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  3. Konami 'investigating' Silent Hill multiplayer XBLA title, says Downpour dev
  4. Achievement Discussion
  5. Release Date
  6. cheevos are up
  7. 15 Minute Developer Demo
  8. Achievements are up for the game!!
  9. How do you think the incapacitation will work?
  10. First Review
  11. Secret Achievements here WIP
  12. Side Quests, Collectables, Puzzles, Endings guide
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  14. Mystery Collectable Picture guide WIP
  15. Stuck - Need help!
  16. Stuck? Post here
  17. How to get the 3D work?
  18. Glitch or what?!
  19. The Room Easter Egg
  20. anyone working on a road map
  21. bank quest and not killing monsters question
  22. incident report mystery
  23. Is it worth it?
  24. Secret Weapons
  25. help
  26. How is this?
  27. Homeless quest glitch?
  28. diner puzzle
  29. Has anyone ran into PyramidHead?
  30. amazon pre order locker code
  31. Psuedo-Road Map: Tips for 1000G
  32. odd
  33. Downpour Disco!
  34. Please help serious glitch with saves!!!
  35. Beware of major glitch
  36. Save: The Question
  37. HELP stuck in monestary
  38. ggood behavior tips
  39. Silent Hill Downpour Hard Puzzles, Mysteries, and Side Quests Video Guides
  40. Entering Prison
  41. Does this game seem laggy to anyone else?
  42. Silent Hill Vs. Dexter
  43. HELP!Silent Hill Historic Society [50 ] Completed Murphy's Journal with all Mysteries
  44. How hard is hard
  45. orphanage
  46. im lost how lame
  47. any tips for sprint
  48. im stuck in town storage ..pass code???
  49. Easter Egg
  50. secret ending glitch?
  51. How do I beat the bogeyman?
  52. Subway?!?!
  53. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  54. Does anyone know? Achievement - Good behavior
  55. Silent Hill Tour Guide (Glitchy Achievement)
  56. Brightness needs fixed
  57. Wow, this save system sucks...
  58. Combat Tips?
  59. help! code for safe in overlook pen
  60. Look here before posting for help
  61. Anyone else have a glitched homless side quest?
  62. Help Please with side misson (spoilers)
  63. Where Are Weeping Bats?
  64. Another question
  65. Headshots?
  66. Look forward this game. I like know whoever opinion of this new Silent Hill series.
  67. Important Question about Side Quests!
  68. DLC Weapons
  69. ending achieve not popping up
  70. Mystery and Side Quest Guide
  71. Newspaper Article (Napier)
  72. Hillside. Storage Locker Key Code.
  73. basement and key
  74. chastain heights
  75. art gallery code
  76. prison safe code
  77. How many collectibles are there
  78. Couple Important Achievement Questions
  79. Can you return to the Centennial building?
  80. grrrrr this fekin lift
  81. final boss LOL
  82. all complete now my view
  83. Box Art
  84. Saving... Not So Much Loading...
  85. Open Inventory near Beggar
  86. Help please. Silent Hill Tour Guide 100 G
  87. Door glitch?
  88. Are these mysteries glitched or WHAT!?
  89. can you return to monastery?
  90. Didn't get an achievement for beating the game?
  91. Anyone having an issue getting Gun Kills?
  92. HELP, monastery/theater room
  93. How to get back to Devils Pit?
  94. so the FIRE POKER is the only thing that can lower fire escapes?
  95. WARNING - don't play on hard first
  96. infinite spawn points are getting annoying
  97. Serious Glitch after meeting DJ - unable to proceed main story!
  98. Can't pick up mystery, help!
  99. Logan's Park Gate
  100. Gun Control achievement question
  101. Safe Locker in Diner at begin of game on Hard puzzle difficulty problem. Help
  102. Questions about sidequests.
  103. I make mistake in first playthrough!!
  104. New Game Question
  105. saving icon not going away
  106. without spoilers, is there a "final mission" that ends free roaming?
  107. Infinite Stairs!?!?!? WTF!?
  108. Silent Hill 4 easter egg found.
  109. Dolls is glitch for Stats now
  110. Loading screen freeze! :/
  111. why do i see ppl wearing a hoodie in walkthrough vids?
  112. side quest question
  113. Accessing the subway
  114. Kill count
  115. Anyone know Prison's safe locker puzzle code?
  116. How do i use the 3d?
  117. I want know about my 2nd playthrough.
  118. Hospice door locked
  119. Did you use a guide on your first playthrough?
  120. Another 2nd playthrough question
  121. Med Kit Achievement question
  122. Can anyone explain incapacitating enemies?
  123. Video Guides For All SideQuests
  124. action prompts greyed out?
  125. Digging up the Past achievement not unlocking
  126. arggggg help
  127. Did anybody find this game scary/eerie?
  128. How to save on USb since game saves automatically!?
  129. Quick question for killing enemies and different endings. No Spoilers please!
  130. Having trouble doing the envelope puzzle on Hard
  131. question golden gun
  132. Endings B and D with no kills?
  133. Hard mode
  134. This Or Silent Hill HD?
  135. Digging up the Past - Extra Items
  136. How to start 2nd playthrough?
  137. speedrun guide??
  138. Final Boss Help (Spoiler)
  139. Can't find the way back to the police station *MINOR SPOILER*
  140. Framerate issues
  141. Digging up the past question.
  142. Combat is soooo bad....
  143. Surprise ending and truth ending together
  144. Getting back to the docks
  145. Silent Hill: Homecoming vs. Silent Hill: Downpour
  146. Silent Hill Historical Society Glitch
  147. Silent Hill Tour Guide glitched? :(
  148. Digging Up The Past
  149. Does this game get good?
  150. Ending A+C problem (spoilers)
  151. water in downpour (spoilers)
  152. Solution to Good Behavior+Bank..
  153. Question about Digging up the Past ending.
  154. Can I reload if a monster accidentally died?
  155. Prisoner Juggernauts? (spoiler)
  156. Silent Hill Downpour DLC is it possible
  158. Forgot to pick up walkie talkie
  159. Finally we get a patch...
  160. Good Behavior Ach guide
  161. Worth the money?
  162. Glitches to be aware of...
  163. Specific Loading Screen
  164. 55 Mysteries...
  165. Lol wow.
  166. No kills AND Incapacitating
  167. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  168. Estimated Time to 100%
  169. Where to download?