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  1. Fitness rubbish
  2. Mega Calorie Burning
  3. Why "Your Shape" beats traditional gyms
  4. link account?
  5. how to link account!
  6. Create Challenge issue
  7. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  8. You know what i dont get?
  9. Easy Burn 10,000
  10. Trying to register with yourshapecenter.com
  11. Leg curl & workout glitch?
  12. Beginner: I'm not that flexible YET!
  13. Have they,Will they fix the website ?
  14. Any tips for Light Race?
  15. Another Easy 10,000 cals.
  16. Game Listed Twice?
  17. How much workout is right?
  18. Anyone played Biggest Loser or EA Sports Active 2?
  19. Which exercise you think is the best...
  20. New achievements
  21. Impressed!
  22. Heart rate monitor??
  23. Menīs health
  24. "Your Shape" in an apartment?
  25. Lost Weight? Gained Muscle?
  26. Has Anyone Lost Weight?
  27. Split Jump is very hard
  28. Cal burned when playing, different when done?
  29. Mum: "Too much playing"?
  30. Cal converter on yourshapecenter
  31. Where are my uPlay rewards?
  32. DLC Bundle: New Year & Bollywood
  33. Linking profile to website.
  34. Any News on First Event?
  35. Haha. Its good to have kids
  36. Staying in Rhythm?
  37. Kinect over and under the tv.
  38. Space
  39. Phone app?
  40. Question about Programs
  41. yourshapecenter.com "UNDER MAINTENANCE"
  42. Is the Platinum Cardio Boxing workout worth the points?
  43. Tracking me worse and worse!
  44. On Week 15... Still no event!!!
  45. Would love it if we could...
  46. I'm connected, U-bi-shit
  47. Nivea Tone up with Sarah Maxwell DLC
  48. DLC on sale 3/8-3/14, 50-60% off
  49. Missing Achievements
  50. Ready Steady Go! not popping up
  51. Does anyone know when future DLCs will come out and what they are?
  52. Week 22... still event
  53. Can I set up multiple profiles under my gamertag?
  54. Feels like I've been hit by a car.....
  55. Where is the pause menu !!!
  56. Event coming the week of May 9th
  57. Your shape community
  58. Scanning the Gatorade bottle on DLC
  59. Game Save glitch?
  60. community event
  61. Achievement Trading Thread....
  62. how do i sign up for an event?
  63. how do you link the uplay to your account?
  64. Any events for July 2011?
  65. Programmes are a mess!!!!
  66. Calories burnt in a daily workout not saving?
  67. Workout partner (motivation/accountability) for Your Shape
  68. Your Shape Center Website
  69. How much exercise is enough?
  70. Your favorite cardio exercise
  71. Monthly Global Event access
  72. Be part of the community, Active till the end of the month!
  73. Would anyone mind helping out with the challenge?
  74. Tips for "Stack 'Em Up"?
  75. Track your progress online
  76. Any unattainable?
  77. Game does not let you save unless you're online????
  78. old save file from the first game
  79. Download game to 4gb console?
  80. Tips for good health
  81. Extra Menu?
  82. Be part of the community
  83. Roadmaps needed for Dance Workout: Bollywood DLC
  84. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  85. Ready Set Go! Discontinued?