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  1. Will there be any DLC ?
  2. But it's Inflammable Help
  3. The Sims 3 – DLC Topic
  4. Any chance of big DLC?
  5. Where's my baby?
  6. Stylizer Problem
  7. weight gain/loss feature on the console version?
  8. Sort of new sims, need some advice.
  9. Does switching ageing off, disable achievements?
  10. promotions?
  11. How do i fix my camera?
  12. All Your Base help
  13. How do I add a second floor onto my house?
  14. Not Dead Yet achievement help
  15. The Sims 3 - Fishing Guide - How To Catch That Perfect Fish
  16. Anything I should know?
  17. can't cook thing?
  18. Possible Money Glitch
  19. How many sims should i start with?
  20. should i quit my career as a master surgeon and become an author?
  21. can i hire a maid to take care of my children?
  22. why the hell do my daughters have green hair? wtf?
  23. Aging Sims...
  24. If i put cheats on a different family will it disable the achievements.
  25. birthday cake
  26. How does death work?
  27. Easy Pyromanica and But it's Inflammable! achievement guide
  28. Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly
  29. how do i prolong the game
  30. You never forget your first kiss challenge
  31. Can you break into houses?
  32. Sim won't get out of bed
  33. Help Moving In
  34. child prodigy
  35. Child Services
  36. Planting plants
  37. Challenges GONE?
  38. The Reviler
  39. Problem with Disgusted Moodlet.
  40. Kicking Sims Out...
  41. My Wife Won't Leave
  42. Mailbox options
  43. Steal candy from baby?
  44. Why is it so hard to kill a sim?
  45. Marriage question
  46. How can i get a new house?
  47. Recipes
  48. Collection Helper Help
  49. Aging
  50. old freind to best friend...?
  51. maybe an easy question
  52. Freezing and/or glitch
  53. Quick and Easy Guide to Botanical Perfection!
  54. Music
  55. Easy Miracle Worker Achievement (Alternate Method)
  56. Food Spoilage
  57. Annoying glitch, anyone else had it?!
  58. Squeaky Clean Sim giving other sims the disgusted moodlet
  59. Toddler skills
  60. More Space
  61. System update...
  62. New Born Issue
  63. How to donate 2500 or 5000 simoleons?
  64. Registered game but No Email
  65. Saltwater Fishing Spots or Best Place to Get Anchovy??
  66. Empty Lots?
  67. death by old age
  68. Wishes and Opportunities screen is blank?
  69. another guy with a glitch problem..help ?
  70. I haven't had the time to look it up, but..
  71. Another family with baby/toddler
  72. Cooking a Perfect Meal.
  73. Novel Types
  74. fire logo when trying to buy things
  75. whats wrong with this?
  76. Has anyone ever SEEN a Ghost in the graveyard??
  77. Sim won't pick up seeds
  78. My Game freezes when I try to save it!
  79. how do u ask a npc sim to move in?
  80. Just got The Sims 3, What is the best DLC to get and what comes with it?
  81. Master architect help
  82. Offline Co-Op
  83. Frozen Sim
  84. slow/laggy play all of a sudden
  85. Easy 1000?
  86. can anyone help with this??
  87. Family Heirloom challenge (200 CP)
  88. If you're having trouble with "It's a date"
  89. Help Fix The Sims 3 Saving Glitch!
  90. A bunch of questions. (Challenge shop)
  91. The old cement box out back.
  92. When getting a new job?
  93. My Sim is stuck!!
  94. The Sims 3 Unleashed
  95. True Wealth.. help!!
  96. How to plant something?
  97. How to use teleporter?
  98. Achievement Guide Creation?
  99. Is This Game Still Crashing?
  100. Divine Intervention Help
  101. Problem with exchange
  102. Working Friends help/question
  103. Moodlet Manager
  104. A new dilemma with marriages..... help please
  105. How to fix this bug
  106. Getting rid of the blur??
  107. My inventory is gone?!
  108. Cutting Gems
  109. The Sims 3 achievement guide and roadmap
  110. My warehouse is gone! cant do criminal career. help plz
  111. Any way to keep energy up other than sleeping?
  112. Hardest Wish You Had?
  113. Hidden traits and How to get them all at same time
  114. Make the walls invisible?
  115. I can't play Chess because I need a Chair?
  116. Why won't she go away
  117. hi can anyone help please
  118. Question Marks instead of Patterns
  119. How can I stop my Sim from giving birth ?
  120. Chess Tournament?
  121. Celebrity Chef not working?
  122. Expansion Packs?
  123. Freezing glitch FINALLY patched!
  124. Inventory glitch
  125. Sim wont go home
  126. Removing a chimney!
  127. Game info
  128. My Chemical Romance
  129. Comparing Challenges
  130. Police career, How do you write a report?
  131. Loading a save file?
  132. The Sims 3 Pets
  133. Gold Digger help and questions.
  134. Gold digger info. *spoilers*
  135. Lifetime Happiness Question
  136. Collecting
  137. how is this game?
  138. Stupid Question
  139. how long?
  140. Taking skill classes..
  141. Online Pass Needed?
  142. help w/Collection helper?
  143. Fit For a King problem?
  144. Ghost Issues >.<
  145. Can't kill my sim
  146. How to Get Rid of NPC Ghosts
  147. Can you build your won houses in this game?
  148. Bug / Insect / Butterfly / Beetle Collecting
  149. Create New Sims Mid-Game?
  150. sims3 pets Q.
  151. Question for completionests?
  152. Autograph Session
  153. What´s the deal whit the new families save system?
  154. Servers Down?
  155. Another Glitch? Relationship not progressing
  156. OMG Help please! My snuck-out teen is stuck!
  157. attending a town event
  158. Social Workers?
  159. Job?
  160. Online Pass For ?
  161. Children's books
  162. Moving out
  163. Can't plant anything. What's the problem?
  164. Pond
  165. Reading With Toddler Question
  166. Wishes/challenges
  167. sim is meeting death
  168. Having trouble with relationships and marrying.
  169. My sim is stuck at Book Store
  170. Fire Meter - what affects it, and what doesn't?
  171. Achievement List Potentially Ruined :/
  172. Graduated problem.
  173. So does the patch work??
  174. Games On Demand
  175. Need help!!! my sims is stuck
  176. How many challenges are there?
  177. What happens if your sim fails elementary/high school?
  178. Question about "True Wealth" (Lifetime Happiness)
  179. Highest Paying Lifetime Happiness Wishes.
  180. Haunting question?
  181. Is there some sort of "complete edition"?
  182. The Big Proposal...
  183. Erm... how do i move into a downloaded house?
  184. Movin on up, partners in crime and home is where the simoleons are. All in one
  185. Master acrhitec help
  186. 95% of fish types caught
  187. Selling Deed Problems
  188. broken challenges?
  189. Craziest thing your kleptomaniac sim stole