  82. Anyone up for some sparring fun??
  83. Out of all the SF characters. Why C. Viper!!!
  84. Crossover counter
  85. Badd to the Bone
  86. The best time to get five ranked wins is RIGHT NOW!!
  87. The History of VS. Fighting games.
  88. redeeming voucher
  89. School for the gifted
  90. So how brutal is it...
  91. Do PP Points have any other purpose?
  92. I like fighting games. Should I get a joystick?
  93. Arcade Fighting Stick
  94. Codefree?
  95. Anyone got Combat Specialist??
  96. Inkomplete Gallery
  97. Versus
  98. License Card Titles
  99. Can find ranked matches!!!!
  100. Passed The Field Test buggy?
  101. All Mission Mode Videos
  102. School For The Gifted (5 Ranked Streak)
  103. Events...?
  104. Post your team
  105. Fighters i want back from MvC2
  106. License Title Trading Thread
  107. anybody 1st rank already?
  108. Fun little mistake
  109. Characters that Make you Groan?
  110. Leaderboards
  111. anyone have the new improved xbox controller?
  112. Full Roster achievement
  113. Does anyone know what the Events are?
  114. Guide for 5 win streak
  115. Capcom just ruined another fighting franchise...
  116. Seriously what is it with the online community?
  117. How is MVSC3
  118. Which one is worse?? Ragequitters or Spammers? So am I wrong for this???
  119. Got Complaints Post Here!
  120. How do I block a Hyper combo?
  121. Doc Oc and Frank West on disc?
  122. Gamers hack MvC3 and find unfinished Jill, Shuma data
  123. Normal Controlled Teams vs Simple Controlled Teams
  124. Hate Mail Thread
  125. looking for a fight thread
  126. Best characters and tactics against spammers
  127. Is ragequitting appropriate against a spammer in this game?
  128. A Small Tip.
  129. how do u block
  130. Surpass the Rank of Fighter (Question)
  131. Marvel vs Capcom 3- Easier Achievements Than SSf4?
  132. This Game Is Amazing!
  133. Shameful spam moves list
  134. Achievements lagging?
  135. Rage Thread
  136. Trying 2 boost need help!!!!!
  137. For those having trouble with Arcade on Very Hard
  138. Advice for boosting "School for the Gifted"?
  139. Gallery completion help Plox!
  140. mission mode possible without fighting pad?
  141. How to do ariel combos??
  142. Viewtiful God Hand
  143. can somebody please explain how to do a hyper combo lvl 3
  144. Turning the Tables
  145. Advise about my fight stick
  146. Quick hint for all the X vs Y live achievements.
  147. X vs Y Achievement Tip
  148. The Great Legend Presents: The History of Marvel vs. Capcom!
  149. Xbox live help
  150. gamestop marvel vs capcom 3 controller
  151. Any good for n00bs?
  152. 7th place High score leaderboard!!!!!!
  153. Can't Get Online
  154. Anybody here 1st Class Yet?
  155. Infinite time?
  156. Idea: New Player queue, the solution to our problems
  157. Missing one piece of Artwork
  158. A little strategy to help with Mission Mode.
  159. same rank?
  160. Is it just me..
  161. Mission Mode Question
  162. A New Avenger question
  163. Help with this?
  164. Rank Up!
  165. japanese/engilsh voice
  166. I need some advice
  167. School for the Gifted - Having trouble?
  168. Character DLC or just Cameos *Spoiler*
  169. Post Your Current License Data.
  170. Cheap wins?
  171. Post any rumours secrets or tips of MvC3
  172. boosting problems
  173. Super Skrull level 3 hyper
  174. easy missions hulk
  175. What rank do you have to be in order to play Lord Ranks?
  176. Curiosities about Dante
  177. Guaranteed dlc jill shuma code
  178. on-line now and looking to help
  179. Combat Specialist
  180. Win # Xbox Live Matches Titles
  181. Is anybody having lobby issues? (joining, inviting)
  182. dlc code problems reported!!
  183. Can someone help... Artwork gallery
  184. How hard is this game?
  185. Advice and help
  186. i know theres a million of these...
  187. Opening Cinematic - pauses/skips, anyone else?
  188. blocking
  189. Having trouble getting 5 wins in a row? Well check this out!
  190. Team maker thread:
  191. for those struggling to boost 5 ranked wins...
  192. Thinking of getting an arcade stick? Get the Tekken 6 Limited Edition!
  193. Any tips how to summon partners in Missons
  194. Quick heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. 5 Wins (different problem)
  196. If you could pick a dlc character what would be your lvl 3 hyper combo
  197. Who uses Storm??
  198. Official Friendlies Thread
  199. Cammy or C. Viper
  200. Thinking of buying a stick? Hori on sale now
  201. Does anyone know what the update does?
  202. Anyone else do 100% in Mission Mode?
  203. Capcom DLC Voting Round 2 start..
  204. Hackers Already ??
  205. What was the update?
  206. What cabinet?
  207. Your most Hated/Least Used Character?
  208. Events???
  209. Post your fav. Fan Mail message
  210. online can be ruined so much
  211. Just a thought
  212. Classic or Dynamic?
  213. A Better Way to Connect to Friends?
  214. Ugh! I Want MVC Avatar stuff
  215. It all over for me
  216. Your Favourite/Most Used Character?
  217. Anyone use a fightpad?
  218. I'm done... F U Sentinal
  219. Ranked match misery!!
  220. shadow pack 1 is free!!
  221. Shadow Mode
  222. DLC Character pack question..
  223. Openings
  224. DLC Alternate Costume pack what would you like in the future!!
  225. My theory on the "events" in the tiles section
  226. 4th Wall Crisis
  227. Are you a proud achiever for the School for the Gifted?
  228. Help with School for the Gifted, & other online achievements?
  229. easiest mission
  230. Kikoanken?
  231. Capcom pre order for those of us that got it late
  232. Ranked lies to you about records?
  233. This game need Ghost Rider!
  234. License Title Pictures?
  235. Those little details..
  236. Fightstick question
  237. What the Alternative Costume?
  238. Ridiculously Difficult
  239. Easy Loophole To Get 5 Boosted Ranked Wins
  240. Mission cliff notes & help thread
  241. Dante...The New Sentinel? o_O
  242. What do you use?
  243. Questions regarding Dante and Wesker
  244. DLC Codes Region-Free?
  245. Leaked Image of Frank West & Strider in MVC3
  246. DLC characters on Capcom Unity Blog
  247. Shuma Gorath and Jill Gameplay
  248. Why there is no Spectator Mode
  249. Help with my Team
  250. Fight Stick/Pad for a Beginner