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  1. Yayyyyy !!!
  2. Will/should 2 continue where 1 left off? yay ^.^
  3. Darksiders 2 Pushed Back ... :(
  4. BIG NEWS ! - WAR"s Not the MAIN MAN IN NO.2 !
  5. Gameinformer Reveal First exclusive details!!
  6. Darksiders II - News update/ Cover Art
  7. Death Rises - Darksiders II Behind the Mask
  8. Release Date Confirmed
  9. Darksiders II Collector's And Limited Editions Coming
  10. FREE Darksiders II Joe Mad Avatar Shirt
  11. Darksiders II: Death Eternal Wallpapers
  12. Is uriel actually lilith?
  13. Achievement Discussion
  14. $48 today and tomorrow on newegg
  15. Season Pass to all DLC Free!!
  16. ESRB rates Darksiders II, "User generated content" will be Unrated
  17. Comic-Con Stage Demo
  18. Collector's Edition Unboxing
  19. New Infos on Darksiders 2
  20. Detail blow-out: 25+ hours, Weapon-eating weapons, Hardcore mode, New Game+
  21. Avatar Awards
  22. Many, Many Secrets.
  23. Story of Darksiders.
  24. Darksiders: The Abomination Vault
  25. New Game+
  26. Benefits from playing the first
  27. when is the release date???
  28. Darksiders II - Last Salvation Trailer
  29. Several new videos released
  30. Funny Darksiders II Literial Trailer
  31. Challenge the Crucible
  32. Know Death Gameplay Trailer
  33. Darksiders II: A Conversation With Creative Manager Jeremy Greiner
  34. loot and gear
  35. Darksiders 2 spoiler (you have been warned)
  36. Soul Harvest app
  37. new sneak peak at the crucible mode
  38. Free weapon giveaway.
  39. Obtained early copy, can I play it LIVE before official launch day?
  40. Secret achievements
  41. Unlockable Avatar Awards
  42. Darksiders App Soul Hunting Pointless?
  43. not feeling it....
  44. Apocalyptic is tough!
  45. GAME and collectors edition
  46. Is there any point?
  47. Question about Mass Ruckus achievement (possible spoilers)
  48. This looks really fun...should i play the first before this?
  49. Apocalyptic playthrough first?
  50. Gold Glitch(French)
  51. Kinect Support?
  52. Length
  53. Darksiders 2 Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  54. Darksiders 2 Apocalyptic Boss Video Guides(Spoilers)
  55. MAZE directions
  56. Secondary quest questions (for guide-holding players or early-completed players)
  57. Possessed Weapons
  58. Apocalyptic Item Drops
  59. Darksiders first game unlocks
  60. Season Pass
  61. Weapon question
  62. Crucible Code on Manual
  63. Is Mace Maximus Not Available Yet?
  64. Just a Question..............
  65. Strat Guide Worth It?
  66. Nightmare diff.
  67. Pre-order bonus not showing up?
  68. Intentional or Bug?
  69. When does darksiders achievement bonuses?
  70. Triple Lindy
  71. Send a gift to a friend?
  72. How is everyone liking it?
  73. Abyssal Armor (how to get)
  74. Gift an item to a friend achievement question
  75. Tri Stone out of reach vases
  76. Darksiders 2 Walkthrough / Collectibles / Sidequests
  77. Darksiders II Standee + Blippar = AWESOMENESS
  78. Apocalyptic difficulty on New Game+?
  79. Skill tree
  80. bug in boss room drenchfort?
  81. Book of the dead tomb 2
  82. Equipment Stats
  83. Sound cutting out?
  84. Best Buy Gamer Club pre order bonus question?
  85. No guide yet?
  86. Pressure Plate Puzzle Help Needed.
  87. Basileo I do now
  88. Collectables on the map
  89. Codes codes codes...!?
  90. Never buying anything from this developer again
  91. Bfa??
  92. cannot believe u need online pass when no MP
  93. Difficult to connect with Death
  94. Linking THQ and XBOX accounts freezes game?
  95. Death Rides Pack?
  96. The Crucible Guide
  97. stuck in phaisers tomb
  98. Need help finding the key to get to Gorewood
  99. this game just reeks of
  100. Scythe in first game a sign of the second one?
  101. Vulgrim Tokens Important?
  102. Special Talismans *No Spoilers Please, If They're Possible*
  103. Mini-map Missing
  104. Achievement glitch...
  105. Boss weapons, worth keeping?
  106. Missable achievements?
  107. Reaching some of the more "difficult" chests
  108. thq darksiders 2 season pass
  109. bone key door locations?
  110. wire figure possible bug?
  111. Crucible Chests...
  112. Soul Arbiter's Maze
  113. Official Bitching Thread
  114. Question
  115. Nightmare Mode
  116. Gifting trading post
  117. Dragonheart Talisman
  118. Free roam
  119. Stains Of Heresy
  120. So darksiders 1 or 2?
  121. Weapon/Armor/Talisman Trading Thread
  122. what do the stones for blackroot do/
  123. Point of no return?
  124. lost light ivory citadel after the chain locked door.
