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  1. Who is excited
  2. Dark Souls Live Stage Demo
  3. Get this game!
  4. Have you played Demon's Souls?
  5. Achievement Discussion
  6. I spent 3 days paint this shield only to miss the deadline.
  7. Question for anyone who's played the first
  8. A change in the Limited Edition contents
  9. Too hard?
  10. Deaths in Dark Souls
  11. Question about achievements
  12. First Review Scores
  13. Which class you starting with?
  14. Hmmm 360 or PS3?
  15. Why are they not allowing any kind of player chat?
  16. About Invasion
  17. Intro for new players
  18. Stores selling early?
  19. Unboxing, Review/s, soundtrack and more XD
  20. Question About Stat Building
  21. Co-op?
  22. Rage Levels
  23. Taurus demon boss fight video + many more
  24. cant download collectors edition content...
  25. Experience
  26. How to beat the Taurus Demon EASILY (with weapons not falling)
  27. The guy that unlock miracle?
  28. I Absolutely Love It.
  29. Sorcerer- Firelink Shrine(Spoiler)
  30. Stupid bonus code DOES NOT WORK!
  31. How do I save the game?
  32. Red Dragon question
  33. Easy way to kill the boar in undead parish
  34. Humanity
  35. Petrus cleric help!!!
  36. Not running from hard drive
  37. Help with undead parish (dragon/bonfire)
  38. Purpose of being human??
  39. Havel's Ring
  40. How to get Gargoyle Tail Axe, Speckled Stoneplate Ring, and a couple other vids
  41. A fantastic early weapon - Drake Sword
  42. Human but can't use Cracked Red Eye Orb
  43. Using Attunements Such as Heal?
  44. Notes on Boss and Boss Areas
  45. How do you leave messages in the Game?
  46. Message System
  47. How do I upgrade my weapons?
  48. Stuck after Queelag. /Possible Spoilers/
  49. Limited amount of humanity?
  50. Dark Souls FAQ Thread
  51. God this game is hard...
  52. Lightning Spear
  53. Dark Souls Official Co-Op Partners Thread
  54. Official Bitching Thread
  55. Do Crystal Lizards revolve around trophies?
  56. My tips for those just starting (up to the first bell boss) *early spoilers obviously
  57. Weapon at Risk - WTF?
  58. Anor Lando - Dragon/exec (spoilers)
  59. new lando healer
  60. ugh... claymore?
  61. Where to sell stuff?
  62. need a new merchant
  63. Forgot to kick down ladder after dragon! Help!
  64. A couple of Q's.
  65. Dragon can not be seen from top of tower even though he's there?!
  66. Taurus Demon is an idiot
  67. Shield Icon
  68. Where to go??
  69. Can someone explain some of the chievs to me please
  70. Bell Tower Locations?
  71. Soul Farming Location (Spoiler?)
  72. what stats are needed for bow?
  73. Bonus xp
  74. Bell Gargoyles... most disappointing boss loot ever! (contains spoilers)
  75. Best mobs for titanite shards? (spoiler)
  76. Miracle requirements
  77. Item Location Vids- Havel's Ring, Thief mask + Black leather gear, Silent ring
  78. backstab
  79. Merchant Question
  80. A few questions about the tutorial level
  81. Blighttown
  82. casting spells
  83. The Invasions Begin
  84. Guidebook worth buying?
  85. black knight help?
  86. ==SPOILER== Doll
  87. Taurus demon's axe
  88. I noticed at the bonfires sometimes the game will give you an extra flask or two...
  89. Starting Over.. *spoilers?*
  90. Caution about Fire Keeper Soul
  91. Knight Lautrec of Carim *spoilers*
  92. Anor Londo Help
  93. Don't Understand This
  94. Catacombs question "possible spoilers"!
  95. This game is....
  96. ATTN: Anyone who attacked a friendly NPC
  97. Your Favorite Weapon? *possible spoilers*
  98. Starting new character - tips ?
  99. Dark Soul General Guide - Beginners
  100. Pre-order from GAME website
  101. Hahah ooooh Invaders...
  102. List of rare weapons?
  103. First Summon
  104. Collectors Edition Question....
  105. Sorcerer
  106. Anyone need help with bosses up to The Depths?
  107. Can you do this game co op?
  108. Taurus Demon (help!)
  109. Randomly getting humanity
  110. Best souls farming spot ^_^
  111. Item Finding?
  112. Is there a merchant before Quelaag?
  113. Darkwraith Covenant
  114. This Is Weird
  115. Crystal lizards.
  116. Where do I go after this boss and a couple other problems! spoilers
  117. How to equip other books?
  118. Question bout the red dragon?
  119. Big Hat Logan
  120. Any missable achievements?
  121. Help with boss Ash Lake
  122. Where i find the covenants?
  123. Covenant Achievement Question (Spoilers)
  124. Free Roam After Final Boss?
  125. kind of lost ;_;
  126. Question About Kings <SPOILER>
  127. Looking to help a few
  128. Crystal Lizard
  129. Return to Asylum
  130. First lord soul (spoiler alert)
  131. new lando bottomless pit?
