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  1. This title is looking pretty good.
  2. Skullgirls info
  3. Release date?
  4. IGN Review
  5. Game mechanics/Movesets
  6. skullgirls waiting to validate online play??
  7. Difficulty settings?
  8. Anyone else?
  9. Anyone working on Achievements guide?
  10. Color Palette Cameos.
  11. Training- Ch4-4 ridiculous air combo
  12. 10th color code?
  13. Thoughts of future DLC
  14. Achievement Guide + Roadmap
  15. A Few Quick Questions For Those Who Have It
  16. Has anyone else had difficulty...
  17. someone new to fighting games.
  18. Tutorial Chapter 4.2
  19. Will the Konami version of Skullgirl stack achievements list along updated version
  20. 3rd free fighter dlc up and then gone?