  125. Changing Difficulty Mid gameplay
  126. judicators tomb after you gain Soul Splitter
  127. Disappointed (spoilers)
  128. Can you start a new game+ after selecting no?
  129. The Book of the Dead & Pages Videos
  130. Redemption (pistol) not reloading. Glitched?
  131. Sharing on finishing the Arbiter Maze (level 17)
  132. Logging in to THQ Community thru game
  133. Lostlight Crystal Spire
  134. Achievement Trading Thread
  135. Best moves and combos for Death?
  136. Getting back into judicators 2nd and above floor?
  137. Does XP Change?
  138. Inaccessible Chest in 2nd Area Help Would be Appreciated *Possible Spoilers*
  139. Wtf. No endgame Achieves
  140. Shaman's Craft (sidequest) Missable?
  141. Check THQ for Mace Maximus code
  142. The official GLITCH thread
  143. So how rare is rare?
  144. Darksiders 1 bonus question?
  145. Controls Not Designed for Consoles
  146. how to register in-game!
  147. Frost Dmg Vs Ice Dmg?
  148. Abyssal Gauntlets
  149. How do you know if a weapon is possessed?
  150. What did you name your Possessed Weapon?
  151. UK Is this title worth it?
  152. Does anyone have info on the DLC?
  153. Phantom Beast?
  154. Relic Location Videos?
  155. Soul Arbiter Maze queston?
  156. Found oped gaunlets
  157. Question about the Weeping Crag
  158. Controls: assign wrath ability
  159. Duplicating Weapons
  160. game stole my relic
  161. Sticks and Stones quest turn in order
  162. No more XP
  163. Who Remebers Legacy of Kain?
  164. Fastest Way to Level Up?
  165. Question: NG+ and Skill Points
  166. Backing up your save
  167. Cant find a "Death Tomb" (spoiler)
  168. Collectibles Question?
  169. i enjoy the hell out of this game
  170. For those who have beaten NG+
  171. Various Specs what did you put points in
  172. Question for Anyone that's Completed a NG+
  173. Black Stone problem
  174. Small question about side quest.
  175. It finally releases! (UK)
  176. Completing New Game + Question
  177. Mock SKill Point Generator???
  178. Season pass from game?
  179. Can this be... a glitch in Sticks and Stones?
  180. Invincible*, and you can too!
  181. What the Eff?? Where is this armor?
  182. Item Transferring/Crafting
  183. Collectibles after beating the game?
  184. Pre-Order Bonus Deadly Despair Pack with Play.com?
  185. Has anyone found a site with collectible MAPS
  186. Crucible code question, multiple accounts.
  187. Anyone know if collectable stats stack on NG+?
  188. Are Boatman Coins needed for any achievement.
  189. New Game+ Question please
  190. How do I assign/use teleport slash
  191. some crucible questions.
  192. Item Stats: Easy vs Nightmare
  193. Two achievements didn't unlock!?!?!? Spoilers..
  194. Little lost
  195. First Playthrough vs Second playthrough (Help...)
  196. Is it better to level possessed with leveled possessd weapons or normal weapons?
  197. Still Not Got My Copy of Darksiders 2 From GAME
  198. Dont know where to start!
  199. Question about Gorewood
  200. Do Certain Weapons Always Drop?
  201. Book of Dead missable?
  202. Spark of Life quest bug *not really a spoiler...*
  203. Can someone explain the season pass and how the dlc works??
  204. Demonheart vs Hoardseeker Talisman
  205. Is Execution Chance a better enhancement for possessed weapons?
  206. Is There An Achievement For Defeating The Maker Trainer?
  207. Should I A Do this or B do that...?
  208. Quick question about arbiter's scrolls
  209. In Search of Possessed Items and other Gear
  210. Shadow enemies question.
  211. couple questions about Collectibles
  212. Stonebites usage question
  213. Orsagarth Glitch?
  214. Crappy Prince of Persia wall running controls
  215. Is there a quick way to level up?
  216. Free Darksiders 2 Avatar Shirt
  217. Fjord Side quest - Sticks & Stones "New" info
  218. easy way to purchase epic items (like health steal)
  219. Stats Question;
  220. Darksiders 2 Patch
  221. Side Quests Early On - Am I Supposed To Try And Do Them?
  222. So I'm just wondering...Is it possible to get all the achievements in 1 playthrough?
  223. Last fight (Spolilers)
  224. wtf is Bheithirs problem lol
  225. Fjord eastern keep help
  226. What do you get for beating Nightmare
  227. Phased enemy. Whats it for?
  228. Things that should have been kept from DS 1
  229. Apoc NG+ Question
  230. Super-easily defeated Crucible on Apocalyptic
  231. the spark of light glitch
  232. This game is making me feel weak...
  233. Ending explanation spoilers!!
  234. I would pay 400 msp for stonebite treasure maps
  235. Rewards for sidequests, anything useful on NG+?
  236. Collectable Coins
  237. HELP with loading game!!!!!!
  238. The Abyssal Forge and The Lord Demon Belial info
  239. facebook free avatar shirt plz help
  240. Question about accessing Serpent Tome - retrieve inbox error
  241. Judicator's Tomb (going back end-game)
  242. After you beat it...
  243. Places to store excess items
  244. super easy dupe !!!!
  245. Darksiders 2 Death's voice
  246. am i missing something here
  247. How I'm Farming Possessed Weapons on my first runthrough.
  248. This game could have used a Bank
  249. Darksiders 2 (( Spoilers!!))
  250. Patch update for PC, PS3, and 360.