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  1. Debut Trailer
  2. Is no one interested in this game?
  3. SLight Doubts
  4. Question for Aussie gamers
  5. Some GREAT Gameplay Footage
  6. Achievement Discussion
  7. Who's Buying It?
  8. Difficulty achievements doesn't stack.
  9. What a great game
  10. Question about high in las vegas
  11. Achievement Guide & Road Map
  12. High in Las Vegas - Red Gems Guide
  13. Meatball lover glitched (good). Tip for easy 5 headshot.
  14. Maras Grim First Battle
  15. Cant find red gems in 2-3 in Chandelier
  16. Hard Mode Glitching
  17. Red Gems Exploit/Glitch: Easier Way to get achievement.
  18. Trash 'em while they're out
  19. Easy Nasty Headache Achievement
  20. I Need Help!
  21. max white gem glitch!
  22. Will kills count save every time you quit game then reload last checkpoint game?
  23. Are people enjoying the game?
  24. DLC's?
  25. Last boss on hard is pissing me off..help
  26. This is how to beat Flemming on HARD
  27. Chandelier 3 Gems
  28. Christopher?
  29. Need help on 5-1
  30. 100% Sure Way to Get Nasty Headache (No SKill Required)
  31. Pre-order soundtrack download
  32. Nasty Headache Glitch Easier Way to get achievement and Fiesta Callente#video youtub
  33. Favourite quotes
  34. They picked the wrong guy to voice Garcia
  35. 2nd grim sister on hard
  36. Tips For Getting Red Gems After 5-1
  37. flying paula help. (possible spoilers, like u care)
  38. Did Anybody Notice....
  39. High in Las Vegas Video Guides !
  40. *Spoiler*
  41. Green barriers in 5-1
  42. Fleming glitches me out, help?
  43. easter eggs and references
  44. Possible Sequel? (Spoilers)
  45. Did anyone else really hate Act 4?
  46. Paula chase. Man that's goooood times.
  47. So the upgrades don't carry over?
  48. Achievements showing unlocked out of order?
  49. How do you beat Fleming on Hard?
  50. Tips on Nasty Headache and The Puppeteer
  51. Do upgrades carry over between difficulties?
  52. Final Boss On Hard Is Glitched, Please Help!
  53. Whats That Song?
  54. Weapon kill achievements
  55. Am I the Only one?
  56. loving this game except for...
  57. I love this game!
  58. Its possible return to a previous weapon??
  59. Is this a Glitch? (Chapter 2-2)
  60. Mini Tricks For White Gems Farming
  61. Wow really good game enjoyed it much more than fear 3
  62. Easy Way To Get Kills Without Using Any Ammo
  63. paula boss (after flemming)
  64. Anyone else a bit pissed?
  65. Running from Paula
  66. Few Questions?
  68. Skip SCenes!!!!!!!
  69. 5-2 Help
  70. 5-3 plinko game
  71. Buying Red Gems from Christopher?
  72. Fiesta Caliente never five guys
  73. Collecting all the Gems
  74. Games like this?
  75. Not enjoying it
  76. Beat it on Hard!!! What the HELL
  77. is collecting all red gems legit possible???
  78. skullblaster achieve
  79. Sushi Lamp Song! |>(^.^)<|
  80. *Spoiler*
  81. A Tip To Help With Getting All Red Gems.
  82. Major Glitch. Walk Through Wall.
  83. After you beat the game ??
  84. No Achievement after Upgrade
  85. Satanic Hell Difficulty Video Walkthrough
  86. Infinite Gem Exploit/Glitch
  87. I love this game BUT....
  88. Question About Weapon Achievements
  89. Story Books *spoilers*
  90. Johnsonpedia Question
  91. Shadows of the Damned Guide and Roadmap
  92. No game for old men
  93. Can't beat the final boss (5-5)