  132. humanity = more drops but....
  133. Sen's Fortress Merchant? *spoilers?*
  134. Last icon weapon stats? (speed?)
  135. Butterfly Soul
  136. How many playthroughs to 1000
  137. I Just Started, Please Help Me *Spoilers Just to be Safe*
  138. Pyromancy Merchant in Blighttown
  139. red dragon easy kill? Spoilers
  140. Stat Building Tips/Thought Process
  141. canīt get pass the first dragon?!?! *Spoilers*
  142. [Guides] Equipment, Boss, Merchants and Smiths Locations
  143. Forest Hunter covenant problem
  144. Underground *Spoilers i guess*
  145. I am willing to help
  146. Dumb question about leveling
  147. Duke's Archives and Tomb of Giant?
  148. Sorcerer Attributes....
  149. Killed the merchant.....fail!
  150. How to save?
  151. need help getting item surrounded by lava
  152. Looking for partner for Stray Demon
  153. Where to go now?
  154. soapstone summoning question
  155. Blue Orb Failed?
  156. Failing to Invade
  157. A few Sen's Fortress Questions (spoilers)
  158. The Dark Souls Reddit page
  159. Painting World Boss
  160. The dragon on the bridge
  161. Great Grey Wolf Sif
  162. Any tips for a good weapon?
  163. Soul of the Great Hero
  164. Ask Away
  165. Rats and Humanity.
  166. Report cheaters! Help keep Dark Souls fun and fair.
  167. Questions about weapon transforming.
  168. After the asulym?
  169. Baby skeletons?
  170. Disconnecting
  171. Need help with Capra demon!
  172. Locked door under Undead Burg (spoilers)
  173. Killing Red Dragon 1 shot after the glitch fix (spoilers)
  174. Quick Question
  175. New Game + or New Character?
  176. First play through - pendant or master key?
  177. Farm Souvineir of reprisal anyone? (bloodmoon cove)
  178. How do you get to the crows nest?
  179. Played Demons souls before?
  180. Dragon Covenant Members!!!
  181. Whats the spell....
  182. Moonlight butterfly stats-equipment?
  183. Are there's really 'classes'?
  184. Help please?
  185. Best Class for Beginners
  186. About to sell this game back ;_;
  187. Maximun level
  188. Give me Warm,Give me soft
  189. Quelaag's Soul
  190. Difficulties
  191. Best ADD on when buying this game!!
  192. Help, undead parish
  193. backstab?
  194. Getting out of blight town **No spoilers**
  195. Boss soul weapons not the best?
  196. How do you free Logan?
  197. Number in top left?
  198. Person in firelink *Minor spoilers*
  199. Which Fires to Kindle?
  200. soul of?
  201. Chaos Servant?
  202. Regaining Humanity?
  203. Where has Laurentius gone?
  204. Can someone please explain a few things about the Souvineir of reprisal?
  205. Where should I go?
  206. Which covenant?
  207. Blight Town Wall Balloon Spider *spoilers*
  208. How DO i get into the LEADERBOARDS
  209. !red dragon instant death glitch!
  210. crestfallen warrior? spoilers..
  211. How do you use the rite of kindling
  212. Abyss walking?
  213. Help im missing npc
  214. ok...
  215. First merchant... Where?
  216. Character Builds?
  217. What happen if i give my oath to the cleric at the starting zone?
  218. To buy or not to buy...
  219. Pyromancy Merchant in the Depths
  220. Best place to farm souls before forrest
  221. Question about Forest Hunter Covenant
  222. Green Tatinite?
  223. Sen's Fortress
  224. where the hell can u get more curses???
  225. To those looking for Souvenir of Reprisals
  226. I didn't kill the blacksmith, but...
  227. Any collectibles?
  228. Tips for blightown?
  229. Slabs and Weapon/Armor upgrading...
  230. Should i get it? If so what class should i play?
  231. So looking at the strat guide, I'm thinking the minimum number of playthroughs...
  232. Estus Flask/Fire Keeper Soul Lady
  233. Multiplayer help?
  234. Soul Farming
  235. "Multiplayer"
  236. Need a "safe" way to get an egg in my head
  237. Accidentally attacked a sorcerer in Lower Undead Burg...
  238. Two questions....
  239. Boss Soul Upgrades
  240. Humanity question
  241. Thoughts about Drake Sword
  242. Is it possible???
  243. catacombs: how to kill the self reviving skeletons?
  244. Blade of darkmoon covenant hellp *no spoilers*
  245. Golden knight at Firelink
  246. Does ai difficulty increase...
  247. It's official...I'm lost (where to go now?)
  248. Friends List
  249. Absolution!
  250. Dark Souls Co-op Faq ( + Random Faqs )