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  1. US Release: 6-21-11
  2. more of the same?
  3. Achievement Discussion
  4. In what way is this Cars 2!
  5. Share The Spotlight Cheevo?
  6. Easy 1K and NO Glitched CHEEVOS!!! SWEET
  7. Achievement Guide
  8. Unlimited energy pre order bonus??
  9. Avatar's Award
  10. Confirmed cheat code doesnt affect cheevos!
  11. LOCK 'N' LOAD Achievement
  12. BUSHWHACKED! and MASTER TRACKER achievements
  13. Collectibles
  14. Master Tracker/Collectible Guide
  15. Update?
  16. Tailgater tips?
  17. Quick Start Cheevo? WTF?
  18. Pictures of DLC cars?
  19. Do you need to get Gold on all missions?
  20. Tailgater & in your face
  21. World of Cars Online Linking Rewards
  22. Getting all golds is not easy imo
  23. Avoiding weapon attacks
  24. WOW, a decent Cars game!
  25. Struggling with road rage chevo
  26. master tracker glitched!!!!
  27. Master agent won't unlock
  28. LOCK 'N' LOAD must be glitched for me?!
  29. World of Cars Online Pass
  30. Are there any missable achievements?
  31. ONLY the first profile gets achievements and progress towards badges or crests!
  32. WorldOfCars.com Online ends Feb 8th, 2012!!!
  33. any tips for the hunter missions?
  34. all modes and tracks cheat!
  35. ready set go and eat my dust!
  36. Any Helpful DLC?