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  1. So excited for this
  2. More Info
  3. The video thread...
  4. Anyone eager to play State of Decay?
  5. Leaked achievements
  6. State of Decay has Avatar Awards
  7. Screenshot Scavenger Hunt
  8. Price is 1600 MS Points
  9. Achievement Discussion
  10. IGN gameplay videos.
  11. co op?
  12. Australian release?
  13. How big is the game world in this game?
  14. Facebook contest to win early copy!
  15. First Impressions?
  16. IGN Reveiw 8.9
  17. It's Out!!!
  18. Watch the Birdie! achievement question
  19. Some Questions before I buy :)
  20. Community video thread
  21. What happens when you die?
  22. Easter Egg
  23. How do you save?
  24. For The Countries That Haven't Got The Game....Here's how you can!
  25. Moving to a new base?
  26. Using Firecrackers/Alarm Clocks??
  27. Weapon Repairing?
  28. Any Way to Grind Fame?
  29. My questions/problems
  30. Survivors
  31. Diff types of zombies!!
  32. Building Materials?
  33. How do you rest?
  34. Survived Another Day
  35. Is there online?
  36. Has Anyone Moved Thier Home Base Yet?
  37. Survivor activity?
  38. Anybody get this error too?
  39. Achievement Guide & Roadmap
  40. How do you heal?
  41. A note regarding "Too many infestations" (please read)
  42. Game continuing while not playing.
  43. Quick questions for people who are far in the game
  44. How long is the game?
  45. Why can't I switch characters?
  46. Autosaves not working
  47. Additional Resources From Outposts?
  48. Favorite Weapons To Use?
  49. Declining Missions
  50. Title Update 1 Details
  51. Sending scavengers
  52. Injured People
  53. Arrested Developments missable?
  54. Frame rate issues
  55. Badass... not so much
  56. A few questions...
  57. Question about Outposts
  58. Saving Survivors
  59. Missing survivors not progressing main story?
  60. shark hoodie avatar award???
  61. Has anyone checked the fame leaderboards?
  62. Struggling to get people to join my group
  63. [Q] End of the Road
  64. I wrote my first ever review for this game.
  65. Over 250,000 Downloads In 48 Hours
  66. Materials to build a sleeping quarters
  67. This game is getting to be too overwhelming
  68. help with the game
  69. How many times have you died and how?
  70. Stuck Qiestion? slight spoilers!
  71. This game really needs a Fast Travel option
  72. Can i take people out with me?
  73. Is there another character like Marcus?
  74. Biggest possible home base
  75. Anybody else find the night time to be extremely annoying?
  76. Few Questions
  77. Game glitched
  78. Trouble w/ the Wilkersons (spoilers)
  79. release
  80. Official Title 1 Update Submitted
  81. How does the offline progression actually work?
  82. My God 33 hours!
  83. Where is your home base?
  84. County court house as a base?
  85. How do u get health? or build health?
  86. Unlockable Gamerpictures
  87. Do you lose resources when moving?
  88. Is there a cap on using radio room?
  89. Questions
  90. stuck please help
  91. One Thread to Help Them All
  92. Radio for pickup doesnt work?!?!
  93. The Ultimate Weapon List [Updated]
  94. What missions are require to beat the game?
  95. Co-op?
  96. I'm so unbelievably pissed off right now...
  97. Anyone else listen to the title music?
  98. Mercy Shot - Tips for sick survivors?
  99. Co-op Info
  100. Hey everyone, guess what?
  101. Machine gun and rifles weapon specialization
  102. Why Does It Take So Long For Story Quests To Spawn?
  103. Radio room ammo command broken
  104. Best warehouse facilities?
  105. Best way to increase Fame?
  106. Stuck Survivors
  107. Name of the Final Mission?
  108. Hopefully the first update fixes "Badass"
  109. Anyone know when the title update will go live?
  110. building materials
  111. Mia's backpack glitch??
  112. Ideas to make this better..
  113. Title Update 2 Patch Notes
  114. new base glitchy?
  115. cant get wilkinson achievement to pop. #SPOILERS
  116. Bitching thread
  117. How long until I can change home bases? Geez.
  118. Accidently Declined the Quentin and Becca Mission
  119. Can't get final mission to show up again (possible spoilers)
  120. dumb question
  121. Marcus permanently ''On a mission''
  122. Help with Quentin and Becca **spoilers**
  123. Any info on co-op?
  124. Large Backpack and Grenades?
  125. Marcus & Materials
  126. State of decay refused rating in Australia.
  127. Game Won't Continue?!
  128. Story progression bugged
  129. Grenades?
  130. Worth it?
  131. Car not repairing?
  132. How do you manual save?
  133. Friendly fire?
  134. Maximum Stockpile Exceeded??
  135. Save games every time corrupt
  136. High loot quality locations
  137. How do you move your home base?
  138. Lilly says I need guns, Lots of guns.
  139. A few questions - Story and achievements
  140. Game is frustrating - achievement related
  141. help please traps ???
  142. Coming to PC + Sandbox Mode Teased
  143. Title Update 3 Patch Notes
  144. Tips for killing Big 'Uns?
  145. Anyone know if New Zealand has got the modified Aussie release?
  146. What the army was up to (spoilers)
  147. How big is Patch 3 (UT3) ? version?
  148. Find Survivors
  149. Supplies...
  150. What should i be sure to do?
  151. Game world progress
  152. Hard to max?
  153. Achievement Guide/Roadmap needed for Breakdown DLC
  154. What new weapons were added in Breakdown?
  155. regaining stamina
  156. where do u get building materials ?
  157. It Was Just a Police Action
  158. Help with Focus Aim
  159. game freeze
  160. Freakin' Alan won't die! (Mercy Killing)
  161. Zombie Kills Leaderboard Broken?
  162. problem with awards
  163. What the heck do I do?
  164. Questions about the DLC
  165. Home on the Grange
  166. Stop the time from passing?