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  1. What Characters Would You Want To Be Included?
  2. What charcters would you like to see?
  3. Which version are you most looking forward to?
  4. Guile! King! Abel! New videos, pics and news!!
  5. Achievement ideas
  6. 4 Fighters on screen!
  7. Day 1 buy? or waiting for the "SUPER" version?
  8. "Street Fighter x Tekken" Comic-Con 2011 Cinematic Trailer
  9. Street Fighter X Tekken: Pandora trailer
  10. How is this game going to play?
  11. No Marshall Law?
  12. Exclusive????
  13. 1 vs 1
  14. Special Edition Info
  15. Is else tired of trial related achievements?
  16. Achievement Discussion
  17. Screw Master Chief and Marcus Fenix. This is STREET FIGHTER!
  18. SFxT crossing the line facebook comp!
  19. PS3/Vita get two more exclusive characters
  20. I think it's pretty obvious
  21. Anyone else super excited ?
  22. Hands-on footage streaming this Wednesday
  23. Any Preorder Content?
  24. SF x Tekken Video Guide Series
  25. 12 DLC characters announced!
  26. What will your team be / look like?
  27. So this or...
  28. Street Fighter X Tekken Costume Swap & Crossovers!
  29. Collector's Edition Unboxing
  30. Vita characters and sony exclusives on the disc?!
  31. Vesper Arcade Trials
  32. If anyone is interested, I can try to answer your questions
  33. DLC characters on disc
  34. Achievement Trading Thread
  35. Looking 4 Training/Sparring Partners
  36. Mini-Cabinet Piggy Bank vidya
  37. GAME UK Not Stocking Street Fighter x Tekken
  38. zangief trick still works
  39. dlc glitch?
  40. NO TAUNTING! Who else is pissed? I KNOW I AM!!!
  41. Having trouble with Ken Trial 10.
  42. the Netcode is.....
  43. 20 replay download boost thread
  44. Audio Crackling? How to fix it.
  45. Go into training 10 times
  46. No Gallery!!
  47. Arcade Cabinet Trouble
  48. Costumes Swap?
  49. Gems
  50. Quick Combos
  51. Is the PAL copy compatible with Japanese consoles?
  52. Xbox 360 version supposadly has no local co-op for 4 player mode?
  53. Why the nerfs? Cammy and Ibuki specifically
  54. SF X Tekken Every Super Cross Art Video
  55. How does this play?
  56. Question?
  57. Street Fighter X The King of Fighters?
  58. New Street Fighter X Tekken short film.
  59. Official Bitching Thread
  60. A Perfect Victory!! (Easy Way to get)
  61. Ultras?
  62. Training 16 help
  63. Are some achievements on this glitched?
  64. The same old story.......but worse
  65. All DLC Costumes
  66. Mission Mode Guide
  67. Color problem
  68. Revolving Trap Kick......???
  69. What's Your Main Team?
  70. Special Edition Unboxing
  71. unable to cancel during ABC combo
  72. Looking for Endless Battle opponents
  73. can u go online with 2 accounts but on the same xbox?
  74. What do you Tekken fans think of this?
  75. Anyone wanna try Ranked Battles?
  76. 1st DLC coming on April 3rd
  77. Who is your favourite character/characters?
  78. Unlocking Titles Topic
  79. I need to know...
  80. Looking for some friends
  81. Need Help/Complete Noob
  82. How do you do this?
  83. Fastest method for all the grinding
  84. SFxTK Dead Already?
  85. $60(AUD) For on disc DLC
  86. Help Getting to "C" Rank! For Achievement.
  87. Tekken X SF?
  88. Tekken Consideration? Or Calm Before Storm?
  89. looking for a teammate for ranked
  90. DLC Release date?
  91. Custom Colors Issue?
  92. GFWL version out today in US (Friday 11th May in EU)
  93. C Rank boosting?
  94. Sticky: PC Achievement Trading Thread
  95. Cross Cancel Help
  96. anyone use a stick?
  97. Pacman
  98. June 05 DLC Issue
  99. PC achievements not updating to profile?
  100. costume swap dlc issue
  101. News about Upcoming July 10 DLC.. watch..
  102. Capcom Panel EVO 2012 SFXT News About DLC Characters
  103. Custom Combo DLC
  104. Any Time, Any Place Achiev
  105. Any Achievements for new DLC on 7/31??
  106. HD Video Guide To Street Fighter X Tekken
  107. DLC Costumes? 31st july
  108. How is it online?
  109. AutoBlock has been patched
  110. Gem DLC rip off
  111. Arcade Fight Request Bug
  112. Street Fighter X Tekken Xbox360 Failed to load the game. The game Cannot continue.
  113. SFxTK Major Updates & Changes (version 2013)
  114. Can you set a command for quick combos on a fight stick?
  115. A Quick Update For Players
  116. Not Understanding Quick Combo for trial
  117. Fightstick Help?!
  118. Free Gold weekend not actually working for this game?
  119. Ranking Up Similar to SSF4?
  120. Looking for a boosting partner on PC
  121. Achievement Guide/Roadmap needed
  122. Will the GFWL edition of this game get patched on Steam?
  123. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  124. Grinding 300 finishing move achievements tips
  125. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  126. Estimated Time to 100%