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  1. Looks like Sega have made a megamix game featuring Yakuza 3 & Vanquish ?
  2. Who,s giving this a try?
  3. What do we expect from the multiplayer?
  4. Binary Domain gets Limited Edition!
  5. So here are the sercret achievements
  6. Helpful hints
  7. Achievement Trading Thread
  8. Multi-Kill Master Question
  9. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  10. You must try this Game!!!!
  11. How to defeat the Tsar Runner?
  12. All SECURITY-COM Locations
  13. How many players needed...
  14. Once a year you get a game like this.
  15. Question about replay chapters.
  16. Please help in Chapter 3
  17. No mercy difficulty & gorilla boss :(
  18. Official bitching thread
  19. I robot similarities
  20. Jackpot
  21. One-shot Kills and Credits spot. Spoilers
  22. Where's the love?
  23. Binary Domain Review
  24. Challenge Master and Invastion Achievements
  25. Looking For People To Boost the Challenge Masster Achievement
  26. Challenge Master & Resistance Hero Guide [WIP]
  27. Trust achievements
  28. Transport Takedown easy
  29. Skill master glitches
  30. This Game Worth The Purchase?
  31. Multi-Kill Master
  32. Sega please patch multiplayer so you don't need 6 people to start a match
  33. Skill master HELP please!!
  34. Do upgrades and trust rating carry over?
  35. The EASIEST boosting game ever...
  36. I wojnder how much money Sega lost on this game
  37. $39.99 at Target
  38. Sega needs to listen!
  39. real guide?
  40. Completion achievement glitched?
  41. VideoGuide Nanomachines
  42. Wow. Do not miss the nanomachine in the shop in chapter 4
  43. VideoGuide Secur-Com
  44. VideoGuide Terminal
  45. Need help with Tsar Runner
  46. If bought preowned, do u need code?
  47. Dead online, who wants to play?
  48. This game is 10, Brand New in HMV Stores.
  49. INVASION - DO you have to complete all maps in public or private??
  50. Can't save Bo (spoilers kinda)
  51. Invasion Guide
  52. Tips for final boss
  53. Can I Change the Dificulty?
  54. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion