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  1. Morrigan in the next DLC
  2. Heres the trailer
  3. Achievement List
  4. UK release date
  5. Surprise Return *tiny spoiler*
  6. Is this the last DLC for this game ??
  7. Where is the DLC ?
  8. *SPOILERS* A little disappointed
  9. *SPOILERS* Witch Hunt may not read DAO ending correctly
  10. Harder or Easier then the Golem DLC?
  11. Memoirs of the First Wardens
  12. Achievement Guide
  13. Can you use these characters for Golems?
  14. Money and duping glitches don't work anymore
  15. How do you start this DLC?
  16. Ending scene glitched (spoiler)
  17. I am confused.com...
  18. how would you rate this DLC compared to others?
  19. Achievement Images? (Witch Hunt)
  20. *SPOILER* morrigans gift
  21. time?
  22. A sad ending