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  1. Anyone else seem a little disapointed?
  2. Who do you want to return in Dragon age 2?
  3. Dragon Age getting the Mass Effect treatment
  4. Cinematic trailer
  5. so when does the story for 2 take place
  6. Pic Default Female Hawke
  7. New leaked footage!
  8. Signature edition!!
  9. The Hindsight Belt
  10. Dragon Age 2 Demo on XBOX magazine
  11. Staff of Parthalan
  12. Can still pre-order Signature Ed <UK>
  13. Play Dragon Age's Upcoming Facebook Game, Unlock Dragon Age II Content
  14. Ser Isaac of Clarke Armor
  15. Sir Isaac Clarke's Armor Set Redeemed
  16. 108 minutes of cutscenes confirmed, good or bad?
  17. Signature edition and the new 1st day dlc
  18. Signature Edition
  19. My Dragon Age 2 Predictions
  20. I'm going to be but hurt as if this is all Australia gets as a pre order bonus >:(
  21. Achievement list is up
  22. More Sex in DA2
  23. Live Developer Chat
  24. Achievement List Link Bug
  25. Question about Signature edition disc
  26. Signature Edition
  27. New Footage Links
  28. Got the 1st on PC should i get this on xbox?
  29. never played number 1 will i need to or is it a seperate story
  30. Achievement Pictures
  31. Jan Pre-order + Signature edition items bias?
  32. Collectors edition
  33. Ragdoll Effect?
  34. Signature Edition on eBay
  35. Are you buying Dragon Age 2?
  36. Collector's Edition Guide
  37. Dragon Age 2 Demo: A Call To Arms
  38. Review round up so far....
  39. Lady Hawke or male Hawke?
  40. Full List of Dragon Age II Bonus Content
  41. Demo is up people!
  42. Just a quick question on redeeming DLC???
  43. Stupid Family Pack.. Can't download trial?
  44. Your thoughts on the demo.
  45. Dragon Age II - Demo 1st Impressions
  46. About The Demo
  47. Weapon Styles?
  48. Question about Redeeming Isaac Clarkes Armor
  49. Dragon Age 2 Demo video for those who haven't played it
  50. Choices
  51. 1 Millon Download Reward
  52. Epic Weapons - Dragon Age 2 Ring of Whispers Offer
  53. Demo download count ???
  54. How many discs will this game be.
  55. Call to arms DLC 1million has hit!
  56. Dragon Age Legends Party Building
  57. no arcane warrior or templar classes?
  58. What have they done to my beloved dragon age?
  59. Restarting Dragon Age 1 as Hawke
  60. Dragon Age 2 Specializations
  61. Anders Speculation - Imported World
  62. Razer Onza Tournament Edition (Dragon Age II Collector's Edition) controller
  63. Pre-order Bonuses
  64. How many times have you played the demo?
  65. Secret/DLC Achievements Revealed
  66. infinite exp n money glitch
  67. Many full game questions (SPOILERS)
  68. Anyone know what choices carry over?
  69. How long is the game?
  70. Problems with connecting to social.bioware
  71. BioWare Presents: The state of the Gaming Industry
  72. Difficulty Settings
  73. Achievement Thread
  74. For those that have the game, one simple question:
  75. How do I get my content from Bioware?
  76. Dragon Age Legends?
  77. Friendship/Rivalry
  78. Where's the Exiled Prince DLC?
  79. Anders?
  80. Dragon Age 2 Signature edition Pre-order from Play.com
  81. max level?
  82. Registation SE problems.
  83. missable achievements?
  84. How is it?
  85. Achievement Discussion
  86. How to earn the respect of ... *spoilers*
  87. tarohne's tomes??? *possible spoilers*
  88. Dragon Slayer Achievement?
  89. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  90. companion clothing missed opportunity
  91. first game required?
  92. question about bonus content on the signature edition.
  93. Armor Upgrades
  94. SO... Skip and get GOTY edition?
  95. Favorite party member
  96. Injuries?
  97. The selling junk glitch works
  98. Archeologist question
  99. Fools rush in quest. Possible glitch?
  100. How the hell do I dual wield with my Rouge?
  101. So about save transfers...
  102. Bad loot?
  103. another infinite xp/gold glitch?
  104. game disconnects from XBL when i start it up.
  105. Soundtrack Question
  106. Best Hawke Names...?
  107. Strange Aveline Glitch
  108. Dragon Age 2 Unlockables not unlocking
  109. Herbalist's Tasks Secondary Quest
  110. Flirtatious Achievement?
  111. A Warning To Those Using The Infinite XP Bug -spoilers-
  112. A quick question about Archers
  113. Carver question *spoilers*
  114. is this a good way to start playig dao2
  115. Loose Ends Quest
  116. Thing you miss most from origins
  117. Archaeologist Achievement Guide with Picture Locations
  118. What is the Purpose of "Loot"
  119. Mage Hunter/Arcande Defender
  120. Isabella?
  121. Favorite Class So Far?
  122. Sandal Appreciation Club *Possbile Spoier*
  123. Disk unreadable error fix
  124. Any news on how much DLC there is going to be?
  125. Possible parties?
  126. How do I import my game save from DA:O on the sequel? I don't see any option for it.
  127. lockpicking skill
  128. Getting really upset that the unlockables are not unlocking!
  129. Cunning Question
  130. Anyone else think the games differculty is all over the place? (minor spoilers)
  131. are gifts automatic
  132. Quest Help Thread
  133. Donation Box in Lowtown
  134. need help with Demon Slayer achievement
  135. Move to point - Is there a point to it?
  136. Unable to load area
  137. is the book worth it?
  138. Dragon Age: Legends- Castle building help
  139. I Got Your Back Achievement
  140. Dissapointed ?
  141. Just after the expedition ... SPOILERS
  142. Does anyone have Supplier?
  143. Boss question (spoilers)
  144. End of chapter quests?
  145. Demon Slayer Achievement Help
  146. Archeologist Video Achievement Guide
  147. Favorite Class
  148. What are Darkspawn?
  149. Need help with "Great Minds Think Alike" *spoilers*
  150. The Gift, Armor Upgrades, Romance and Companion Guide
  151. A couple questions (no spoilers)
  152. Hawkes Mother *Spoilers*
  153. Weird Glitch
  154. Graphic issues?
  155. Anyone notice the time?
  156. Pretty Solid Game
  157. Whoa...did I just kill *spoilers*???
  158. What do you think would make this a perfect game? Like on a Halo and COD level
  159. Alternate Companion Uniforms..
  160. Supplier achievement answered!
  161. Warrior Companions ?
  162. Best Armour/Weapons??
  163. What weapons are misable and should be obtined?
  164. Downloadable game soundtrack
  165. Bug after completing DA2?
  166. Supplier Acheivement question.
  167. Prologue armor??
  168. Number of times saved on 1st playthrough?
  169. difficult to see text?
  170. I love this game, but...
  171. Siding with Mages and Templars..
  172. Spare DLC
  173. Armor Glitch
  174. Who Needs Rescuing? quest.
  175. Cant connect to servers???
  176. Weapons and Armour Discussion Thread
  177. felandaris
  178. Tactics - Targets - Ally using melee or ranged
  179. Demon Slayer Glitched?
  180. unstoppable glitch?
  181. "No Rest For The Wicked" Glitch?
  182. Act 1 Gatherables
  183. No XP from quests?
  184. Spindleweed in Act 3?
  185. Infinite rivalry points for Sebastian
  186. Night Terror quest *confused* (slight spoilers)
  187. Game Manual ????
  188. Great Minds Think Alike
  189. Sir issac's aromor (Won't download)
  190. The Wayward Son
  191. this is bioware's lowest rated console game.
  192. Gamlens greatest treasure
  193. DLC Achievements (Sebastian)
  194. DragonRage 2 (Bitching thread)
  195. Save game weird glitch!
  196. Merrill Friendship?
  197. Demon Slayer help
  198. Castlevania or Dragon Age?
  199. Quest " Mine Massacre " at The Bone Pit Beware
  200. Weapon and Shield invincible glitch
  201. Recipe for Elixir of Heroism
  202. Romance problem?
  203. Isaac clarke dead space 2 armour
  204. Favorite one liners of DA2
  205. Dragon Age Legends DLC
  206. Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted unlimited money and EXP Glitch
  207. Supplier Achievement Broken??
  208. Anyone found the secret message for the second mission of Justice?
  209. Best Bows in Act III
  210. Glowing eyes
  211. Mogul Achievement Glitch
  212. Easter Eggs and Great Convos
  213. Voice actors
  214. "Enemies Among Us" quest. Siding with the Mages? (SPOILERS?)
  215. Carver help!!
  216. Aveline speech loop to boost friendship
  217. Night Terrors Barrel Puzzles
  218. Help with missing ingredents
  219. Where do I find Fenris in the game ?
  220. Anyone Have the Epic Achievement?
  221. Trade: Ser Issac of Clarke Armor
  222. ETA on a patch?
  223. Stuck on Wayward Son Quest
  224. Might be a dumb question (Rogue)
  225. Why are save times wrong?
  226. Crafting Resources: Location Guide
  227. is the level cap really 50?
  228. post game autosave
  229. What are your thought on the achievements so far?
  230. Companion Upgrade glitch?
  231. End Plot Questions *spoliers*
  232. The Conspirators
  233. Arm of Adruil
  234. Will the frustration be worth it ??
  235. Ambrosia
  236. Gamlens Quest...
  237. Starting game armor
  238. Chantry Historian locations
  239. Sebastian stuck in party
  240. Dragon Age 2, A disappointment.
  241. Demand of the Qun Glitch
  242. Getting Isabella Back For Act 3
  243. why do the quinari look different?
  244. Ambrosia / Isabellas Act III quest
  245. A bitter Pill Quest? How to Access it?
  246. Yet another bad glitch...Exciting, right?
  247. Merril - Rivals sleep with each other?! (spoilers)
  248. question about the 2 playthroughs
  249. anyone have this prob with Epic achieve?
  250. Quick Heal and Quick Stamina Question